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Is Laptop Memory the same as RAM? (Important Facts)

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A laptop with lesser memory will always bring problems. But did you know that most laptop users don’t know about the different types of memory that their PCs use?

If that’s a problem for you, we are here to help. The laptop’s memory and RAM tend to work to ensure your PC runs well.

But it would help if you understood that the two items have a valuable difference. So, let’s start by defining the laptop’s memory and RAM.

Meaning of Laptop Memory and RAM

The random-access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM) help run your PC. Without the two parts, your laptop will be like an empty can. Before we look at the characteristics of the RAM and ROM, let’s first understand their meaning.

 A laptop RAM is its primary place that keeps your temporary data. So, once your PC starts, the data goes to the RAM until you shut it down.

Besides, the RAM loads your operating system when you switch on your laptop. Everything your laptop needs for quick access is in the RAM.

Laptops RAM uses the Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module (SO-DIMM). It’s like the better version of the desktop RAM DIMM.

On the other hand, ROM is also a primary space but keeps permanent info. You can read the data, but you can’t edit it. So, ROM is the laptop’s main memory.

You’ll need your ROM to program and start your PC. Today, many tech gurus refer to a laptop’s ROM as the firmware.

Characteristics of a Laptop’s Memory

The laptop ROM has many features that make your PC run well. Please keep reading to find out more about them.

  • This memory uses less low battery power
  • It’s cheaper than the RAM
  • Also, this firmware has a simple firmware and interface
  • ROM has a non-volatile memory
  • It stores data permanently for a long time as long as it’s in a great state.

Characteristics of a Laptop’s RAM

A laptop’s RAM has many specs that help your computer. Please take a look at them.

  • RAM helps your PC run faster and perform well.
  • Since the RAM makes your laptop work faster, expect it to use more power
  • No part of a RAM moves when your PC is running
  • A laptop’s RAM allows you to write and erase the data
  • It stores data temporarily because it’s volatile

Types of Laptop RAM

Types of Laptop RAM

All types of RAMs serve the same purpose on a laptop. But different RAMs have various specs that make them stand out.

The static RAM (SRAM) is the oldest version of the RAM. People in the tech world have used SRAM since the 1990s.

You won’t need to refresh the SRAM for it to remember the data it keeps. Though these items aren’t costly, your PC needs constant power to work nicely.

Dynamic RAM (DRAM) has been in the market from the 1970’s t the 1990s. It suits the video game consoles and networking hardware.

As for the synchronous RAM (SDRAM), it’s what most laptops and desktops have today. Also, most video game consoles use SDRAM.

SDRAM works together with the CPU clock. You’ll get it in three types that include:

  • Single Data Rate SDRAM
  • Double Data Rate SDRAM
  • Graphics Double Data SDRAM

Types of Laptop ROM

You’ll get three types of ROM. So, what you’ll choose varies with the level of technology you want on your PC. Here are the types you’ll get.

Programmable ROM (PROM)

This ROM comes as a blank item when new. You’ll have to program the PROM before using it. but they are easy to damage than other ROMs

Erasable Programmable ROM (EPROM)

Unlike the PROM, you can always rewrite the EPROM many times because it has chips that last. These chips have a quartz material that the EPROM programmer releases UV light. The exposure makes it easy to always reprogram it every time.

Electrically Erasable ROM (EEPROM)

Here, you’ll use the electrical fields to write and rewrite data. Such ROM is common in modern high-end laptops.

The Size of RAM Your PC needs

As technology keeps growing, computers need more RAM. So, the bigger your laptop’s RAM, the better and greater you’ll enjoy your laptop.

The purpose of your laptop is what determines the size of RAM you need. If you want your laptop to run well while using it for basic reasons, a 4 Gigabyte RAM will help.

When you want to use your PC for aspects like programming, gaming, and graphic design, use a RAM of 8 GB. As for some high-quality graphic games like FIFA 22, the 8 GB RAM does well in a PC with high-quality graphics and resolution.

Go for the 12 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB RAM laptops when you want to use them for more activities. Yes, some high-end laptops have 64 GB RAM. But the 8 GB to 12 GB fits a laptop for heavy data processing.

Can You Expand Your Laptop’s Memory and RAM?

It’s possible to expand your laptop’s RAM and ROM. It will vary with what you want to do with your PC.

As for the RAM, your need for more RAM determines the size that you’ll add to your laptop. For example, you can buy your PC for only simple uses.

Later on, you may want to use it for graphic designing and more gaming. So, you’ll need to use more RAM.

You’ll need more ROM to store more data. The SSD ROM is better than the HDD ROM with today’s tech. SSD is faster and safer to use than HDD.

Any RAM will give you an easier time than ROM when you want to expand it. Remember, if you aren’t sure of what to do as you expand, take it to a tech guru to do it for you.

Which One is Better, more ROM or more RAM?

Well, the answer to this matter depends on what you want. Does your laptop keep you waiting as you switch from one program to another? Is the laptop too slow for your activities?

It’s great to upgrade the ROM, but upgrade your RAM to make things move faster on your PC. More RAM sticks on your PC allow it to run faster.


Your laptop’s ROM storage and RAM help it run without any hitches. The more RAM and ROM your laptop has, the greater the performance it will have.

It will be easy to know your PC’s nature if you know the difference between the two aspects. Also, the RAM and ROM are of various types to suit the growing technology.

Have you understood the difference between your laptop’s RAM and storage? Please feel free to share with us your views.

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