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Paracord vs. Nylon Cablemod (Full Comparison)

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Cablemod has done quite well with its cables, but whichever is the best option from the two series? Paracord vs. Nylon?

So you need some nice, neatly packed cables for your power supply connections, and people keep telling you Cablemod might just give the best. While there are many quality cables out there, most people will agree that Cablemod offers both quality and a good aesthetic value. They can be quite expensive, but at least you know what you are getting.

Now, the question still left unanswered for many is exactly what type of Cablemod cable to go for. Generally, Cablemod offers the modflex cable series (paracord) and the modmesh series (nylon), each with distinct attributes and appeal. But the right choice for you might just depend on how much information you have on both series.

In this article, we’ll look through the major differences between the two cable types and discuss more on the edge Cablemod has over other brands, despite being more costly. Hence, get prepared for some quick, important facts you sure will find interesting as we help make your decision much easier. So, paracord vs. nylon: which will it be?

What Cablemod Cables Do I Need?

Both Cable Mod cables series have come out quite fine, and they’ve both been discovered to have their peculiarities and distinct winning points. However, one thing we will say they have in common is how neat and lively their colors can be. Even when many cables seem to perform quite okay, their aesthetical appeal and set-up make most PSU connections look too bland. 

So, unless you are planning on dumping your PC case on a spot where no one will see it, you might not want to go for some mono-color cable. And if your casing comes with closing, you are just in the safe zone, but if not? Then you either get the next Cablemod or a cable brand that promises more in terms of pattern and set-up.

Modmesh Vs. Modflex: Nylon Vs. Paracord

Now, to the day question, modmesh vs. modflex, which one should one go for? Below, we will look through the peculiarity between them.

  • Flexibility: While the modflex, i.e., paracord cablemod, appears to be more flexible, the nylon counterpart is a bit stiffer. You can still get into bending the nylon cablemod a bit, but the modflex series is far more flexible. Nonetheless, modmesh cables are really easy to work with if you opt for them.
  • Durability: The modmesh cables are more durable, and you can hardly get any tuff on them. However, the modflex cables are not so durable, but if you aren’t dragging them around too much, this might not be an issue.
  • Range of colors: Cablemod generally has done well in producing cables with more color options. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a cablemod cable with more varieties of colors to choose from, the modmesh series takes the hat on this.
  • Appearance: Both cablemod nylon and paracord cables have a good appearance. Thus, it all depends on whichever you will prefer. While some prefer the softer and dull look of the Modflex cables, others prefer the more glossy appearance of the Modmesh cables.
  • UV reactive: Yes, Cablemod makes some of their cables UV reactive. And this is really cool. With the Modmesh cable, you can easily get this feature. However, the worry for many is that the UV reactiveness may cause the cables to get discolored, especially when they are white.
  • Nature: The paracord cables are generally made from cloth-like materials, while the nylon cables appear more plastic and have a larger weave. Most Modmesh cables appear bigger and stronger than the Modflex, which is softer and easier to manage.

The points listed above cover most of the differences between the cables, and we hope it helps narrow your options. Really, both cables will give a great experience, but the best for you will depend greatly on the type of cable you prefer.

Cable Mod Pro Series

The cable mod pro series was put forward based on some of the feedback Cable Mod got from most of its customers. Some complained about the cable combs, others asked for thicker cables, and a few said they wanted more colors!

The pro series still comes with the modflex and modmesh options, so you are only getting an upgraded version of cables that are already high quality. The pro series has gradually become a favorite for many and has successfully caught the interest of many who had always preferred other brands.

So, basically, the Cable Mod Pro series offer:

  • Incorporated tighter cable combs
  • A new set of color varieties to choose from
  • Cables with thicker strands that allow less (lagging) space within them.
  • And many other nice features 

If you want more from Cable Mod, the pro series is definitely one to check out. You should, however, note that though cablemod seems to offer many too great options, they are a lot more expensive than most typical cables. While you will get a normal 16AWG 8 Pin PCI-E Cable, 8 Pin Male to Dual 8 Pin on Amazon for $19.99, you will get a PRO Modmesh C-Series AXi/ HXi/ RM (Type 3) for $99.90 on Amazon.

ATX CPU 8 Pin Male to Dual PCIe 8(6+2) Pin Male Power Cable for Corsair Thermaltake CoolerMaster Modular Power Supply 24+8-inches (2 Pack) TeamProfitcom

CableMod C-Series Pro ModMesh Sleeved Cable Kit for Corsair RM Yellow Label/AXi/HXi (Black)

So, really, it’s your choice. For many tech content creators, this isn’t much of choice for them, and they will have to go for the Cable Mod series. But if you are less interested in how the set-up of your PC turns out as much as it’s giving you a good performance, then you might just save yourself some bulks.

Final Thoughts

It’s no doubt that Cablemod offers one of the best PSU cables out there, and you will hardly be at a loss if the cables serve you as much as you expected. And now, if your goal is to choose the best between paracord vs. nylon, we hope this article has cleared some uncertainties.

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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