Sony PS3 skins

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BLANCO IBIZA White Marble (S67)




NEGRO MARQUINA Black Marble (S17)












CALACATTA Brown Marble (S39)





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Sony PS3 skins



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Protect and enhance with our Sony PS3 skins


We don’t like to do anything by half-measures here at Pigtou. Our goal is that for every computer, laptop, phone, or console you have, you have solid protection and a beautiful design. Our Sony PS3 skins may be new, but they are created with the same care and attention to detail that we use for any of our products. These skins for PS3 are made first and foremost to give your console an incredible, eye-widening design, but is also made to be easy to use and protect your device from the bumps it can suffer in its lifetime. If you’re happy with that and the design you’ve picked, feel free to stop reading! But if you’re interested in how we do this, keep on reading below.



Our focus on incredible design in Sony Playstation 3 skins


A PS3 does a lot of things for you: it streams your music, it plays your games, it accesses Netflix and YouTube, it saves all of your profiles… it deserves to be more than a black brick sitting beside your TV all day, doesn’t it? We think that your console deserves to have a personality to match your own, and our cool Sony PS3 skins can help you achieve that. Whether you identify with our white marble design, our red and brown textured wood design, our cool blue and grey sheet metal design or our green and black classic camouflage design, we know that there will be a fantastic pattern to complement every gamer. You spent hours fine-tuning your personalised characters in the game – why not spend time personalising the thing used to play the game? It’s also great to use our Sony PS3 cover skins to change the personality of a room to match your aesthetic. While PS3 black usually is pretty good at matching things, you can make your console a focal piece!



Easy to use Sony PS3 console skins


However, we understand your misgivings – we had them too once upon a time. Some have the perception that skins are difficult to use. There’s the chance of ripping, tearing, and excess gluey residue when you go to remove your Sony PS3 stickers. With Pigtou, you don’t have to worry about that. We make sure that our products are simple to use – just peel and place, and then peel off again when you’re ready to switch up your design. We also guarantee that there will be no frustrating bubbles forming underneath these Sony PS3 decals that you have to try to smooth out with a ruler.



Keep those controllers protected with Sony PS3 controller skins


But design and simplicity can only do so much – we think that having a product that actually protects your devices from scratches is key. Nobody likes playing on a console or with a controller that has scratches all over it, and if you don’t use Sony PS3 wraps, you know that they can get pretty dinged up the more you use them. For our products, we use a vinyl laminate that is a tough outer layer to stop scrapes, dents, and fingerprint smudges from ruining the outer layer of your console and its controllers. We understand that this isn’t the most portable device you probably own, but it is certainly capable of being knocked around – so why not have a protective layer to help you out?

If you like what we’ve mentioned but are hesitant to purchase products online, check out our privacy policy, terms and conditions and free shipping policy to see what you can get out of this deal other than just some beautiful game console skins!



You will get:

1x Sony PlayStation 3 Console skin

2x Sony PlayStation 3 Controller skins

Once your payment is verified, we usually process and ship your order within 24 hours. This does not include weekends and holidays.

Approximate delivery times:

  • European orders: 3-7 working days
  • International orders: 1-3 weeks

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us within 14 days of delivery. All items need to be in un-used condition and original packaging. Return shipping is paid by buyer.
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