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Razer Laptop Battery Swelling (Causes and Fixes Explained!)

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Today, laptops last longer than ever, resulting in battery overuse and aging. When this happens, Razer laptop battery swelling ensues. Lithium-ion laptop batteries enable laptops to run for several hours, and even power innovative electric vehicles, such as the Tesla vehicles, on a single charge.

Despite their amazing capabilities, lithium-ion batteries have limits. We increasingly depend on more powerful machines for longer, affecting the batteries powering them. Razer laptop batteries service PCs longer, and this brings out their limitations.

Your Razor laptop may suddenly cease working or begin to show signs of swelling from the internal components. Battery swelling can also result in the keyboard developing a bulge. 

In this article, we look into Razor laptop battery swelling, including causes, signs, support, or how to prevent swelling, and a few FAQs.

What Causes Razor Battery Swelling?

Heat and energy density are the major causes of swollen batteries when power flows in excessive amounts or in an uncontrolled manner into battery cells, gas, and heat build-up inside. 

The materials inside Razor laptop batteries decay or undergo stress, resulting in physical damage over time.  

What Causes Razor Battery Swelling

Cell Damage and Electrolyte Degrading

Damage to a single cell can affect other cells within the battery. Moreover, some laptops come with built-in batteries rather than removable options, worsening the issue. The electrolyte that separates wrap layers inside a laptop battery can degrade, changing into gas.

Internal components of the battery begin to short-circuit and cause hot spots because the electrolyte responsible for insulation no longer functions due to degradation. The shorting can result in a thermal runaway, increasing the risk of a fire.


Overcharging is the main cause of Razor laptop battery swelling. A high state of battery charge stresses it out, hastening degradation. A laptop plugged in 24/7 is likely to develop a swollen battery after some years.

Heat exceeding 100 degrees can also cause a bulge in your laptop battery. Heated batteries experience a chemical process responsible for defaming them.

Mechanical Battery Damage

Batteries blow due to a fall or interference with nearby components during change out and can also cause a bulge on it. Other causes of Razor laptop battery swelling include:

  • Exposure to high temperatures
  • Dropping the battery on a hard surface and denting it.
  • Device damage (physical) can also affect the battery, causing it to overheat and swell.
  • Manufacturer defects – a flaw in the lithium-ion battery oozes gas into a sealed chamber due to an interference with the charging process. The gas builds up over time, resulting in laptop battery expansion.
  • Natural aging
  • Improper battery use

A swollen battery looks deformed and poses health risks to users.

Signs of a Razor Laptop Battery Swelling

The signs of a swollen battery can either be noticeable or subtle. Your laptop can alter its shape as the battery continues to swell. Remove the battery or open up the bottom of the chassis to inspect its condition for the following telltale signs:

  • Protruding keyboard
  • Wobbly laptop on a flat surface with distended chassis
  • Some keyboard keys becoming difficult to push
  • Rounded or puffy battery

The size of swelling on a battery varies depending on available room for expansion, with thin laptops enabling little to no space expansion. The bulge can range from a small bump to one that can cause the keyboard to protrude or convert your PC into a seesaw.

Take caution when assessing your Razor laptop battery for swelling because its cells may be under pressure, rendering them dangerous. If possible, wear eye protection and avoid prying or poking the battery cells.

How to Prevent Razor Battery Swelling?

How do I stop my Razor battery from swelling? With proper care, your laptop battery is less likely to bulge. Here’s how to ensure your battery runs smoothly for longer to stop it from swelling:

  • Don’t keep your laptop plugged in – lithium-ion batteries degrade, and their lifespan reduces if continuously connected to power because they’re designed to use their power and recharge when it runs flat.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures – keep your laptop away from humidity and heat to protect your battery from damage. Don’t leave your PC in a hot vehicle – keep them in cool, dry places.
  • Use the right charger – charge your laptop with the charger it came with to prevent damage.
  • Invest in smart battery technology – some laptop manufacturers offer smart batteries with their PCs, enabling you to monitor usage and prevent overcharging.
  • Razor laptop battery replacement – replace your laptop’s battery if it heats up or loses charge fast to prevent swelling. Buy a new battery from a reputable manufacturer or your laptop manufacturer.

What Happens if Laptop Battery Swells?

Lithium-ion batteries are designed to generate electric power through a chemical reaction. Battery aging interferes with the reaction, resulting in outgassing. The gas reaction causes batteries to swell.

Damage or a defect can also hamper the wrap (separation) that separates a battery’s internal layers, resulting in swelling, outgassing, or even fire. Particles get stuck between the layers, puncturing the membrane responsible for the separation.

Moisture present in the air then reacts with cells, causing them to bulge or bloat. The reaction can be explosive if the battery is overheated.


Overcharging, keeping your laptop plugged in 24/7, natural aging, and improper use of your laptop’s battery are some factors responsible for bulging. Razor laptop battery swelling can damage your laptop or even cause injury if the battery explodes.

However, you can use your laptop’s battery for longer if you use it properly and avoid keeping it plugged in. If already damaged, replace your battery ASAP with one from a reputable manufacturer. Leave your feedback in the comments section below. 


Do Razer Laptop Batteries Explode?

A swollen Razor laptop battery can explode if punctured, allowing hazardous gasses to get into the atmospheric air. Suppose it explodes while in your hands; it can cause serious injuries. It can also cause a fire.

Can Swollen Battery Be Fixed?

Although a bulging battery can still work at reduced efficiency, it poses serious health risks. Your laptop may shut down immediately after you unplug it or die quickly once off the plug if the battery is swollen.

The swelling can’t be reversed, and the battery can only worsen over time. Therefore, the battery can’t be fixed but needs replacement.

Is it Safe to Use a Swollen Laptop Battery?

No. A swollen laptop battery can explode and cause injury or damage to your laptop. Stop using your damaged battery and replace it to continue using your PC for more years.

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