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Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop (3 Reasons, Types and Best Places to Put On)

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Stickers are an excellent way to decorate your favorite piece of hardware. Recently, there has been a rise in the popularity of stickers, especially on laptops. 

Placing stickers on a laptop changes the overall look meaning you have to decide whether you like the aesthetic or not. So, if you need help with this question, you’ve come to the right place. This article will answer your questions and provide you with the answer you need!

Why Should I Use Stickers?

Stickers are a modish way to display a part of your personality. A simple sticker could add a splash of your personality to your laptop. So, if you want to make a statement — whether loud or subtle — when you pull out your laptop, give stickers a try!

As long as you put the stickers in the appropriate places, they won’t harm your laptop. It is important to be aware of the type of stickers that are available and if they are safe for your laptop. There are different types of stickers currently available, such as plastic, paper, and vinyl. Stickers are classified into two sizes; decals (small stickers), and laptop skins (large stickers).

Decals are small decorative stickers with one side of unique designs like 3D, acrylic, fabric, etc., and an adhesive on the other side that sticks to the laptop. On the other hand, laptop skins cover the entire body of your laptop and protect it from minor and major scratches. So, you can use any of these stickers on your laptop. 

Paper Sticker Vs Plastic Sticker

Are you wondering which kind of sticker you can choose between paper or plastic stickers? We recommend choosing plastic stickers over paper stickers. One reason is that paper stickers accumulate more dirt and are more challenging to clean than plastic stickers.

Paper stickers are also more difficult to remove and feel less durable. On the other hand, plastic stickers are ideal for any laptop, whether aluminum or plastic laptops. Plastic stickers are shinier, last longer, and can be easily peeled off.

Where To Put Stickers On A Laptop?

Now, are you curious about the right spot to place stickers? Remember that stickers make your laptop look more visually appealing and can also serve as a laptop skin to protect your laptop from scratches. We recommend placing laptop skins in areas most susceptible to scratches. 

Furthermore, the best spot for decals is on the upper clamshell, also known as the top lid. You can also place decals inside your laptop below the keyboard. Anywhere is fine as long as the stickers aren’t on your screen or keyboard. You can also use these decals to replace the manufacturer’s logo by simply pasting the stickers over them. 

The logo spot is an excellent spot to place stickers because it sticks properly to the surface and also looks cool! The important thing is to ensure these stickers help protect your laptop from scratches without interfering with performance.

Where Not To Put Stickers On A Laptop

It is essential to ensure you put stickers on flat surfaces, so it sticks properly and doesn’t look out of place. You don’t want stickers restricting you from properly using your computer. Make sure you don’t place stickers over ventilation vents or any other opening.

Placing stickers over vents can lead to overheating and could cause serious damage. Another bad spot to put stickers is close to your screen, as this may cause a distraction when viewing content. Also, ensure the sticker doesn’t touch your keyboard. 

How to Remove Stickers From A Laptop

Removing stickers from a laptop is usually not that challenging unless you made the mistake of using paper stickers. Paper stickers tear more easily, making them more difficult to remove because they typically fall apart and leave anyone pieces stuck to your laptop.

On the other hand, vinyl and plastic stickers come with stronger adhesives and require you to pull them a bit harder. However, all you have to do to remove them is pry off one corner of the sticker and pull it off. You can use your fingernails to pry off the sticker but if that doesn’t work, gently use a prying tool or a glue-remover.  

If the sticker doesn’t come off at once, gently pull the sticker till you feel the adhesive loosening. Once you’ve removed the sticker, rub alcohol on the area to remove any remaining dirt. Make sure you’re as gentle as possible so you don’t damage your laptop.


Some years ago, placing stickers on your gadgets would have been deemed unprofessional. However, many people are joining the trend of pasting stickers on their laptops. Consider using stickers if you want to add something fun to your laptop and show off your style and personality!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do stickers cause overheating?

No, stickers don’t cause overheating if placed in suitable places such as the upper clamshell or below the keyboard. However, ensure stickers don’t obstruct your laptop’s vents in any way.

Can I put stickers on my work laptop?

We don’t advise putting stickers on your work laptop. However, inquire from HR to confirm you’re not violating company policies.

Is it good to use laptop skins on a laptop?

Laptop skins are an excellent protector that will keep your laptop safe from minor damage like scratches or dents.

Should I Put Stickers on My Macbook?

You can paste stickers on your MacBook if it matches your personality. A fun idea is placing stickers on top of the Apple logo. This will add a nice touch and make your MacBook look unique. However, some people prefer the stand MacBook look and don’t like covering up the Apple logo. Below are some pros and cons of using stickers to help you decide if stickers are for you.

Using stickers makes your computer appear more personalized.
Stickers can serve as a protective layer for your laptop and help prevent scratches and dents.

Stickers can sometimes be difficult to remove and leave residue on your laptop, especially if you use paper stickers.
Stickers can make your laptop appear messy if not placed properly.

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