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How to Play Phasmophobia on XBox (Quick Guide)

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Phasmophobia is a virtual reality (VR) horror survival game built to enable players to assess paranormal activity. With a focus on developing a real-world experience, the game will get your heart racing as you take advantage of teamwork and the interactive equipment provided for hunting ghosts.

The co-op ghost-hunting game requires that you create a team of four players to investigate a location for evidence of ghosts haunting it. The game provides players with various equipment to help find clues about ghosts within the vicinity. They include:

  • Thermometers
  • UV lights
  • EMF readers
  • Night-vision cameras
  • Flashlights, and
  • A spirit box

However, you must move fast because the ghosts may become angry and aggressive towards players. The creepy psychological game has increasingly become popular due to its spine-chilling background music and jump scares that would get you afraid and screaming in the night.

Although the horror game is accessible on PC, XBox users want to know if it’s available on XBox and how to play it on the platform. Read on to learn more.

Is Phasmophobia on XBox

The ghost-hunting game is popular among players who play it from PCs, but it’s not available on XBox. Phasmophobia is still in its early access development stage, explaining why it isn’t available on the console.

Phasmophobia XBox One Release Date

Kinetic Games, the developer behind the game, intends to release Phasmophobia on XBox in the future once it’s complete. However, the company has not announced a console release plan or date. The developer stated that the game would stay in its early access stage for a while.

Despite this fact, the XBox console features many early access games, such as Grounded, a game that was released through XBox Game Preview in the summer months of 2020. A couple of games like Phasmophobia on XBox include Subnautica and Hello Neighbor.

Another reason the game isn’t available on XBox is the fact that developers find it cumbersome to push updates via certification procedures. XBox users can still play this popular game from their console, as explained in the section below.

How to Download Phasmophobia on XBox One

Phasmophobia is a paid game that you must buy first to play it. Developed with cross-platform capabilities, you can download and play the game after signing into it through your XBox One, Windows 10, or Steam account.

You need an XBox Live account with a Gold subscription to download this horror game into your console. The game doesn’t have a free or trial version, explaining why many gamers want to know if it’s possible to download Phasmophobia to an XBox or PS4.

Once you buy and download the game, you can play it on compatible consoles and devices without any restriction. Phasmophobia has only been published via XBox Live, Windows and Steam, meaning the game isn’t available for free now and in the future. You can’t find a free downloadable version anywhere.

Visit the XBox Marketplace

You must first buy the game before you can download and play it on your XBox console. Do this on the XBox Marketplace. Navigate to the phasmophobia XBox store and create a Steam, XBox Live, or Windows 10 account if you don’t already have one.

Buy Phasmophobia

Locate the “Buy Game” button on the XBox Marketplace page to purchase the game. Click on the button and type the word “Phasmophobia” in the text box that appears to find the game. Make sure that you search your local store for the VR game and pay for it.

Download the Game

You can download Phasmophobia through the ID@XBox program and join other players in exploring this nerve-wrecking game. After buying the game for PC or XBox One, download it to your console or PC – Phasmophobia is a Windows 10 game. It’s also downloadable to Steam for access from your XBox.

Login to the Game Using Your Phasmophobia XBox Game Pass

Use your login details (the game pass) to sign into Phasmophobia from your XBox. This also works for PS4 because you can’t download the game from the console. After signing in, you can launch your game to play it on XBox One.

Why Play Phasmophobia on Your XBox?

Phasmophobia is popular for many reasons, as stated earlier, including the massive features it avails for maximum game enjoyment. If you’re wondering why you should play the game or invest your money on it, here’re a few reasons to motivate you:

  • Multiplayer Option – Phasmophobia allows gamers to play as a team of up to 4 players. The truck provides motion sensors and CCTV cameras to help you assess your location and support team members.
  • Immersive Experience – The ghost-bursting game is packed with various features to ensure you immerse in your gaming sessions for an unmatched experience. It features realistic sounds and graphics, and has an interface built for an easy playing experience.
  • Multiple Ghosts to Burst – With more than 10 ghosts exhibiting unique traits, the game promises a unique experience each time you encounter a zombie. This makes the game interesting each time you play.
  • Voice Recognition – Phasmophobia allows you to use your actual voice to communicate with your team members and interact with the scary characters.
  • Cross Platform – The game features various player options, including virtual reality (RV) and non-VR.
  • Diverse Equipment for Investigation – Players have access to many equipment for investigation purposes, heightening your success in finding paranormal evidence. They range from thermometers to cameras.


Phasmophobia isn’t available on XBox, but there’s a way you can play it from your console. You must first buy the game and download it to your Windows 10, XBox, or Steam account to play it from the platform. You can also play it from a PS4 using the same process.

Visit the XBox Marketplace to search, buy and download the horror game to your Windows 10, Steam, or XBox Live account. With your login details, you sign into your account from your XBox to access the game and play it.

We hope that you found this short guide useful and you were able to buy and download Phasmophobia for your XBox One. Leave your feedback in the box below to start a conversation.

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