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Is a 17-inch Laptop Too Big? (Is It Worth It?)

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Millions of laptops from various brands come in shapes and sizes. When picking out laptops, the question of size always comes into play. Many wonder the kind of effect the size of their computer will have on their work.

Now the smallest laptops usually have sizes ranging between 11 – 12 inches, while the largest ones are generally of sizes 15 – 17 inches. Depending on what you intend to use your laptop for, size can significantly influence your buying decisions. Hence, this article details. 

Is a 17-inch laptop too big?

Contrary to popular opinion, laptops with 17 inches sizes appear pretty average and not enormous. Getting one for yourself is an excellent decision as it has many features that make it just as appropriate. 

Indeed, the measure will impact how it is used. For example, mobility might be a bit tricky with this kind of laptop. It is much heavier than other laptops of sizes 12 or 14 inches. However, 17 inches laptops pack loads of other excellent advantages, much of which can be credited to their size. 

Pros of a 17-inch laptop:

Here are some of the pros of having a laptop that size.

Pros of a 17-inch laptop

More screen size

No matter what you use your laptop for, you would agree that having more viewing space is always a plus. Many individuals purchase a wider desktop for their 14-inch laptops to get a better view. Even at that, they may not get the best deal, as moving the laptop and monitor screen might be challenging.

17-inch laptops provide a wide view angle that lets you comfortably perceive and watch anything, even far away. Getting another display unit might not be necessary with this laptop size, saving you time and money. 

Also, they are designed so that picture or video quality is not affected even with the large size. Hence, gamers prefer going for laptops with this screen size. It just makes the gaming experience much more immersive.

Full-Size Keyboard

You might be familiar with the regular keyboard, which features all the essential keys. Most laptops from 14 inches and below have this kind of keypad. However, for larger laptops with sizes between 15 – 17 inches, you get access to a full-size keyboard with extra keys. This might not sound like much, but full-sized keyboards offer superior advantages over regular ones.

A full-size keyboard gives you access to an extensive keypad, including a number pad with digits from 0 – 9. It also has mathematical functions like an asterisk, division, plus, and others. With these extra keys, making calculations becomes a lot easier. 

For people whose job deals a lot with numbers, this feature creates a 17-inch laptop an excellent choice. Also, for people that play games, these extra keys can help make the gameplay much more effortless.

More space for inner component

A smaller laptop means a smaller everything, including keyboards, screens, USB ports, etc. Also, another one that comes to mind is the internal space that houses devices like the RAM, processor, hard disk, etc. 

The smaller your laptop, the more tightly packed these internal components are. There isn’t enough room to fit them all comfortably. Although this might not contribute immediate problem, having more space gives these components more room to breathe, translating to a better operation.

Larger laptops have more space to house the interior components. Some important devices like the cooling system get more space to ensure they perform their functions properly.

More workspace

Another advantage of getting a large laptop is the wiggle room you get when working. Unlike a desktop computer accompanied by accessories like a mouse and keyboard, a laptop has it all built-in. However, the trackpad usually gets in the way of smaller laptops, especially while typing, due to its very sensitive make.

With a larger laptop, manufacturers effectively utilize the expansive space to give room for proper hand placements without the occasional interruptions caused by mistakenly touching the trackpad.

Cons of a 17-inch laptop:

Owning a large laptop does have its challenges. Here are some of them:


The compromise of choosing a 17-inch laptop has to deal with the weight. Larger laptops tend to carry more weight than their regular counterparts. However, this might not be much of an issue for some people if you do not move the laptop around often. However, that extra pound will affect the computer’s overall stability. Putting it on your laps might not work out as well as it does for smaller laptops.

Carrying the laptop around can become irritating and uncomfortable due to the extra weight. Hence, this type of laptop is more suited for people without the need to take their laptops everywhere they go. Also, finding a suitable laptop bag to support the weight and size can be tricky.

Battery drain

Larger screens need more battery power to run. Therefore another issue you might have to deal with has your battery drain out faster. Starting, it wouldn’t be much of a difference, but over time it will tell on your battery health.

Is it possible to reduce a laptop’s weight? 

Now, let us answer the question of if you can eat your cake and still have it. That is, can you have a 17-inch laptop yet make it as light as possible. Well, you don’t have much luck there. 

There is not much you can do to reduce a laptop’s weight. However, you can try removing parts like the CD drive and speakers if you feel you don’t need them. However, these will only remove a smaller percentage of the weight. 

Hence, it would be best if you were willing to deal with the extra weight commonly associated with 17-inch laptops before getting one.


There you have it; the answer to the question is a 17-inch laptop worth it? Which is a capital YES. You should consider this type of laptop for your home or office. Also, if you are a gamer, the wide view angle with 17-inch laptops might serve you well while playing your games. However, be prepared to have a stable workspace to put the computer on, as moving it around might not be the best option. 

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