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How to Fix “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” Issue? (4 Fixes!)

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It could have been after an upgrade to Windows 10, or maybe you didn’t do anything. Regardless, the next message you notice is the “Intel Optane Memory pinning Unable to Load DLL iastorafsserviceapi.dll” error response. With it not failing to haunt you continually. Yes, that can get annoying.

The issue is generally associated with most individuals that use Windows explorer and is commonly linked to an update or installation issue. Like many error messages, it’s not hard to get this rectified as well. Thus, many affected people have gotten rid of the error response only moments after it came up. 

Now, while there is no real, basic reason for the “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” error message, one thing certain is that the issue can be tied to the Intel Optane Memory. The Optane memory works like the RAM, but unlike the RAM, it keeps a better hold on your documents even after a reboot. It makes it easy to manage and use most data. Most often, the error in case of an update may be because the OS takes up installation files from the removed, outdated version. This action may result in the error message coming up.

Still and all, some have been able to resolve the problem by repairing or uninstalling the Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions. This article will provide more solutions to this and give more insights into possible causes. So, let’s dive in.

4 Notable Fixes For The “Unable to Load DLL iastorafsserviceapi.dll” Error Response.

You should note that for most update issues, the error doesn’t pop out if the system is one with a factory-installed OS that has an intel driver of 17.5.x to 17.8.x. Notwithstanding, here are four unique solutions to clear off the error message. 

Solution #1 – Repair The Intel Optane Memory

Now, before running the repair process, one thing to check out is the system requirement. Your computer must meet the minimum system requirements of the Intel Optane memory for it to work efficiently. So, be sure to check that out first.

Repairing your pinning extension is one way to get rid f the error issue, and here are the steps to take:

Step 1: Find and click down on the Windows button and letter “R” together to access the “Programs and Features” option.

Step 2: Once the Run dialog box is opened, press in ‘appwiz.cpl’ and click on the “Enter Key” to run

How to Fix The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue ( 4 Fixes!) - Repair The Intel Optane Memory windowR#1

Step 3: Find and select “Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions”.

How to Fix The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue ( 4 Fixes!) - Repair The Intel Optane Memory#1

Step 4: Press down on Repair.

Solution #2 — Remove The Former Pinning Driver and Install An Updated One

Generally, the first solution should fix the error, but the issue will likely be with your drivers if it doesn’t. It’s also possible for your Optane driver to be faulty, infected or of an older version. So, to erase the error, you would need to uninstall the older driver and install an updated one.

Step 1: Click on the Windows and letter “X” buttons together

Step 2: From the context menu, find and click on “Device Manager

Step 3: At the left side of the Software components option, locate and select the arrow.

Step 4: Select the option for the Pinning Shell Extensions and choose Uninstall device

Step 5: Tick the box that allows the deletion of the older driver, then proceed to Uninstall it.

How to Fix The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue ( 4 Fixes!) - Remove The Former Pinning Driver and Install An Updated One#2

Step 6: Reboot Your System

Solution #3 – Try changing (adjusting) the Pinning Extensions 

It also helps to add some absent components of the Optane pinning explorer extensions. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find and open the Start key

Step 2: Navigate to the Search box and press “Apps and Features

Step 3: Select the “Search This List” option

Step 4: Proceed to search for “Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions

Step 5: Once found, click on it and select “Change” in the menu list that drops down

How to Fix The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue ( 4 Fixes!) - Try changing (adjusting) the Pinning Extensions#3

Step 6: This action will make your Windows reinstall the App 

Step 7: Once the process has run successfully, reboot your computer

You should check if the error messages have been eliminated now and if it’s not, kindly proceed to the next solution.

Solution #4 – Installation Of The Rapid Storage Technology Drivers In A Standard Fashion

One final option to try is installing the updated RST Drivers version. Doing this has also helped several people, so go ahead and try this one out too. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Try installing it from the official site by typing “RST” in

Step 2: Be sure to select the updated edition of the driver software, then download it to your system

Step 3: Once the download is complete, open the file and proceed to install it

How to Fix The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue ( 4 Fixes!) - Installation Of TheRapid StorageTechnology Drivers In A Stand#3

Step 4: Restart your computer

And there you have it — some of the basic fixes for the “unable to load dll iastorafsserviceapi.dll” error response. Really, we do hope you find the perfect fix that works just for you among these options.

Possible Causes Of The “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” Error Response?

The error message generally comes up after most major updates of Intel Optane Memory driver software. The issue could have been due to a corrupted driver, which you want to update, it could also have been faulty, or better still, there are some issues with the settings. Sometimes, most issues need to get fixed by just running a reparation function or adjusting some things.

However, in some cases, you might have to uninstall your former driver completely and reinstall an updated version. Quite right, the issue could have also been due to an outdated Intel Optane Memory. As there could be many causative agents, your best bet is to try most solution measures to find out the exact one troubling you.


We have covered some important fixes in this guide, and we do hope you find your solution among them. Hence, do not hesitate to try each solution out until you reach the very one. Surely, error messages can be uncalled for, but you shouldn’t let that get you down. So, go on and get rid of that annoying error response that keeps popping up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue cause?

It causes major issues for the Intel Optane Memory and, in the long run, will greatly limit its effectiveness.

How to fix the “Unable To Load Dll Iastorafsserviceapi.Dll” issue?

To fix the error, you should try repairing your Intel Optane memory, removing the former pinning driver and installing an updated one, adjusting the pinning extensions, etc. There are different basic ways to solve the issue, and if you need more clarification, it will help to check out the guide above.

What does Intel Optane memory pinning mean?

The Pinning Extensions basically help in overseeing the functions of the Optane memory. The Optane memory, as the name rightly implies, deals with your system’s memory. Now, while you have RAM to hold down on your memory, you naturally lose it after a reboot. But with the intel Optane memory, you can properly get to manage your data and files.

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