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Make Your Laptop’s Home Screen Work for You (Complete Guide)

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It’s okay to get artistic with your laptop. And it’s sure fun to find out just how impressive you can get with your home screen setup. From your choice of wallpaper to the arrangement of icons and widgets on the screen, you are in for one ride. But how easy can the navigation get? You are about to find out.

Changing some things on your screen sure doesn’t come as a must; many whose home screens aren’t any different from when they got them, and frankly, there is nothing wrong with that. 

Not many fancy the stress of having to look up wallpapers or browse the net to get started with their home screens. Nonetheless, there is the other set, who almost sees redesigning their homepages as a must, and of course, we have the middle grounders, who like a good reset but consider it optional. 

This article gives a complete guide to anyone willing to know exactly what the fuss about the home screen is. And if all you are looking forward to is learning tips on adding some tweaks to that first page of yours, then strap in. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is The Home Screen Of A Laptop Called?

Almost all computer display screens have a home screen. Whether it is a desktop, a mobile phone or a laptop, as soon as it finishes booting and gets into the primary display page, you have it—your home screen.

Some call it the startup page, many call theirs the homepage, and others just refer to it as the desktop page. Regardless, the things common to all are that you get to see some app icons, maybe some widgets. And if your laptop works under the Windows version, there is the icon that opens up to the tabletop.

Most people get their default icons arranged on the left side of their screen, while some will find theirs organized in a single row on the lower part of the screen. And for others, it looks total blank of icons, except for the wallpaper; for this one, you will have to do some tappings on the screen to bring up the icons. All these startup designs depend heavily on your laptop’s brand and model.

How Do You Get To The Home Screen On a Computer?

Chance is you’ve gotten here and even spent most time contemplating on which icon to click on here. Once you are logged into your laptop and have passed the security check, it is the first page you see. And if you are on a different page on your laptop and want to return to the home screen, you only have to click on the close button on the top right corner of your screen. Yes, easy.

As discussed earlier, you’ll know you are there because it’s typically characterized by wallpaper and some icons.

How can I customize my laptop screen?

Now, let’s discuss how to get some changes on your screen. If there is a particular wallpaper you’ve wanted to get on your home screen, you sure can make the changes. And if it’s the icon arrangement you think can be better, you just have to know where to press it.

1. First, to get this started, you left-click on your homepage and wait for a menu bar to drop. Then you click on the personalize button at the bottom of the bar to access the personalization settings.

Make your laptop's home screen work for you (Complete Guide)-How can I customize my laptop screen
You can customize your homepage by clicking on the personalize button at the bottom of your menu bar.

2. Next, you decide on what type of changes you want to make:

• To get the background changed, i.e., the wallpaper, you click on the Background button on the personalization settings page. Your PC will naturally have some other wallpapers that you can choose from. If you find any suiting, then you should click on it.

However, if you prefer a personally customized one, you should click the “Browse” button, and off you go.

• You can also alter your window’s color on the page by clicking on “Colors”. It means you can change it from the common default blue accent color.

• If you want to design how your lock screen page is supposed to go, you will find the option here as well. You can decide to add widgets, alter your screen timeout, change the screen saver and lots more.

• You can change your windows theme by clicking the “Theme option” too. Here, you can alter your sound options, make some changes to how your mouse cursor looks and custom your theme.

Make your laptop's home screen work for you (Complete Guide)-Theme Option
If you’re not satisfied with your current theme, you can always change it by clicking the “Theme option” in the top right corner.

• And maybe you have issues with how big or small your laptop’s general font is. You can change it here too.

• Other things you can change here include your taskbar and start menu. You design how many tiles you want on the Start bar, manage the app list, and custom it to what you can call fitting.

You should note, however, that to get all these settings going, you must first activate your Windows. Only then can you personalize your PC.

Laptop Home Screen Wallpapers

There are a lot of credible sites you can download your HD wallpapers from, such as Unsplash, Deviant Art Wallpaper, Wallpapers Wide, Pexels, Wallhaven and many others. It would be best if you were sure you were getting them from a reliable source to avoid downloading a virus or malware attack.

Wallpapers help paint your home screen the best way possible and make your laptop a bit more fun to look at. Notwithstanding, you need to screen the type of wallpapers you get on your laptop. It would help if you had wallpapers that can make a good fitting on your screen, and you want to make sure the designs don’t get too bright as well.

While a colorful wallpaper might make a delightful background, you need to consider if the brightness and sharpness are one that your eyes can handle or not.

Laptop Home Screen Aesthetics

Even with the already cool wallpaper option, you can make your laptop home screen setup get a bit more aesthetic. Wonder how? Then let’s list some easy ways:

Rearrange your icon tiles. Either file them out on a single row at the bottom of your screen or as a single column on the right side of your screen. Just make it different yet trim from what you are used to.

You can install a quote feature if you are into something like that.

• If you can’t bother yourself too much with the customizing but still want to have something different from the default, you can just install a reliable app to help you with it. A good one to check out is the Rainmeter. It offers a lot of cool effects, and to get better at its use, you can easily check YouTube on that.

Remove unnecessary app icons from your screen, categorize your desktop apps into groups, and you can even change how your app icons look like. Some apps can help with that online. It helps you change the feel of things for a while until you want to opt for the next change. 

Finally, you can change the font or download any cool desktop environment like Conky.


Now, you know your laptop home screen is that first page you come across as soon as you are clear of the lock screen page. Getting your home screen into that perfect fit can be one interesting adventure once you know the way. We hope the guide has been able to give some insight into what you need to get the party going.

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