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How to Fix “Sync Is Not Available For Your Account” Error (4 Options)

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Microsoft offers users a synchronization feature to help them enjoy their custom settings across every similar device they use. You can also want the synchronization service to keep your settings and other details safe across your devices. However, you got stuck with the “sync is not available for your account” error without making any progress. The error is a nightmare for you, especially if it’s your first time experiencing it while others skip synchronization. 

Several issues cause this error to display on your PC. However, the deal breaker is permanently attached to your account or PC settings, and an effective method is what you need for it. Sometimes it might be due to one; other times, both might be affected, leading to a challenging experience. 

Nevertheless, answers are essential to get this function working again to safeguard your future customizations and information. So let’s walk through the potential triggers of this error and the answers you can implement to remove it.

Potential Causes Of the “Sync Is Not Available For Your Account” Error

Several issues can cause you to receive the error on your PC. You should note that you might be affected by one or more of these causes in the list below. It’s best to try other answers if the error isn’t resolved after implementing one solution. Here are the potential causes that might be causing the “sync is not available for your account” error on your computer:

  1. Public Connected accounts

The sync feature won’t work if you have a public account connected to your computer.

  1. Damaged system file

Your computer tends to experience several issues, including synchronization if your pc has one or more bad files.

  1. Admin disabled sync feature

This error might be due to a restriction from a shared computer system PC administrator.

  1. Unverified account

No synchronization feature for accounts that have not passed the verification, resulting in this error.

  1. Incorrect information

You must log into your account before synchronization works, and incorrect information hinders the procedure.

  1. Synchronization refused by Registry.

Registry settings also affect your computer functionality, and making changes here can remove this error and activate the synchronization procedure.

  1. Account issues

You might experience this error due to other account incompatibilities different from verification like bans or archived accounts.

How To Remove The “Sync Is Not Available For Your Account” Error

  • Finish your verification
  • Switch your settings
  • Disconnect all public accounts
  • Activate the account from your computer Registry 

Solution #1: Finish Your Verification

Resolving your issue starts with finishing your verification. Restrictions are placed on non-verified accounts, preventing them from accessing the synchronization, so verification is necessary. You need an internet connection since the verification is done online, so here is the step to finish your verification:

Step 1: Visit Microsoft website

Step 2: tap the Login tab to reveal a form

Finish Your Verification - Microsoft - Sign In

Step 3: Fill in your information and log in to your t account

Step 4: Visit the Setting area and tap accounts to reveal your info area.

Step 5: Tap the Security & Privacy and click the Verify link.

Step 6: Finish the procedure by using the code in your mail or phone, then restart your pc.

Step 7: Tap the Windows + R button to reveal the Run window and type ms-settings: Sync 

Finish Your Verification - Run msSettingSync

Step 8: Switch the sync settings on and enjoy the sync feature.

Solution #2: Switch Your Account Settings

Toggling your account settings means you should turn it off and switch it back on after a while. It might be all your computer needs to activate the sync feature you want, and here is how:

Step 1: Visit your Settings and go to Accounts

Step 2: Tap the Sync your Settings section from the list

Switch Your Account Settings - Sync your Setting

Step 3: Turn off every Sync-related setting you see and Reboot your computer

Switch Your Account Settings - Sync Setting Turn Off

Step 4: Go back to the Accounts section in your Settings

Step 5: Visit the Sync Your Settings Section again and turn on all the settings.

Solution #3: Disconnect All School And Work Accounts

You will need to disconnect accounts If you are currently using a work or school account since it prevents synchronization. Another option to resolve this with school or work accounts is to contact the PC administrator to enable sync control for your device. Here is the procedure to disconnect your school or work account from your computer: 

Step 1: Click the Windows + R buttons simultaneously to reveal the Run window

Step 2: Type in ms-settings:workplace in the box

Disconnect All School And Work Accounts - msSettingWorkplace Run

Step 3: Click the Disconnect button on the school or work account and Restart your computer

Disconnect All School And Work Accounts - Work or school account Disconnect

Step 4: Run Sync Settings again by typing ms-settings: Sync to see if it can be activated.

Step 5: if yes, then add your disconnected account again and sync

The following steps require PC administrator permissions on your computer before the answers can work to activate the Microsoft sync feature. You can ignore this particular step if you are a PC administrator and using a personal computer. The other answers require the PC administrator’s permission to resolve the error.

Solution #4: Activate Your Account From The Computer Registry

Your PC administrator can remove the restrictions on your Microsoft account from the Registry and activate your Sync. However, there are answers you can implement if you have PC administrator access to your computer. One is an answer to enable your account with the Registry, and here are the steps to implement it:

Step 1: Open the start area and search Regedit 

Step 2: Run as admin and tap Allow. Enter the passkey if the prompt requests it.

Activate Your Account From The Computer Registry - Regedit

Step 3: Search “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\SettingsSync” location.

Activate Your Account From The Computer Registry - Registry Editor

Step 4: Make a new Key and rename it Disable Settings Sync 

Step 5: Put the value of the new registry key to 2

Step 6: Make another Registry and rename it as DisableSettingsSyncOverride

Step 7: Fix the Number to 2 with its Base as Hexadecimal.

Step 8: Move to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System” location and search for the NoConnectedUser key. It has some figure representations, which are:

Activate Your Account From The Computer Registry - Registry Editor - CurrentVersion

1: Disabled policy

2: Accounts inaccessible

3: Unable to add Accounts 

Step 9: Double tap the key and change the value to 0, then Restart your computer to view the changes.


There is a thin line between your inability to sync your pc and the answer to remove the issue. Several situations can cause the error; the above are different ways to remove it depending on the situation. However, the trigger and solution are known, so it’s time for you to remove the error and enjoy the feature. 


Why is the PC administrator permission required for some answers?

“The PC administrator holds the authority to make some changes in the computer settings.”

How important is the sync feature?

“The Sync feature is important to keep your settings and other information safe.”

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