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How to Spy on Someone Through Their Phone Camera for Free (Best Tools and Tips)

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Spying on or monitoring your kids, a spouse acting suspiciously, or other persons is now possible today. After all, it’s said that there’s an app for everything. However, if you want to know what your targets are doing, you can find out through their phone camera. 

There are two ways to do this. The first is through the numerous spy apps, and the second is through IP camera apps. Of these, the IP Webcam app looks like the best free App for spying on someone through their phone camera. 

In this article, we’ll see how to spy on someone through their phone camera for free. Then we will look at some of the best spy apps for monitoring people through their phone cameras. These will also include some of the best IP camera solutions. Note, however, that what we’re looking for here are free tools. So keep your money in your pocket. 

How Do I Spy on Someone Through Their Phone Camera?

The most complete and secure solution to keep your home under control is to set up a video surveillance system using IP cameras. Today, however, you can have a simple home video surveillance system or monitor an individual by transforming their smartphone into a security camera.

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera 

1) IP Webcam

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera  - IPWebcam


  • Motion detection
  • Web camera 
  • Record video 

IP Webcam is an application for remote video surveillance from a mobile phone. Through IP Webcam, it is possible to see what is being filmed by the smartphone. 

Video streaming is available over the Wi-Fi network. IP Webcam has a motion detector and is a good video chat system with family members in the house. It exists in two versions, a Lite and a paid Pro version. IP webcam is available for free on the Google Play store but only for Android devices. 


  • You don’t have to link your Google account
  • Watching a live view is possible
  • Turns a phone into a wireless camera 


  • Not intuitive for beginners 

2) iKeyMonitor

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera - IkeyMonitor


  • Records surroundings
  • Keylogging 
  • Parental control 

iKeyMonitor is a spy app that also has a camera monitoring functionality. This lets the person monitoring remotely activate the back or front camera of the target’s phone. 

The App can take screenshots or photos of images around the phone and make them available on the cloud in the control panel for access by the installer.

This App is available for download by iOS and Android users. Apple Mac and Windows PC users can also find their versions online. However, while it is actually paid for, you can start with a free trial. 

Paid plan: $9.99 for 3 days 


  • Available for all devices 
  • Paid option has a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Discrete mode helps spy with peace of mind 


  • Requires phone rooting for some advanced features 

3) Alfred

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera  - Alfred Home Security Camera

Key features

  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Talk and view 

The Alfred Android video surveillance application sends a photo message whenever it detects movement. 

It is possible to use a smartphone to control the home environment and, through the same camera, monitor each room. At each photo message, Alfred redirects to the detected position. 

This App is useful for monitoring children and pets. It is a fast, efficient, and free Android video surveillance app.


  • Free, stable, and reliable 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Can be used as a baby monitor 


  • The free version has no HD

4) Smart Home Surveillance Picket

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera  - Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Key features

  • Zones for detection
  • Motion sensor 
  • Night vision 

The Picket smart home video surveillance application allows you to turn a smartphone or tablet into cameras for monitoring your home. It’s also ideal for monitoring people and pets in your room and what they do. 

The Picket app is compatible with all Android smartphones starting from version 2.3. However, you need to install this App on the phone that will be with the target or at home you’re watching. 

Then you also have to install it on the phone that’s going to be with you, which of course, you want to monitor them from. Here you will receive notifications for every movement detected. With the Dropbox integration, videos can be stored in the cloud.


  • The free version works better than the pro version
  • Doesn’t run the battery down 
  • You can zoom the camera 


  • Loaded with ads; you have to pay for an ad-free version

5) WardenCam 360

5 Free Apps for Spying on Someone Through Their Phone Camera  - Home Security Camera WardenCam

Key features

  • Motion detection
  • Cloud recording
  • Works with 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi 

WardenCam is available in both free and paid versions. This smartphone video surveillance app allows you to control home environments via a phone or tablet. 

The images are saved in the cloud thanks to Dropbox. Two-way audio allows you to listen to live noises from home as well as speak and send messages with your own voice in real time.


  • Good baby cam app
  • Comes with a free cloud storage 
  • Livestreaming and replays possible 


  • Crashes too often 

How to Protect your Smartphone

We’ve seen how to spy on someone’s phone remotely via the camera. Next, we will see how to protect a smartphone against this practice. 

To prevent our data from ending up in the wrong hands, we can take some simple actions that allow us to protect ourselves from espionage attempts. In the case just described of the webcam, for example, it is sufficient to cover the lens with a small piece – a plaster, a piece of scotch tape with paper, or any other solution you can think of – to prevent some digital attacker from spying on you while at home or work.

Having a good antivirus on your device allows you additional protection against spyware. Antivirus and anti-spyware software can detect and uninstall any installed malware or spyware. 

To keep your privacy safer and have a higher level of protection, you should have antivirus software like Spy Detector, Norton and Bitdefender installed and regularly updated on your phone. 

You can manually check for installed spy apps by going to your Settings > Apps or Manage apps > App permissions. Then check and tap each permission to know which apps are granted permissions you didn’t give. If you find any, tap on “Deny.”


Spying on people and the home with a smartphone is easy, thanks to today’s range of applications and spyware. Just download an App and use your phone’s camera. With a Google account and an Internet connection, home surveillance has never been easier. We’ve seen the top free apps for spying on someone from their smartphone. 

Among these, the IP Webcam seems the overall best free tool. If you’ve read this to the end, then you know how vulnerable our digital devices can be regarding our privacy. So keep guard by following all tips provided. 

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