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MSI Laptop CD Drive Not Working (6 Quick Solutions!) 

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MSI is a renowned manufacturer of gaming computers, including peripherals and hardware parts. The company provides a MSI driver CD with all the drivers you need to install its hardware and peripherals, such as CPUs, GPUs, and the motherboard.

However, you can encounter various issues related to MSI laptop CD drive not working. Whereas some users reportedly experience problems when installing the CD drive drivers, others encounter issues much later, such as the drive failing to open or eject. 

A faulty driver disc and other problems can hamper driver installation, causing your CD drive to malfunction. In this article, we look into the MSI drive CD not working issue as a result of driver problems and a drive that fails to open or eject, including quick fixes for your Windows 10 laptop.

How to Solve Problems Related to MSI CD Drive Drivers

Solution #1 – Use a Driver Updater Software Tool to Update Your Motherboard

Use a driver updater software, such as DriverFix, to automatically search for required drivers on the internet and download them for installation. The updater can search for missing MSI CD drive drivers and choose the most suitable versions for installation, making it better than manual driver update.

Your computer system can fail to properly keep your system’s generic peripheral and hardware drivers up-to-date. A manufacturer’s driver significantly differs from a generic driver in many ways, including performance and ease-of-update.

A manual search for your hardware component’s best driver version can be tedious. This is where the software updater comes in to automatically find missing drivers and update them with correct versions. Follow the steps below to use a driver updater software:

1)      Download DriverFix (or any other suitable updater) and install it on your laptop.

2)      Double-click the software to launch it after a successful download.

3)      Run the software and wait for it to search your system for faulty drivers.

4)      The software will display all faulty drivers – go through the list to locate your CD drive drivers.

5)      Let DriverFix search for suitable driver updates for download and installation.

6)      Restart your MSI laptop to save changes once all the faulty CD drive drivers have been updated successfully.

Solution #2 – Clean Your MSI Laptop’s Hard Drive

Cleaning your hard drive removes ghost drivers so that you can successfully install your MSI laptop CD drive drivers. Here’s how to clean your hard drive:

1)      Hold down the “R” key and “Windows” key on the keyboard (shortcut keys), simultaneously, and release to launch Notepad.

2)      Next, type this code in the Notepad: 


Start devmgmt.msc

3)      At the top left corner of the Notepad file, click on “File” then “Save as,” to save the document as setdev.bat.

MSI Laptop CD Drive Not Working - 6 Quick Solutions -Clean Your MSI Laptop’s Hard Drive
Cleaning your hard drive can help you install your MSI laptop CD drive drivers.

4)      Click on the drop-down arrow next to the “Save as Type” button and select “All Files.”

5)      Click on “Ok” to save the file changes.

6)      Locate the folder where you saved the setdev.bat Notepad file and double-click on it to launch the Device Manager with a more detailed version of MSC.

7)      Click on the “View” tab in the Device Manager window and select “Devices by type”.

8)      Click on the “View” tab again and select the “Show hidden devices” option.

MSI Laptop CD Drive Not Working - 6 Quick Solutions -Device Manager
To see hidden devices, click the View tab.

9)      The Device Manager window will display all devices you’ve ever installed on your laptop, graying out uninstalled devices.

10)   Click on each device displayed in the Device Manager window to expand the category and uninstall grayed-out devices – right-click on the device to uninstall it.

11)   Repeat this process for all the devices on display to remove all those that no longer exist from your MSI laptop. When done, restart your PC to save changes.

Remove the CD hard drive after restarting your computer and install it as new hardware. With all ghost drivers out of your system, your MSI laptop driver disc may successfully install the essential drivers. If the issue persists, try the next fix.

Solution #3 – Visit the MSI Official Website to Install Drivers

The MSI website has a list of the most recent MSI hardware device drivers. Navigate to the MSI download center to find the drivers you need. 

MSI Laptop CD Drive Not Working - 6 Quick Solutions -Visit the MSI Official Website to Install Drivers
The MSI download center is a helpful resource for finding the latest MSI hardware device drivers.

Here’s what to do:

1)      Select the model of your motherboard and download its available drivers (the most recent). You can use a different computer to download the drivers if your MSI laptop doesn’t have an internet connection. Save the drivers in a flash disk to move to your PC.

2)      Download the drivers directly to your PC if it’s connected to the internet and use the Windows update feature to download and install the drivers.

3)      Double-click the driver installer to run it. Follow the prompts on the screen to finish driver installation.

Corrupted Windows files may result in errors, making the installations unsuccessful.

Solution #4 – Install All Pending Windows Updates

1)      Click on “Start” and then select “Settings.”

2)      Click on “Update & Security.

MSI Laptop CD Drive Not Working - 6 Quick Solutions -Install All Pending Windows Updates
In order to continue to receive updates for Windows, you will need to update your Windows operating system.

3)      Click on the “Windows Update” tab to scan for pending updates. When the scan is complete, download all pending updates and install them until no item remains in the pending list.

Downloading and installing pending Windows updates will update all your motherboard drivers. This can solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, try the next solution.

Solution #5 – Reinstall Your Windows Operating System

If the problem persists, you can back up all your files and reinstall the Windows operating system running in your MSI laptop. Use a good backup software to back up your CD drive drivers.

MSI Driver and Software Setup Stuck – the CD Drive Fails to Open/Eject

Solution #6 – Use a Paperclip to Eject a Drive with Stuck CD

If the drive appears under the list of drives in your PC, but doesn’t open or eject, right-click on its icon and select “Open” or “Eject.” Here’s what to do if the drive still doesn’t eject:

1)      Open a paperclip and insert it into a tiny hole on the CD drive.

2)      Push the paperclip gently inside until the CD drive pops out – hold the drive and pull it out.

Your MSI laptop’s CD drive may have power or motor issues if it opens this way. A bad eject button, installed locking software or device, an incompatible interface, a stuck CD, or a bad drive may cause this problem.

The paperclip fix works if a stuck CD is the reason your drive fails to open or eject. The CD drive may be disconnected from your motherboard if the BIOS doesn’t detect it – in this case, look for a reputable technician to look at your CD drive.


MSI laptop CD drive not working is an error that may result due to outdated drivers or if they fail to install. The error may also occur if your CD drive doesn’t open or eject. 

This article has covered the various solutions to this hard drive problem in your MSI laptop. We hope that you found it helpful and successfully solved your problem. 

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