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Roblox’s Game Genres and Best Games [REVEALED!]

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There’s an excellent chance you already know what Roblox is since you’re reading this guide, but we’re happy to clarify.

To put it simply, Roblox is centered around a community-driven experience. Like other titles within this genre, Roblox offers many brilliant games. These range from FPS games to tree-cutting simulators, as people can create and contribute all kinds of excellent games.

The following article will highlight everything you need to know about the current Roblox game genres available. 

A List of All the Game Genres

You will find many different game types within Roblox. To make sure you are up to speed with the available options, here is a list:

ALLItems and games that cannot be specified under a single genre; multiple genres.
BUILDINGItems and games focused on building mechanics, such as sandbox games. Objects that assist with building.
HORRORItems and games with frightening imagery, content, or mechanics and features, created to scare and create fear in players
TOWN AND CITYItems and games set in a city or urban environment with associated gameplay. A modern object.
MILITARYItems and games based on war and subsequent strategy mechanics.
COMEDYItems and games with comedic, light-hearted, or novelty gameplay or functions.
MEDIEVALItems or games set in the past, usually in medieval times and/or in a fantasy setting; games with “magical” qualities.
ADVENTUREGames with exploration, interactive qualities, or action gameplay. Items of an adventurous and crusading quality, such as a sword.
SCI-FIItems and games with science fictional qualities and gameplay.
NAVALItems and games with some adventurous or war-like qualities, set among water or seas.
FPSGames with first-person shooter gameplay. Items with ranged weapon-like qualities, especially shooting-based items.
RPGGames with role-playing gameplay; any game where you take or participate in a role. Items with role-playing qualities.
SPORTSGames based on various sports. Items based on sporting goods & equipment.
FIGHTINGGames with fighting qualities. BrickBattles can also be fitted into this genre. Items with offensive or defensive abilities, such as a rocket.
WESTERNGames with historic or vintage qualities, usually set in the “Wild West”. Also contains any objects or items with Western qualities, such as boots or vintage guns.
A list of Roblox game genres / Table: Pigtou.com

5 Most Popular Game Genres (and Games)

With so many options across genres, wondering which is the best to play makes total sense. The following section will highlight some of the most popular genres in Roblox.

1) Horror

Horror games have been designed to scare the player by means of disturbing imagery, mechanics, or features. If you’re a fan of jump scares and a small dosage of fear-based thrills, this genre is perfect for you.

Here are some of the best games within the horror genre:

– It Lurks:

Roblox horror genre - It Lurks

The popular folklore-driven game aims for users to find safety in numbers as they are pitted against the unknown. But, hiding at dawn and hunting only in the dead of night, something lurks in these woods.

– Identity Fraud:

Roblox horror genre - Identity Fraud

Manage your escape from imprisonment by solving several puzzles along the way.

2) Building

Games that fall under this genre pay specific attention to building mechanics. Therefore, they are your top choice if you are satisfied with seeing your hard, constructive work pay off. An important note to remember is that you will need to spend some Robux to build the best possible creations.

Some of the best building-based games are:

– Welcome to Bloxburg:

Roblox building genre - Welcome to Bloxburg

The world of Bloxburg allows you to design and build your own dream house and flashy cars, using them to hang out with friends, work, roleplay, and explore the city of Bloxburg.

– Sandbox:

Roblox building genre - Sandbox

A game that allows you to use various building materials to create and build all sorts of fun, reactive situations and objects. 

3) Comedy

As the title suggests, games within the comedy genre are focused on providing you with funny, light-hearted, or novelty forms of gameplay and mechanics. Perfect for the gamer who wants to enjoy themselves and have fun, not taking the task too seriously.

Here are two very popular games within the comedy genre:

– Make a Cake: Back for Seconds:

Roblox comedy genre - Make a Cake Back for Seconds

Choose from an array of toppings, frostings, effects, and more as you create and bake uniquely scrumptious cakes. You search for extra perks, quests, and secrets as you navigate the giant cake factory. Enjoy!

– Ripull Minigames:

Roblox comedy genre - Ripull Minigames

Climb your way up the leaderboard charts as you play in over 40 minigames, earning coins to buy rewards such as pets, hats, and other gear as you progress.

