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How Long is a New Laptop Battery First Charge? (Explained!)

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Did you recently purchase a new laptop battery? Are you wondering how long the first charge of your new laptop battery should be? Are you confused about whether to use it without charging or not? 

Your laptop battery is quite an essential component of your device. For a new laptop battery, it is important to charge it correctly for the first time before use to ensure its efficiency and make it last longer. 

This article, therefore, will highlight how vital a new laptop battery’s first charge is and how long it should last. We will also discuss some charging tips to maintain your battery health and ways to stop your battery from draining fast. 

How Long Should A New Laptop First Charge Be? 

Most new laptop batteries come empty or fully discharged upon purchase, so charging before use is essential. For HP laptops, the recommended time for a new battery’s first charge is twenty-four hours. With a twenty-four-hour charge, the battery becomes fully charged, increasing its life expectancy. Asus laptops, on the other hand, require charging the new laptop battery for about three hours before using the device in battery mode. 

However, the duration ideal for charging your new laptop battery for the first time is often influenced by several factors. Some factors include the laptop brand, the battery specifications, the power adapter used in charging, the number of Lithium cells in the battery, and whether or not your laptop comes with Fast Charge technology. 

In considering a new laptop battery’s first charge, you should note that some batteries have a higher voltage than others, so they will take longer to charge. In addition, some laptop chargers charge faster than the regular AC adapters, which can influence your new laptop charging duration. 

Irrespective of the laptop brand, giving a new battery a complete charge before use is necessary to boost its efficiency and prolong its lifespan. So once you purchase a new laptop battery, ensure it is a hundred percent charged before using it. 

How Long Should A New Laptop First Charge Be

Charging Tips To Help Your Battery Last Longer

Like all other devices and their batteries, laptop batteries lose strength and wear out over time, especially in constant use. Usually, laptop batteries last for about two to four years of use which is a charging cycle of about a thousand charges in total. However, some laptops do not last for that long. Here are some charging tips to prolong your laptop’s battery life and make it last longer: 

Maintain a battery percent between 40-80%, always 

Keeping your battery between forty to eighty percent is a simple way to make it last longer and increase its capacity. For those in constant use of their device, charge your system up to eighty percent with each plug-in before using it. 

Another essential point to note is that charging your laptop battery to its extremes, i.e., from empty to full, always reduces its chances of completing the charging cycle of about a thousand charges. However, your laptop charging between forty and eighty percent regularly allows it to complete this cycle smoothly.

Prevent your battery from fully discharging

Leaving your laptop battery to discharge to zero harms its health as it causes undue stress to the battery, thus reducing its lifespan in the process. Avoid a full discharge always just the way you avoid a regular hundred percent charge. 

Avoid charging while the battery is hot 

Most often, your laptop heats up due to the intensive work performed on it, the room temperature, the presence of sunlight or exhaust, or other factors. Avoid charging your device in such a condition as it damages your battery and drains its strength.

Use and keep your laptop in a cool location

Exposure to heat can damage your laptop battery, so you should use it in cool rooms and locations. In addition, avoid placing your laptop on your lap as your thighs block vents and trap the heat emanating from your system, ultimately damaging your battery. 

How To Prevent My New Laptop Battery From Draining Fast 

Typically, new laptop batteries are pretty strong upon purchase. Even though they tend to weaken with time, you can also prevent them from draining fast while your device is in use. The following simple ways will keep your new laptop battery from draining pretty fast: 

Reduce your device brightness 

Except you are working in a poorly lit office environment, you do not need to keep your system’s brightness at the maximum level. Try reducing the brightness level to conserve your battery by clicking on the display icon after opening the system settings. 

Put off your keyboard backlights 

Most laptop keyboards come with backlights which you often do not need. Turning it off will help reduce the workload on your laptop’s battery and help it last longer. 

Switch between power modes 

To prevent your battery from draining fast, try to balance the best battery life and performance mode. You can do this by simply clicking on the battery icon on the taskbar. 

Using battery saver mode 

Battery saver mode in most laptops activates once the battery percent is below twenty. Once this feature is activated, actions like email syncing, push notifications, and background apps are disabled, allowing your device to stay on for a long while. 

Disconnect unnecessary devices

Always unplug external devices like external hard drives, webcams, and even an external mouse when not in use, as this reduces power consumption on your laptop. 

Final Words 

The first charge of a new laptop battery is essential as it influences the efficiency and longevity of the battery. A complete first charge helps a new laptop battery perform well and last longer. This article has reviewed the importance of a laptop’s first charge and how long it should last. We have also discussed some charging tips to make your battery last longer and ways to prevent it from draining fast. With this knowledge, you can enjoy your new laptop battery for as long as possible. 

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