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How to Reset Graphics Driver and Create a Shortcut? (Explained!)

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A graphic driver is responsible for the control of the graphical components of your device. An issue with your device driver would negatively impact your visual interface. Every once in a while, your display screen might encounter some problems. It is the most common occurrence when you have used your screen for an extended period. When your display driver faces issues, it does not act as seamlessly as it should.

In some cases, some features do not function properly or refuse to work at all. The display of any device is essential to its use. Encountering issues with the display can disrupt your overall user experience. Here are a couple of reasons why your graphics driver might have encountered an issue in the first place.

You have used your device for too long. It results in a frozen screen, black screen, and other graphic issues. A start error can also cause display issues. Another reason could be the entire device, some apps, or some software. Visual bugs are another reason why your device might encounter graphic driver problems. A completely black screen is another reason you might have issues with your display driver. To top it all off, an outdated device, software, or application can also cause a graphic driver failure. 

How To Identify Issues with Graphic Driver on Your Device?

Several reasons your device’s graphics might not function as they should. There are situations where it is a result of crashed graphic driver. In some cases, it might just be a mild dysfunction with an easy fix. Knowing where you fall into it is very important to resist graphic driver issues on your device manually. The following steps serve as a form of guidance.

Step 1: Close the current app, tab, or software. 

Step 2: If display issues persist, close all software, tabs, and apps

Step 2: Open the windows menu.

Step 3: Click the power button on the bottom right.

Reset Graphics Driver Shortcut - power off button windows.

Step 4: Click “restart.”

Step 5: Let the device power off and power back on.

Step 6: Check if display issues persist. 

Solutions On How to Reset Graphic Driver Shortcut

After identifying the issue, getting it fixed is the next step—the following solutions guide to selecting the reset graphic driver shortcut in your device.

Solution #1 Reboot Device

When we do not allow our devices to power on completely, or we fail to shut them down correctly, some features do not function as they usually would. It can result in driver failures as well, including graphic driver failure. Most of the time, it is only temporary and can be fixed with a quick reboot.

Step 1: Current Exit activity on the device.

Step 2: Open windows

Step 3: Click the power off button on the bottom right.

Reboot Device - Shut down

Step 4: Click “power off.”

Step 5: Wait a few minutes after the device has powered off, then click “power on

Step 6: Allow the device to boot and check the display.

Solution #2 Give Device a Break

Even devices need a timeout every once in a while. Using your device for too long can have it encountering issues such as graphic driver failure. Doing this for an extended period can cause severe damage to your device. Here is what should be done

Step 1: Exit all current activities on the device.

Step 2: Open the windows menu.

Give Device a Break - windows icon

Step 3: Tap the “power off” icon in the bottom left.

Step 4: Select “power off.”

Give Device a Break - turning off

Step 5: Wait for the device to power off before you close it.

Step 6: Leave it for a few hours.

Solution #3 Reset the Graphics Driver With A Keyboard Shortcut

A quick solution to the graphic driver is to manually raster it using the keyboard shortcut method. Here is how to do that easily.

Step 1: Press the Windows button + CTRL + Shift + B.

Reset the Graphics Driver With A Keyboard Shortcut - keys

Step 2: After hearing a beep, your screen will flash, indicating that you have reset your graphics driver.

Solution #4: Use PowerShell

You can reset your device’s graphic driver by using PowerShell at an admin level. Here is a guide to getting that done

Step 1: Press Windows key + X.

Step 2: Select Admin. 

Step 3: Input the code “nuptial /Enum-devices /class Display.” 

Use PowerShell - Power shell Command

Step 4: Press enter

Step 5: Copy the displayed ID.

Step 6: Enter the copied text command to reset your graphic driver.

Solution #5 Check Drivers functionality

You can check your drivers by enabling and disabling them to see if that fixes the issue. Here is a guide on how to do that

Step 1: Go to your device search bar

Step 2: Search “device manager.”

Step 3: Click “display adapter” and expand the list.

Check Drivers functionality - Device Manger - Display  Adapters

Step 4: Right-click for graphics and select “disable.”

Check Drivers functionality - Disable Driver

Step 5: Restart your PC.

Step 6: Search “device manager.”

Check Drivers functionality - Device Manger

Step 7: Click “display adapter” and expand the list.

Step 8: Right-click for graphics and select “enable.”

Reasons Your Graphic Driver Might Encounter Issues

Extended Use

Certain features of your device begin to malfunction due to overuse without breaks; Giving your device breaks between hours is vital for maximum effectiveness.

Incomplete Booting

Shutting down and powering on the wrong way might force stop some features and functions of your device. One of which is the graphic display drivers. Ensure to always exit all apps and software before shutting down and allow complete boot when powering on

Outdated Device

If your device is seriously out of date, your graphics drivers will also be out of date. They are causing functional issues. Timely updates of devices and drivers are vital for improved functionality.


The solutions proffered can be used to fix graphic driver issues, regardless of the cause of the case. When applied, any answers will indeed produce the required results. So, whenever you encounter a graphic driver issue, go through the article again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fix my graphics driver issue with shortcuts manually?

While your device attempts to reinitialize after a display drive failure, sometimes, it does not work. You might be required to make a fix manually; this would mean manually resetting the graphics driver with the shortcut.

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