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Should I Bring My Laptop To Europe? (Read This First!)

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Seeing the world is something so many people would love to do, and some people are already living that dream or planning to. Traveling means a lot of things, and having to pack stuff is top of the list. However, while doing all this packing, you want to pack as light as possible. This is especially true if you are traveling to places where you don’t have a house or friends to stay with. 

Laptops give us the freedom to work and entertain ourselves wherever we find ourselves. However, before deciding whether to travel with your laptop or not, you have to consider so many things. Some factors to consider include the type of job you do, how long you’ll be spending wherever you’re traveling, and how you’ll keep it safe. 

This article will let you know if you should bring your laptop with you to Europe or not. It also aims to let you know the advantages and disadvantages of taking your laptop with you and all you need to know about keeping it safe if you take it to you. 

Should I Take My Laptop To Europe?

There is no one-size-fits-all for this, and it depends on characteristics unique to you. Specifically, those going to Europe for business reasons or with plans for relocation are likely to need a laptop, while those with more casual interests are less likely to. 

If you are a content creator, a travel blogger, relocating, or running an online business, you should take your laptop to Europe. This is because you will need it to do your job or create content more effectively as your smartphone won’t be able to cover all the functionality you need. 

If you’re traveling to Europe for just a few days or want to go sightseeing while also updating your social media pages once in a while, you should not take your laptop with you to Europe. Other options available include taking a digital camera and your smartphone along.

Advantages of Taking Your Laptop with You

Should I Bring My Laptop To Europe (Read This First!) - Advantages of Taking Your Laptop with You
Regardless of your job or how long you’ll be traveling, you will benefit from taking your laptop to Europe.

Regardless of your job or how long you’ll be traveling, taking your laptop to Europe has some undeniable advantages. Some of these advantages depend on accessing some of the services laptops provide at Cafes. Some of the benefits include:

1) Productivity and Efficiency

Taking your laptop along improves productivity and efficiency. You can write blog posts, edit video content, code, or even write reports as quickly as possible. This is because a laptop helps run the software you need with optimum efficiency.

Also, typing on a laptop keyboard with a wider screen for a better view is more convenient than typing on your phone or tablet. With a laptop, you can get more work done with plenty of comfort. A laptop can also run every piece of software you require for your job, including Microsoft Office and any other programs you might need. You can also run two or more applications simultaneously and seamlessly.

Although many of these programs have mobile versions, the full desktop version is always better and easier to work with. You can also work anywhere you choose, whether it’s a coffee shop, on a bus, or an airplane.

2) Storage Options

You can never have too much space when traveling. Therefore, a laptop has more space when compared to a smartphone or digital camera memory card. For example, many high-end laptops come with memory space as high as 1TB, and base-model laptops have an average memory space of 256GB.

While the cloud and using multiple SD cards are an option, they are not without risks and downsides. For example, SD cards are especially prone to be misplaced because they are small. Cloud storage also means that you need a strong internet connection and can mean a lot of data if you upload large-sized videos in a country with internet providers different from those in your home country.

3) Privacy and Security

While going to a café whenever you need to access the internet or use the software on a broader screen might not be the safest option to consider. These computers may include key logging software that steals your login details. This only puts you at the risk of identity theft.

With your laptop, you can limit the people who gain access to it and take additional security precautions.

4) Range of Work Location

Taking your laptop with you gives you a more comprehensive range of places you can work in or from. For example, you can work from a coffee shop, train station, Public Park, or library. You also get to do all the work with premium comfort and efficiency.

Disadvantages of Taking Your Laptop with You 

Should I Bring My Laptop To Europe (Read This First!) - Disadvantages of Taking Your Laptop with You 
While there are definite advantages to taking your laptop on vacation to Europe, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of.

While there are undeniable advantages to taking your laptop to Europe, there are also some disadvantages. They include:

1) Size

Laptops can be bulky and heavy. Carrying a laptop naturally means extra weight before and after boarding the airplane. Also, when carrying out activities like hiking or when you have to go to hotels on foot, the size and bulk of a laptop can be an inconvenience. You can’t consider yourself an ultralight traveler if you’re hauling around a laptop.

2) Laptop Safety

Every time you leave your room with your laptop, there’s the risk of theft or damage. Leaving your laptop behind still does not eliminate the risk of theft. In addition, bringing a laptop on your trip can potentially cause unneeded stress. 

You will constantly worry even if it’s safely locked in your hotel. Also, laptops are fragile and can be hard to replace while you are in Europe. 

What to Do When Packing Your Laptop for Travel

Should I Bring My Laptop To Europe (Read This First!) - What to Do When Packing Your Laptop for Travel
Some essential things should be done when packing a laptop for travel.

There are some essential things to do when packing your laptop for travel. They include:

1) Back-Up All Your Data

You have to prepare for the worst. Cases of theft or laptop damage are not unheard of when you take your laptop with you to Europe. Before traveling, you should back up all your files either on an SD card or you can upload everything up to the cloud. You can also use Google Drive to back-up specific files.

You should also not travel with a laptop or device you cannot afford to lose.

2) Laptop Backpack

You should use an excellent backpack for your laptop. The backpack will serve as protective padding and can come with anti-theft features like slash-proof materials that protect your laptop from thieves and locking zippers. High-quality backpacks will also make carrying your laptop a lot easier and safer.

3) Surge Protector

A power surge can damage your laptop and usually occur without warning; hence, you should be prepared for one. But, first, get a surge protector, which you’ll plug between your laptop and the wall.

Final Thoughts

Taking your laptop to Europe requires you to consider all the pros and cons involved. If you are a travel blogger, journalist, content creator, or coder who works remotely, you should consider taking your laptop to Europe. However, going to Europe to have as much fun as possible, you might not need to take your laptop with you. A digital camera to capture the moment, as well as your smartphone, should do just fine.

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