Xbox One S skins

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BLANCO IBIZA White Marble (S67)




NEGRO MARQUINA Black Marble (S17)












CALACATTA Brown Marble (S39)





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Xbox One S skins



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What your Xbox One S skins tell others about you


Picture it: you’ve just gotten a copy of Halo Infinite and you’ve invited all of your closest pals to come over and have the first big session at your house. The invitation says formal attire and you slave away all afternoon to make handmade gorgonzola gnocchi for your friends. Everything is pressed and polished and ready to go. Your first friend shows up, takes one look at all you’ve done and says “what, don’t you use Xbox One S skins?” Don’t be left crestfallen by your overly judgemental gamer friends when you bring them over for a party – make sure you have an array of our cool Xbox One S skins to keep your machine covered.



Maintain that aesthetic with skins for Xbox One S


If your friends are coming over for this Halo Infinite party (to continue the example), you’re going to want to show off, right? If you’ve got that nice mahogany coffee table with all of the wireless controllers lined up just so, why would you have a scruffy, dinged up Xbox on display when it is obviously the main event? We create beautiful Xbox One S stickers in a variety of different designs, styles, and colours. Aren’t you tired of that simple black or white rectangle taking up space on your TV stand? Wouldn’t you rather have a white marble design? What about green and black camouflage? Or what about a classic and sleek blue and grey sheet metal design for your Xbox? We’re heading into the ninth generation of console gaming – shouldn’t you have the choice of a little variety when it comes to what they look like? With our Xbox One S cover skins, you finally have that choice.



Stick on, peel off our Microsoft Xbox One S decals


However, we hear your complaints: ‘Pigtou! I only have one Xbox and I had to sell my kidney to get it! Why would I get any Xbox 1 S skins if they’re going to leave disgusting marks all over it when I take them off?’ We understand this because we’ve dealt with this before from other brands with other, substandard Xbox One S Console skins. We hate that tacky, sticky residue that gets left behind every time you’re done with a skin. You can rest easy, because we engineer our skins to be easy to apply and easy to remove. All you need to do is order the specific skin for your model, place it on and once you’re done with it, peel it right off. We guarantee there’s going to be no ugly mess waiting for you at the end of a skin’s lifespan.



These skins do the tough work for you


When you think about Xbox One S wraps, you’re probably thinking mostly about aesthetics so those friends don’t get on your case, but having a skin for your Xbox can be practical as well. We make our skins with a vinyl matte laminate that is a tough layer of protection against bumps and scratches to your device. We know that placing your Xbox in a safe place can only work so well if you’ve got kids or pets or plain old clumsy friends bumping around your house. These skins will not only give your Xbox a layer of protection against scratches and scrapes, but it is also slip-resistant and has a top layer that prevents fingerprints from sticking to it. And if you need a matching set of Xbox One S controller skins, we’ve got you covered there as well.

If you think the above is the solution to your aesthetic problems but you’re wary of sharing your personal information on the internet with strangers – take a look at our privacy policy to see the terms and conditions of any sales completed online (and see our free shipping policy). If that isn’t enough, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.



You will get:

1x Microsoft Xbox One S Console skin

2x Microsoft Xbox One S Controller skins

Once your payment is verified, we usually process and ship your order within 24 hours. This does not include weekends and holidays.

Approximate delivery times:

  • European orders: 3-7 working days
  • International orders: 1-3 weeks

If you wish to return or exchange an item, please contact us within 14 days of delivery. All items need to be in un-used condition and original packaging. Return shipping is paid by buyer.
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