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4 Ways To Resolve The “Heaven Benchmark Msvcp100.Dll missing” Error

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You can encounter several errors on your computer, many of which can be resolved quickly, unlike others. However, some are easily mistaken and mixed up with other errors, making your solution lead to dead ends. One Error that falls into this category is the msvcp Error, which has easy implementation methods. The only issue is that you can mix it up with others if you do not pay attention to each step. Mixing this Error with another similar error renders the solution invalid leading to a negative result despite your solution.

You encounter the Error because that particular file is not on your computer. It’s a DLL file responsible for some workability in your PERSONAL COMPUTER and requires some applications to work. The heaven benchmark itself is a GPU-based software that was created to improve the performance of your graphics card. Msvcp100.dll falls among the essential files that this software needs to work properly on your computer and is not present. 

Let’s check out some of the causes, methods, and different variants of pop-up messages you might encounter.

Reasons For The “Heaven Benchmark Msvcp100.Dll missing” Error

Several reasons could warrant you experiencing the Error on your PERSONAL COMPUTER. Some reasons are application dependent while others depend on the activities you carry out on your computer. However, they all cause a not present error on your system or other variants that mean the same thing resulting in underperformance. Here is a short list of some of the reasons you experience Errors on your computer:

1) The File Is Not present From Your Computer.

Sometimes, the file doesn’t exist on your computer, preventing the concerned software from accessing it and preventing optimum workability. For example, it was deleted unexpectedly or not present during the installation procedure of specific software on your computer.

2) File Is Damaged 

You might have a virus corrupting your personal computer files, and the file might have fallen victim to that virus. It renders the file unusable, which causes the same issue similar to when the file is not present from your PERSONAL COMPUTER.

3) The File is Not present In Folder

Your Error might result from the file being present but not in the Folder of the concerned software. Most software packages define a path and will not work or install if the file isn’t in that destination path. 

4) Another Software Is Interfering With The File Workability

Sometimes, the opening of one application interferes with some files for other applications on a PERSONAL COMPUTER. It can also delete the file unexpectedly, creating room for the not present file error you experience on your computer.

The Error Variants

You can witness several variants of the Error once the file is not present. These variants mostly mean the same thing, but some might give different information specifying the leading cause.

How To Remove Of the Missing File Error

There are several ways to fix the missing Error when you encounter it on your PERSONAL COMPUTER. However, there is one thing you should pay attention to when finding or implementing a solution for the Error. When implementing the methods below, you must avoid mixing it up with other files to avoid reaching a dead end. The methods you see below would likely not work if used for files other than msvcp100.dll. So let us check out the methods that will help you resolve the Error:

  • Move the file to the affected Folder
  • Reinstall Visual C++.
  • Download the Msvcp100.Dll file
  • Open Antivirus

#Solution 1: Move The File To The Affected Folder

The first solution to consider is moving the msvcp100.dll file from its current location to the software folder. It’s a method that will only work if the file is on your computer but undiscovered by the app package. Below is a step-based guide to moving the file from its current location to the software destination folder:

Step 1: Find the msvcp100.dll file.

Step 2: Tap Open file location from the list.

Step 3: Copy the file from that Folder.

Move The File To The Affected Folder - Copy Msvcp file folder

Step 4: Paste into the Folder you need.

Step 5: Open the software package.

#Solution 2: Reinstall Visual C++ 

The Visual C++ redistributable installation file accompanies many software installation packages or setups to update your current version. However, not all come with it, and yours might have an issue making the file work improperly. One fix is to reinstall this package to fill in the not-present files related to the workability of your computer. Check out the steps to install Visual C++ on your PERSONAL COMPUTER:

Step 1: Open the installation package of your software.

Step 2: Tick the Install Visual C++ checkbox. 

Reinstall Visual C++  - visual c++ - Installation

Step 3: Tap on Install and tap finish after installing.

In absence of the Visual C++ area in the install menu, then try this alternative:

Step 1: Download the Visual C++.

Reinstall Visual C++ - Visual Studio Download

Step 2: Run the install file.

Step 3: Tap Finish and Open your software.

#Solution 3: Download The Msvcp100.Dll File

Another method you can implement is downloading it directly and putting it in the respective location. It’s a solution you use when the initial file is entirely corrupt or not present on your personal computer. You can decide to download it directly from the website and fit it into the required locations. Here is a guide to help you with the process of downloading the file and fixing it into respective folders: 

Step 1: Visit the DLL files website.

Step 2: Download the Msvcp100.dll file.

Download The Msvcp100.Dll File - Download File Msvcp100

Step 3: Copy it to the error package folder.

Step 4: Open the software package and enjoy.

#Solution 4: Open Antivirus

Sometimes, a virus might be attacking the computer files and hindering the files from working correctly. Scanning your for viruses is the way to determine if that is the case. You need Malwarebytes or an Antivirus installed on your computer for this method to work as a solution. Here are the steps involved in using antivirus to erase your Error on your PERSONAL COMPUTER:

Step 1: Open your Malwarebytes or Antivirus.

Step 2: Choose the full scan option.

Open Antivirus - Malwarebytes Scan Virus

Step 3: Wait for the scan to end. 

Step 4: Delete all malware and viruses that are quarantined.

Step 5: Open your software packages.


Several issues can make you experience the “heaven benchmark msvcp100.dll not present” error while using your PERSONAL COMPUTER for work or games. Experiencing this Error reduces your excitement, especially at the start of the process while you find methods. The methods above will help you eliminate the Error you currently face. So, try them all out and let us know if these methods worked to resolve the issue you are facing.


Does the not present Error affect games?

“Yes, the error works to disrupt the installation and open of several games and other software.”

Are there any other methods to implement asides from the ones above?

“You can try repairing your Operating system or using system restore.”

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