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Laptop Water Damage Repair Cost? (Tips that might help)

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It does not matter how careful you are with your device; there is no guarantee that you can keep it totally safe from damage. On the one hand, water is one of the laptop’s worst enemies. A typical scenario could be this: A child walks into a room with a glass full of water or some other liquid and spills it on your laptop.

Now, you become worried that your laptop may not be repaired, and if it can be repaired, how much will it cost? If you are in that boat, this article is made especially for you.

How can water damage my laptop?

Even those that are not science-oriented understand that electricity and water are not best of friends. This would not mean that water or other liquids may be harmful. That said, we can agree that water can damage a laptop. But the question on everyone’s mind would be, how does water damage a laptop? 

Water contains some ions and impurities that are invisible to the naked eye. If these elements form a link, there is a high chance that they connect contact points within the laptop. This ‘lethal’ connection has the ability to alter the electrical path. The flowing current that has been redirected can cause the device to short-circuit, leading to damage.

How can you detect that your laptop has water damage?

It may be difficult to determine if your laptop has been damaged by water or other liquids just by looking at it. Below are some of the ways you can detect laptop damage caused by water;

Visual inspection

This is most likely the most efficient and definitely the fastest way to determine laptop damage caused by water. Look carefully at the case and confirm if there are signs of residue. If yes, then most likely, the damage may have been caused by the liquid.


Copper is one of the metals used to make laptops. If this metal has been exposed to liquids, it may leave a green residue. So, the presence of a green residue means that the device may have been exposed to a liquid.

Diagnose the components

Some laptops come with sophisticated technologies that can indicate the presence of water in them. The device may indicate that water may have damaged a thing or two or even indicate to the user that water is present in it. You may also notice sticky keyboards, the presence of bubbles under the screen, or even evident discoloration.

How much would it cost to repair a laptop with water damage?

Just like there are many laptops of different brands and specifications, the prices of repairs for laptops with water damage can differ. It is dependent on some factors;

Brand: Apple products are usually costlier than that of their counterparts. This would mean that if water damages an Apple MacBook, it would be much more expensive to repair than a HP laptop that is damaged by water.

The damaged parts: Some parts are more costly than others. Do not get it wrong; Liquids generally have the ability to damage almost every part of the computer. However, if a liquid damages the screen, it may be more expensive to repair than if it damages the keyboard. Both of them will cost the owner but fixing some parts are costlier than others.

The extent of the damage: For a laptop with a minor fault, there is a high chance that the cost will be a lot lower than the cost for major damage. For example, a laptop that is exposed to water for a few seconds will be easier and less costly to repair as compared to a laptop that may have been immersed in water for hours.

Expected service cost: Before doing anything, it is good to estimate the repair service cost. It is quite easy to get a range of prices online. However, some places may be more expensive than others. Comparing prices and striking a balance between cost and quality of service can go a long way. There also may be other additional costs that need to be factored in.

However, generally, repairing laptops with damages caused by water can cost within the range of 90 – 250 dollars. This range of fees should include cleaning fees and maybe changing of a few parts, but as mentioned earlier, the prices depend on the above factors.

Can I save my laptop from water damage, and how?

The longer your device is exposed to water or any liquid, the higher its chances of suffering permanent damage. So, the best way to save your laptop is prompt action to limit its exposure to the liquid(s). Your actions in the first few minutes will determine if your laptop can be saved or if you may end up getting a replacement.

You can save your laptop by following these few steps;

  1. Power down your laptop as soon as possible. If your safety is not at risk, do not delay because every second counts. 
  2. Disconnect all external components that may be connected to the laptop to ensure that they are also far from any form of water damage.
  3. Depending on the amount of liquid, you can wipe the laptop with a dry towel or cloth, paying close attention to various ports and vents. You can also let it drain for some minutes or hours. You can also try other repair and troubleshooting options.
  4. When you believe that the laptop may have been properly drained, you can take it to see a repairer. There, you will know the extent of the damage and figure out the next steps.


When a laptop is exposed to liquids, your next actions matter; they should be swift as prolonged exposure means a higher chance of permanent damage. You should also realize that exposure to liquids does not necessarily mean the end of the device. 

All there is to try out some of the tips mentioned and then consider the cost of repairs; you might end up salvaging your laptop, as well as all your personal and work files, even though the device has been exposed to water. Good news, isn’t it?

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