Xbox 360 Slim skins

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BLANCO IBIZA White Marble (S67)




NEGRO MARQUINA Black Marble (S17)












CALACATTA Brown Marble (S39)





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Xbox 360 Slim skins



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Keep up your aesthetic with our Xbox 360 Slim skins


Remember when you first got your very own Xbox? Man, that day felt like a dream didn’t it, back in the mid-2000s – it seemed like the world was your oyster. But it’s a few years later now: you’ve got an apartment, your own ironing board and you’re figuring out if you really want children. Your Xbox needs a little something extra to fit into this new life, and our Xbox 360 Slim skins can help you out with beautiful designs, easy use, and a practical application to match your newfound maturity.



Easily apply and remove skins for Xbox 360 Slim


Back in the glory days, we’re betting that you stuck a sticker on that console. Maybe it was some skateboarding company you liked or a band or something – it doesn’t really matter. What matters is when you got sick of it and you tried to remove it – remember that? The horrible ripping that would ensue and the gross, tacky glue that was left on the console once you had removed it. Awful. But it’s now the future – you don’t need to worry about Xbox 360 Slim Console skins that leave marks or glue any longer. Our products are designed to be as simple to use as possible. Just order Xbox 360 Slim stickers for your specific model, peel and place on your device and you’re set. No more annoying re-placing or bubbles under the skin to iron out. And when you’re done and want to use the next of your cool Xbox 360 Slim skins, you can just remove your old one without any drama. Easy as that.



We make our Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim decals with practicality in mind


Being a grown-up is all about making practical decisions – and we’ve made our Xbox 360 Slim cover skins with this ethos in mind. Our skins are made from vinyl matte laminate to keep scratches and dents from ruining your Xbox 360. We know that an Xbox isn’t usually the most mobile of the devices you’ll be carrying around with you in the day-to-day, but we wanted to give you that extra layer of protection that resists smudges, scrapes, and fingerprints. It’s just smart to make sure your device can resist damage where it can, even the little things.



Make your Xbox 360 Slim controller skins a reflection of your personality


We understand that practicality is only half the battle when it comes to skins for your console – the other half is something to make it stand out. You’re using your Xbox every day, so why shouldn’t it be a reflection of your personality? Why shouldn’t it be something that is satisfying to look at – even as the red ring of death blinks back up at you? We’ve teamed up with artists and designers to make an array of beautiful and satisfying patterns to fit your personality and aesthetic. Are you someone looking for a snow-white marbled finish for your Xbox? Maybe you’d rather the textured red-brown wood design? What about a sleek carbon fibre view beside your TV? Or are you looking to pair your first-person shooter games with a green and black camo skin? At Pigtou, we make sure your console and controllers have the very best Xbox 360 Slim wraps to match your lifestyle and personality.

The above sounds pretty good, right? We understand if you’re a little hesitant to purchase stuff online, however. If you need some reassurance, contact us so that we can do what we can to help and inform you of your rights through our terms and conditions, shipping and privacy policy.  



You will get:

1x Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim Console skin

2x Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller skins

Once your payment is verified, we usually process and ship your order within 24 hours. This does not include weekends and holidays.

Approximate delivery times:

  • European orders: 3-7 working days
  • International orders: 1-3 weeks

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us within 14 days of delivery. All items need to be in un-used condition and original packaging. Return shipping is paid by buyer.
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