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Rancher or Tiller? Stardew Valley Skill Guide

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Stardew Valley is full of different roles that all depend on the job you decide to pursue. Each role will give you different activities to focus on to create new crops and grow your production.

We have covered many different roles within Stardew Valley, such as Miner and Geologist. Although, what about Rancher or Tiller? Below we have put together a professional guide that includes the professions, benefits, and controversies that will help you choose the best role option for the benefit of your career.

Rancher or Tiller? Role Differences in Stardew Valley

When it comes to choosing between the Rancher or Tiller, there is no direct response to which is necessarily better. Although, each role has its differences and functionalities that improve your career in Stardew Valley. It is essential to make the right decision when picking a profession because different professions offer varying degrees of success and money.

When you move farther in the game, the differences between the Rancher and TIller are:

  • Tiller will become more focused on crop-related activities such as planting and creating wines.
  • Rancher will be more concerned with the care of animals and the products they produce.
The benefits of Rancher and Tiller professions
The benefits of Rancher and Tiller professions / Image: Pigtou.com

What is the Tiller in Stardew Valley? Tiller Guide

Tiller profession in Stardew Valley
Tiller profession in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com

If you select a Tiller at level 5, you will be given a 10% increase in the value of crops. As a Tiller, you will primarily focus on crops and producing wines and other edible items. By level 10, you will be given a specialization for being a Tiller, including the Artisan or Agriculturist.


An Artisan is given a few different benefits from the Agriculturist. Including some large bonuses that can increase your production and money-making efforts. The Artisan is more known for the 40% increase in sales profit with Artisan goods. These goods include:

  • Casks
  • Kegs
  • Preserve Jars
  • Cheese Presses
  • Looms
  • Other Artisan labeled products

These products are incredible as valuable goods, and a 40% increase in profit is a HUGE win for any Tiller! Consider that most end-game farms make a significant amount of money by producing wine, which is why the Artisan is an excellent choice in the long run.


The Agriculturist is not as well known as the Artisan, although it includes some significant profits by itself. This consists of a 10% crop growth, unfortunately not as efficient as the 40% profit you receive from the Artisan.

Overall, the 10% increase is a huge benefit, and as an Agriculturist, you are not limited to any specific kind of goods. The 10% increase will be added to your goods and crops, which will benefit the entire farm in the long run for higher quantities and more sales.

The Benefits of Choosing a Tiller

We recommend the TIller for the best benefits for money and the overall growth of your career in Stardew Valley. Not only do we recommend Tiller for profits, but also the recipes crafted within this role.

Consider our points below on why the Tiller is an essential option for your career and its benefits.

Boost your profits faster

Tiller provides greater rewards at an earlier stage in the game; it is undoubtedly the most lucrative role in the game, giving the Artisan profession a guaranteed path to financial success due to the wine sales that follow you later in the game.

If you focus on cultivating crops, which is essentially the same thing as farming, you will quickly obtain more experience, which will, in turn, help you earn more money and advance more rapidly in levels.

Craft Recipes

The second benefit is that it will provide you with different crafting recipes that will assist you in speeding up your level experience. Unlike the Rancher, you have specialized roles like the Artisan, which allows you to provide recipes to be sold for a great value.

Professions such as Artisan are only advantageous when products are sold. Therefore, it would help if you collected up all of your artisan goods, then, when you want to sell them, pay 10,000 gold to convert your profession to artisan, sell your stuff, and then switch back to your previous career.

Although it will cost you a total of $20,000, it will be worthwhile if the 40% profit from selling the wines is more significant than $20,000.

Is the Tiller Worth It?

Yes, the Tiller is worth way more than the Rancher in the overall scheme of Stardew Valley. A rancher deals exclusively in unprocessed animal goods such as milk and eggs. Tiller raises the price of crops and, at level 10, grants admission to the Artisan profession.

Therefore, to answer the question of whether Tiller is the best choice over Rancher, more people agree to choose Tiller as it gives more profit with a higher percentage of the money that will help in efficient level experience.

If you are considering playing this game for a longer time and aiming to raise your level faster, Tiller is the best option, proving that several gamers are using the same profession.

What is the Rancher in Stardew Valley? Rancher Guide

Rancher profession in Stardew Valley
Rancher profession in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com

Although the Rancher is not everyone’s first pick, you might be considering it for the purpose of animal product growth and want to earn money over a more extended period. Choosing the Rancher role, you will be given two options by level 10, the Coopmaster and the Shepherd.


Coopmaster improves animal productivity by making friends with the animals. By doing this, your productivity will be increased, including the overall value of the products, by 20%. This is the overall benefit of being the Coopmaster. In the long run, you will eventually not even need the friendship status to produce more.


The Shepherd role allows you to make your barn animals like you faster. This benefit creates a passive increase of at least 6.5% of the profit from animal productivity. For example, sheep wool is given one less day to be sheered. Having more wool is beneficial, but it is not the most valuable animal product Stardew Valley offers!

The Benefits of Choosing the Rancher 

More Money

Since you will receive twice as much money for the wool, and being a shepherd will aid in improving the quality of the wool; the production will give you a benefit in the later game. However, the Tiller: Artisan would need a lot of goods to sell for more money, but the increased speed at which wool could be gathered would only increase the number of resources available (not money available).

If you choose the rancher specialization at level 10, your choices at that point would be to either hasten the rate at which chicks hatch or make it easier to make friends with animals.

Coopmaster and Shepherd

Coopmaster and Shepherd will contribute to an overall improvement in animal product quality.

The effects of Coopmaster and shepherd will provide you with a hidden benefit that is not indicated anywhere in the game, and this benefit will passively support you. They individually contribute to an overall improvement in the animal product quality that is significant to their respective professions.

This translates to around 6.5% higher profit per animal product; therefore, even though it does not make a huge difference, it is still something to think about, particularly if you have one type of farm structure.

Is the Rancher Worth it?

From our experience and other gamers’ experience, the Rancher is not worth it overall. There’s a lot of expression of regret throughout the game, being a Rancher. Not only for lack of money but also product quality.

As mentioned before, the Tiller is a much better option with one of the higher-rated roles as an Artisan that can boost your sales in the long run.

Crops are always available in the game’s early stages. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of animal items once you purchase the coop or barn, which could take some time if you, like many gamers, are putting your financial attention and resources into other endeavors. From everything we have seen and experienced, going with the rancher line offers little to no advantages.


Going for Tiller – Artisan is almost always a winning option. However, if you want a more advanced option, you can initially choose another profession and switch to Artisan for 10,000 gold when you have artisan goods for sale.


Does Rancher and Artisan Stack?

No, the Rancher role and the Artisan do not stack. Although, it could be beneficial to have both roles to sell the higher-end products of each to make a benefit. For example, the iridium truffles sell higher than the Artisan counterpart.

Does Rancher affect Truffles?

Truffles do not benefit from the Rancher role. Although they do help with the Gatherer and Botanist roles.

What is the Most Profitable Artisan in Stardew Valley?

Wine is the most profitable Artisan good within Stardew Valley. Placed in a keg, you can start the wine-making process and aging it to produce more quality wines (ultimately in more profit).

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