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Purple Star in Stardew Valley [All Details Explained!]

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Have you ever wondered what the purple star represents on your Stardew Valley’s list of goods? Well, then, this is the perfect article for you. The following guide aims to provide you with important information on the following:

  • What a purple star represents
  • How to get purple stars
  • The best actions to take with a purple star item

Purple Star Meaning

If you find an item in Stardew Valley with a purple star attached, it is of Iridium quality. In Stardew Valley, items will have one of four possible quality levels, ranging from the lowest to the highest form. These quality levels include:

  • Regular
  • Silver (represented by a silver star)
  • Golden (represented by a gold star)
  • Iridium (represented by a purple star)
Example of how the selling price increases when the product quality improved
Example of how the selling price increases when the product quality improved / Image: Pigtou.com

If you have pondered which star qualities represent the highest form, it is most certainly the purple star of Iridium quality. While any star would be better than having none in your possession, they are ranked in quality, from purple being the best option to golden, silver, and the regular versions.

Remember not to confuse the purple star of Iridium quality with that of an actual in-game item resembling a purple star, known as the ‘Stardrop.’

Stardrop in Stardew Valley
Stardrop in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com

Meaning of Purple Stars on the Calendar

Purple stars on the calendar
Purple stars on the calendar / Image: Pigtou.com

You may have noticed similar-looking purple stars found in your calendar. While they have a completely different function to the purple star of Iridium quality, these stars in the calendar do look the same; let’s clarify what they represent.

The purple stars on your calendar indicate when the ‘Night Market’ will be taking place. Presenting a fantastic chance to shop around for all sorts of items, the ‘Night Market’ consists of several merchants that set up shop on the beach docks every night between the 15th and 17th of the Winter season, as indicated by the purple stars in your calendar.

Purple Star Items

It’s important to remember that not all items in Stardew Valley will be of Iridium quality. Some things, for example, will never have a purple star attached to them. Such items include diamonds and cloth. As the Iridium quality stars are of the highest and rarest possible quality, relying on only luck to find them is a dangerous tactic.

How to Get Purple Star Goods 

There is a vast array of goods available in Stardew Valley, with each category of the item providing you with unique actions to take to possess an item’s highest possible quality (Iridium).

Forage Items

Foraging items include anything you can find on the ground, such as truffles, by chopping down trees. Players can forage items of Iridium quality only once they have acquired the ‘Botanist’ profession, which can be accessed after reaching level ten of the foraging skill.  

The benefits of botanist and tracker professions at level 10
The benefits of botanist and tracker professions at level 10 / Image: Pigtou.com

In some instances, the botanist profession will not apply the highest level of Iridium quality to items. These instances include:

  • Mushrooms that you did not forage from the ground
  • Any foraging items retrieved using a hoe
  • Any seaweed acquired on levels 1-29 in the dangerous mines.

Cheese and Alcohol

Using the same process to become of Iridium quality, cheese, and alcohol provide users with an excellent opportunity to gain items with a purple star. First, users must upgrade their house to unlock the basement and cask access. A cask is a form of artisan equipment that ages specific items to boost them up to Iridium quality. However, it’s important to note that for items to reach Iridium level quality, every item has its own unique aging time required in the cask:

  • Cheese – 14 days
  • Goat’s Cheese – 14 days
  • Mead – 28 days
  • Beer – 28 days
  • Pale Ale – 34 days
  • Wine – 56 days

Animal Goods

To possess the highest quality animal goods, you must ensure your animals are as happy as possible. This will significantly improve your chances of acquiring items of Iridium quality. Another vital element to consider when obtaining high-quality animal products is the animals’ friendship level. Ensure your animals’ friendship hearts are always full by caring for them.


Fish of Iridium quality can be obtained by getting a ‘Perfect Catch’ on a gold-quality fish. Getting a ‘Perfect Catch’ on any fish will increase its rate by an additional point.


Fruit trees will start dropping higher-quality fruit as they grow older. For example, once a tree has reached the age of four years, it will begin to drop Iridium-quality fruit.

It’s important to note that trees will not age if other elements surround them. In truth, trees require at least a 3×3 square of open space around them, without tiles or even grass coming into contact. You can also obtain Iridium fruit by exploring the ‘Fruit Bat Cave’, and then acquiring the Botanist profession.


Deluxe fertilizer is required for use to grow Iridium-quality crops as it can increase the quality of existing crops by an additional point.

What to do With Purple Star Items

Purple star items are the best available quality as they can:

  • Provide the most friend points when gifted to another user who likes it
  • Provide more health and energy than other quality levels
  • Increase the sell price value of the products

If you’re wondering what the best course of action to take when you possess a purple star item is, the most straightforward answer would be to sell it. However, this decision becomes a bit trickier regarding fruits and vegetables, as they have several options available:

  • Sell the item as is and receive double the standard sale price
  • Jar the item and receive double the sale price as well as 50g
  • Keg the item and fruit sale prices will double while vegetable sale prices will multiply by 2.25

To assist in this decision-making process, its important to consider that:

  • Preserve Jars provide you with slightly more g per time spent. However, you will need to fill them roughly twice a week to improve fruit and vegetable consumption levels
Preserve jar in Stardew Valley
Preserve jar in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com
  • Kegs provide more g per individual fruit or vegetable item as well as use less fruit and vegetables to produce. However, production time requires a week of waiting.
Keg in Stardew Valley
Keg in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com

It’s important to remember that kegs and jars require different materials for use. The choice is guided by the fact that you get jars early on in the game, while kegs only become available much later.

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