4) FPS

FPS is one of the most popular genres available in Roblox. FPS stands for First-Person Shooter, and as the name suggests, games under this genre are based around combat using weapon-like items such as guns, bombs, arrows, and more. Based on your favorite FPS style, there are a wide array of options.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced shooter, look no further than:

– Arsenal:

Roblox FPS genre - Arsenal

You’ll join an arms race plot setting two to four teams against each other in an effort for the golden gun. Shoot players with the golden gun, get the golden knife, and backstab your way to victory.

Should you be more of a fan of large combat zones spread across a map, all while looting and building customizable weapons, then this is for you:

– Phantom Forces:

Roblox FPS genre - Phantom Forces

Its phantoms vs. ghosts in this opposition of two fierce rival player teams, each vying to show that they are the most powerful to fight for.

5) RPG

RPG stands for Roleplaying Gameplay. This genre sets up worlds where users can take up and participate in any number of roles. It offers the perfect chance for players to forget the natural world and fully immerse themselves in fantasy gameplay.

Here are two of the most popular RPG titles in Roblox:

– World Zero:

Roblox RPG genre - World Zero

Select your starter class of choice and fight through nine different worlds, all containing over 20 dungeons to explore. Then, begin your adventure as you discover rare loot, collect pets, unlock new classes, and defeat fearsome bosses.

– PWNED: Aeternae Memori:

Roblox RPG genre - PWNED Aeternae Memori

Take control of an ethereal being in the distant future whose soul has been transformed into that of a past warrior. Battle your way against powerful monsters and confront terrible bosses in a showcase of your skills.

Removed “Search Games by Genre” Filter

The ‘Search by Genre’ option on the Roblox platform was a fantastic way to find new games from new creators. However, much to the discontent of many players, Roblox has decided to remove this option. As a result, the players, such as yourself, have been developing innovative
ways to create a similar search filter. 

Why Did Roblox Remove Genres?

The decision by Roblox to remove such a valuable feature for players is still unclear. However, many have suggested that the decision is of monetary benefit to Roblox. Without it, only the most popular games are showcased, leading to more new players joining the platform.

Genre Filter Extension

One option for users to somewhat replicate the ‘search by genre’ filter is to implement extensions that can be installed directly to your browser. Currently, the most popular choice of extensions that can do this is called the RoPro.

Should you have any reservations about the extension containing hidden malware, you will find assurance that several players have confirmed it is safe to install.

How to Create My Own Game Genres?

You may have found yourself enjoying a particular game, albeit with the notion that you would love to change some aspects. You may want to know what is required to create a game by yourself in the first place. It’s crucial to remember that there is no single answer to game development. For instance, it will be much more challenging to develop a game all by yourself as that would require the knowledge to build, script, animate, 3D model, and create a UI design.

Learn Scripting

There are several ways to learn about scripting. Beginner tutorials provide an essential foundation for programming and learning how to manipulate objects in a 3D environment. Some of the most followed YouTube channels on scripting include CovertCode and TheDevKing. Another option would be to look into an accessible model’s script to understand its structure better.

Learn to Build/3D Model

RoBuilder’s building and modeling tutorials on YouTube are extremely popular. However, should you wish to focus on learning about Blender and less about Roblox, Blender Guru is a great channel.

I Have Beginner’s Experience

With some level of knowledge in coding/building acquired, many users apply what they have learned by creating tycoons and simulators that are relatively easy to produce. Such creations are a great way of getting an idea about what it takes to be a game developer.

However, please refrain from creating a large game environment on your first few attempts, which usually results in frustration and defeat.

The Dev Forum and Other Resources   

  • The Dev Forum provides a meeting place for you to interact with other devs, discussing features, bugs and answering common questions. It will quickly prove itself to be one of the most reliable sources of information that you can on your development journey.
  • The Talent Hub is a platform from which users can hire or employ people, on a part-time or position basis, to work on the development of a game. Although not as popular as it once was, you can still find relevant people and job offers.
  • The API Reference is most commonly utilized by scripters, providing a source for all documentation needed on the Luau coding language.
  • Being able to search Google for relevant answers and documentation will always be a useful source of information on scripting/building
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