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How to get TikTok Coins for Free (Beginner’s Guide)

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There are several ways to get Free Tik Tok Coins on your account and support your favorite creators on your platform. TikTok coins let you buy emoticons, and gifts, some of which can be redeemed by the creators as diamonds and then withdrawn later.

Traditionally, you can only get Tik Tok coins by buying some through in-app purchases using your preferred payment method, but through various means, you can earn enough to support your in-app expense. Here’s a list of the most popular methods:

hoTikTok Coin Hacks are the most popular and easiest way of earning free TikTok coins on your account as a beginner on the platform. All it takes is completing a few challenges, giving up some personal information, and some patience. 

How to get free TikTok Coin using Hack Sites and services

  1. First, you need to find a valid Tik Tok Coin Hack site that still works. There are potentially hundreds of them available, each promising to reward you with bonuses, but in reality, very few work. Spend time online researching which ones are still valid and safe.
  2. Sign up on the site. The site will typically ask you to input your username, platform, password, and how many coins you want. You have to fill in your details accurately if you want the hack to work and get credited with coins.
  3. Complete the task required. All hack sites will likely ask you to complete a series of tasks before they award you with free TikTok Coins. Depending on the amount you choose and the nature of the site, you might be required to:

    – Install a few applications (usually games) and complete a few tasks.
    – Invite people on social media to use the app
    – Watch videos
  4. Get credited with TikTok coins and spend them on the various gifts and emoticons on the app.

Are TikToik Coin Hacks Safe (Are they Legit?)

Yes, and No. With the right Hack site, you can get free TikTok coins, but they are not entirely legitimate or safe. Hack sites work by breaking into TikTok’s database via your account name and password and fudging the values recorded to give you TikTok Coins.

Tik Tok makes millions from their creator program and selling coins to users 18 years old and over and has extensive cybersecurity protocols and defenses. Sooner or later, most hacks get shut down and so do many of the accounts that might’ve used them. They also utilize a secondary layer of anti-cheat protocol to verify every transaction paid out to the creators. Odds are, sooner rather than later, your account might get flagged and blocked. Tiktok will also bar your IP address from creating future accounts. 

If you don’t mind switching phones or forgoing TikTok altogether, then this method is perfect for you.

Becoming a Creator to get TikTok Coin for Free

Considered the longest route by most, becoming a TikTok creator is also a great way to earn free TikTok Coins. By reaching 1000 followers and receiving enough Gifts via Lifestreams, you can earn diamonds which you can then convert to dollars and revinest in Tiktok if you want. 

While it does require a great deal of work to grow your audience, you’ll be able to earn diamonds through Lifestream gifts and potentially work towards real-world partnerships that can extend your reach as an influencer, assuming it’s what you want. 

Win TikTok competitions to earn coins

Tiktok influencers and Online personalities will often hold competitions that award their winners with cryptocurrency or fiat money. They typically require very minimal effort, meaning you can attempt as many as you’d like. All you’d likely have to do is post on Tiktok as well as other social media and tag the company.

If you win, you’ll have enough currency to get as many Tiktok Coins as you need. 

How to Buy TikTok Coins?

Officially, TikTok coins are accessible only via the in-app store. The coins are available in different bundle packages. The price and coin offerings will differ from country to country.

To buy Tiktok coins click on your profile icon> settings and privacy> balance, and you should arrive at your Coin Wallet.

On the top right corner, you’ll spot a recharge button that’ll show you a list of bundle packs.

They typically range from 70 coins up to 17500 coins. 70 coins cost about $1 and 10,000 cost $100. 

Click on the bundle of your choice, insert your card detail number, whether you’re using Mastercard, Samsung card, Paycard, or any of the other virtual wallets, and checkout.

As mentioned earlier, different countries offer different package sizes and rates, so you might want to use a VPN to scout other locations before you make your purchase. The values are different by virtue of the exchange rate. 

Purchases are processed immediately by TikTok, and you can support your creator immediately. However, conversion from coins to diamonds takes about 15 days for security reasons. 

According to Tiktok’s official website, you also have to be 18 or older to buy TikTok coins and use them to support your favorite creators during Livestreams.


There are a number of ways to get Free TikTok coins and support your favorite creator, even as a newcomer to the service. Although they are risky, they allow your favorite Tik Tok stars to earn Diamonds, which they can convert to money. Internet Hack tools are super easy to use and can net you as many coins as you’d possibly need. 

However, if you want to pay for coins instead, there are loads of cheap and accessible bundles and packages that are risk-free and cheap bundles and can spend on gifts. Additionally, there is also the option of becoming a Tik Tok star yourself after growing your Follower base to over 1000. You will also need to be 18 or older to buy and earn Diamond as per Tik Tok’s terms and services.

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