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What To Do When Your PC Displays “Please Wait For GPSVC” [Fixed!]

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If your laptop or personal computer runs on the Microsoft OS, then you must have encountered the “please wait for gpsvc ” error screen when you turned the device on. The error usually doesn’t look like much, but it should not be taken lightly as it reveals an internal system flaw due to the corruption of the device’s gpsvc.dll files. To understand this error code better and why it occurs, you should know what GPSVC represents. 

The acronym stands for Group Policy Client Service, which essentially refers to an account management utility featured in the Windows operating system. GPSVC is one of the crucial background processes which starts running once you open the Windows OS. Also, GPSVC controls policies like terms of use and user account interactions in several groups. In addition, it maintains the groups’ activities according to the policy. 

This article will shed more light on what the “please wait for gpsvc” error code means when it displays on your screen. We will also discuss some things that can cause it and how to resolve it once it pops up on your laptop.

What Does This Error Screen Mean?

Usually, the “, please wait for gpsvc” error message pops up when you turn off or switch on your computer. The message also displays when you try switching accounts on your Windows. Essentially, it means that your computer cannot detect the gpsvc files for it to run efficiently

Certain problems are responsible when you find this error screen on your laptop. They include the following: 

  • Failed installation of software

Once you have tried installing software at some point and the process is not successful, this may lead to the corruption of files, thus resulting in this error message. 

  • Malware

Malware is a significant cause of this hitch in computers as exposure to them leads to corruption of the gpsvc.dll files on your device. Once these files are corrupted, this error is bound to occur once you turn off or restart your computer. 

  • Careless or incomplete system shut down 

Another possibility that can lead to your computer displaying this error is a sudden shutdown or restart of your device. When you carelessly restart or shut down your computer, it becomes pretty easy for your screen to display this error message. 

  • Unintentional deletion of gpvsc.dll files 

When your screen freezes and displays “please wait for gpsvc,” it could be as a result of missing gpsvc files which you might have accidentally or unconsciously deleted from the device. 

How To Resolve This Error Screen? 

Different error codes have various ways of resolving them; this particular error screen is not left out. The following are ways to resolve this error message:

Solution #1 – Using the power button or other buttons

The power button gives you a simple solution when your laptop freezes and displays the “, please wait for gpsvc” message. By simply pressing and holding it down for about ten seconds or more, you will force your computer to either launch a hard reboot or shut down completely. Also, you can use a combination of the Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys as an alternative to the power button. 

Once you press the three keys, an option to shut your device down immediately appears at the bottom of your screen. Clicking this option turns your system off entirely.

Solution #2 – Downloading a new gpsvc file

If your existing gpsvc files are corrupted, you can replace them with new ones. Amazingly, several host sites offer gpsvc files for download. Follow the steps below to get new gpsvc files: 

  1. Go to any host site with gpsvc.ll files for download. Here’s an example. Or just Google “gpsvc.ll download”.
  2. Next, choose the Windows version of your computer and then download the file. 
  3. After downloading, extract the files to the windows system folder (C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\System64) and replace the already existing file.
Solution #2 - Downloading a new gpsvc file

Solution #3 – Using system restore

Restoring your device to its initial state is another way to resolve this error. Follow the following steps to do so: 

  1. The first step is to locate the Start menu on your device’s Windows and click on the power icon. 
  2. After this, press the Shift key down and click on restart. Once you do this, the Advanced Startup Options menu opens up. 
  3. In this menu, you will find the System Restore option. Click on it to complete the process, and once it is over, you have successfully resolved the error message.

Solution #4 – Using the SFC/scan now option

With this command, you can restore some corrupted files, including gpsvc files. Carry out this process with the following simple steps: 

1. Go to the Command Prompt and open it. 

2. Once it is open, type in SFC/scan now and press Enter. 

3. Wait for the scan to be over, after which your gpsvc files will be restored. Once they are restored, the error screen will disappear.

Solution #4 - Using the SFC/scan now option

Solution #5 – Restore old gpsvc files

In the event of accidental deletion of gpsvc files, you can restore the deleted gpsvc.dll files. Wait through the error screen for about an hour, then check your computer’s Recycle Bin. You will find the deleted files there, so restore them. If you have already cleared your Recycle Bin, you can still retrieve the files through some recovery programs. 

Solution #5 - Restore old gpsvc files

Final Words

When you see the “please wait for gpsvc.” error screen, try not to panic. The error message can result from a failed software installation, accidental deletion of gpsvc files, premature shutdown, or even malware. 

Fixing this error screen is not entirely complicated, as there are several ways to get it done. You can use your device’s power button, download new gpsvc files, restore the old ones or use the system restore.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the “please wait for gpsvc” error screen last for long? 

The length of this error screen depends on how corrupt the gpsvc files are or the severe nature of the error. Usually, the error screen stays on for fifteen to twenty-five minutes on most computers. It, however, would last longer in a computer with a more severe error. 

Where do gpsvc files save on your computer when downloaded? 

Once you download gpsvc files, they automatically save them in your Windows system folder, from which you can restore them. 

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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