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How to Throw a Knife in Breaking Point Roblox [Answered]

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Breaking Point is a fun game for Roblox players to enjoy with others playing with multiple people sitting at a table together. However, if you play as a murderer, it can be challenging to learn how to use the knife correctly.

Knowing how to throw your knife in Breaking Point is crucial to being a skilled player in the murderer role. Considering your opponent could be any other person around the table, reacting quickly and throwing your knife is essential.

Are you struggling to throw the knife in Breaking Point Roblox? This article will cover everything you need to know about throwing knives in Breaking Point and other playing tips!

How Do You Throw Knives in Breaking Point?

How to Throw Knife on PC

To throw a knife in Breaking Point as a PC player, you must hold down the left mouse key, aim, then release when the icon turns red. This action will allow you to throw the knife at your opponent. To succeed, ensure you are fast and vigilant so that the blade can reach your target.

Hold down the left mouse key to throw a knife

How to Throw a Knife on Mobile

To throw a knife in Breaking Point on your mobile device, simply press the “THROW” button on the screen. This icon will appear once you take out the knife. As a simple answer, it could be more challenging to master on mobile.

Throwing Knives in Duck Duck Stab [Duel Fight Mode]

Duck Duck Stab is a duel fight mode that allows two players to fight each other with knives by throwing them. This is a great space to master how to throw a knife in Breaking Point to win against your opponents!

Since the game mode is only about throwing knives, we advise practicing throwing with the instructions we have provided to enhance your gaming experience in Breaking Point.

Most Valuable Divine Breaking Point Knives [Based on Reviews]

Now that you know more about how to throw knives, here are some classic Divine favorites among the Breaking Point fandom that are extremely valuable!

Most and Least Valuable Breaking Point Knives [Based on Reviews]
Breaking Point value of knives


Cosmic has been known to be a holiday favorite, although it has not been available since 2018. The Cosmic would create a violet-colored explosion destroying the entire player’s corpse.

The cosmic was only available in a Christmas Crate and purchasable for 8000 points. 

Pink Cosmic

Another knife that was a favorite during 2018 was the Pink Cosmic. Similar to the regular Cosmic, besides one difference, a pink explosion. When aimed at an opponent’s heart, the pink dust will explode around the player, eliminating them.

There was only one existing knife such as this in the game, so it is entirely unobtainable again. 

Radiant Knife

Another holiday exclusive due to its Ice Crown feature, the Radiant Knife is another fan-favorite divine knife in Breaking Point. Unfortunately, it is only available now in trades, as it is no longer a drop, but that does not stop it from being one of the best knives in the game.

The Radiant Knife is black with a blue electric band that travels throughout the knife. This item can be crafted, requiring two legendaries and one rare. One legendary must also be a legendary knife acquired in a holiday event box.


Only available in trading or crafting, this divine knife only had a 0.02% of being obtained during the 2019 red present. Mellow’s death effect is a cylinder beam in the color red, with white appearing above the opponent’s body. This seems similar to a beacon.

Once the beam disappears, so does the opponent’s body, being eliminated.


The Infinite Divine knife is based on the beloved Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame. It had a unique appearance to dedicate to the particular series finale and can only be achieved now through trading and crafting.

Crafting is not advised, as the Violet Edge and Green Edge are extremely rare as a crafting recipe.   

Most Valuable Breaking Point Knives [Based on Reviews]

Eternal Knife

One of the top favorites, the Eternal knife, kills opponents by bursting the corpse into a re-orange flame with light blue honey. This is an extraordinary vision that many players would love to obtain.

The Eternal is a Divine knife only in an even box, “Valentines 2017”, costing 8000 credits for each box opening, which may or may not obtain the actual knife. 

Phantom Knife

A fun Halloween event exclusive, the Phantom knife would explode an opponent’s corpse with a dark smokescreen tinted with a red haze which would be expanded outward, creating a massive effect from its origin.

This knife is no longer available, as only four blades were available to be unboxed, and this was in 2017!

Least Valuable Breaking Point Knives [Based on Reviews]


The Azure knife is purchasable from the legendary knife case for 6,000 credits, although it is not the most favored among the community.

Although it is the fastest knife, it requires many ingredients to be crafted. This has made it one of the lowest in demand due to how hard it can be to achieve. As a result, this knife is typically traded between new players; otherwise, it is rarely traded in the market.

This makes the Azure knife one of the worst Breaking Point Knives.


Jade is a craftable knife in Breaking Points and a lower-tier Divine. Being Divine makes the Jade more valuable than the Azure, as it is of the Divine tiers.

Jade has the biggest hitbox of all the Divines. It is known for throwing faster than some knives. It is obtainable through trading or crafting.

Knives are essential to the murderer’s role in Breaking Point and must be done swiftly, including using a legendary knife for faster and more efficient kills.



How Do You Get All Knives in Breaking Point?

All knives can be obtainable by opening crates or crafting them with the appropriate materials for each kind of knife available. However, not all knives have the ability to be prepared or obtained, expressly limited edition or extremely rare, which can only be obtained by trading.

What is the Artic Knife Worth in Breaking Point?

The Artic Knife is worth 6,000 points and is obtained in a legendary knife case. You will only have an 8% of receiving this knife unless you go for trading.

What is the Rarest Accessory in Breaking Point?

The rarest accessory in Breaking Point is the Bat Guard. This can only be obtained during the Halloween event and can no longer be accepted in the shop. You can only trade for this item.

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