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How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Xbox One (2 Working Methods and Tips)

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Can I connect my Xbox One to a laptop screen? Can I use my laptop as a display for the Xbox One, and if so, what do I need, and how do I connect?  

Whether you are planning to take the Xbox One with you on trips or don’t have a television at home, you can also make use of your laptop, PC, or laptop monitor as a display for your Xbox One, and we will show you how to do that in this article. 

How to Connect Your Xbox One Console With HDMI

  1. Connect your HDMI cable to the console as well as the laptop, PC, or monitor display. Then plug your HDMI cable into the console and insert its other end to your computer.
  2. With older consoles, you will need to connect the laptop and the console through an adapter box. Then you have to match the corresponding colors of plugs in the adapter box. Ensure the console outlets are all from the same group.
  3. Many adapter boxes have an output that connects to your computer so you can switch from your computer to your console. Then, if the box supports this, connect this box to a monitor socket of your computer system. 
  4. Connect the adapter box’s output to the input of your monitor using your HDMI cable. 
  5. Select the right entry to bring up your console on your laptop or display monitor. If you have just one input, you will be able to see the image coming out of your console. Just ensure the console and the screen are on.

How to Connect Xbox One To Laptop with an App

With the Xbox app, you can also stream the games from Xbox One to a PC and thus also to your laptop. So you can use your laptop screen as a monitor for the Xbox One, so to speak. This works with a LAN/WLAN network. 

  1. To stream an Xbox One console to a laptop, turn on your Xbox One 
  2. Go to your Win 10 Xbox application on your computer 
  3. Select the icon for Xbox One 
  4. Find Xbox One on the list. 
  5. Then click on Connect and Stream. Streaming after this configuration for future use will be much easier.

/What to Consider Before Connecting

  • You can connect your laptop to an Xbox One using an HDMI cable, but a laptop monitor works as well. 
  • For consoles like the Xbox One, you will get a better picture using a Full HD 1080p laptop screen or display. However, using HD consoles like an Xbox One to a CRT will cause the image to blur. 
  • Many modern consoles, including Xbox One, are connectible via HDMI. But it would help if you still determined which connections your console supports. Each console has different ways you can connect to a monitor. HDMI and wireless are the newest and RF and RCA are the oldest, and Xbox One supports HDMI. In addition, you can wirelessly connect it to a monitor or laptop. 
  • Connection ports are usually located at the back of the monitors. Entry-level monitors often only come with a connection port. Old screens sometimes only have a cable already attached to them, which is impossible to remove.
  • PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360; these are consoles that all support HDMI. The Xbox 360 starter version is the only one that doesn’t. These consoles can also be connected with component (A/V) cables, but these are only compatible with very few displays.
  • If the laptop or monitor has functioning speakers, they can undoubtedly reproduce your console audio. However, most display monitors do not have speakers, so you will need a system that will reproduce the sounds, and sometimes you will need one converter box to send the signal to your headphones or speakers. Using HDMI, you will need another cable, as you cannot connect an HDMI cable to speakers.
  • Get an audio converter (if needed). You will need one converter for connecting the audio cable from your console to your PC speakers or headphones. If you are connecting via HDMI, you will need a separate audio cable when connecting your console to your display. Since HDMI cannot be linked to speakers, you need another cable.
  • Get the suitable cable if you need to. Most consoles are sold with a single video cable. Thankfully, Xbox One comes with a 4K HDMI. If you don’t have that anymore, get a cable for connecting to your display. Even if today’s computer usually has an HDMI connection, it is often an HDMI output. 
  • What this means, in short, is that a laptop can send the game images to your external monitor with the use of an HDMI output. However, you cannot transmit an external image signal to a laptop screen via the HDMI output. An HDMI input is required for this. There are computers with HDMI inputs. However, these are pretty expensive devices that probably a few people use. But, you have to see if your laptop has this HDMI input.
  • HDMI cables work like in all devices which support HDMI. Old cables will require another cable that connects specifically to your console. You may use HDMI cables designed for an Xbox 360 or PS3. However, if you use component cables to connect, you will need cables specifically designed for the console.


If you want to play games on your X Box One but don’t have a TV around or you’re away from home, you can use your laptop or computer monitor instead. There are two ways to do this: with an HDMI or the Xbox One App that is installed on your computer. Whichever looks more convenient for you, both are straightforward procedures, and they’re much like connecting your console to your TV.

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