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Earthquake in Stardew Valley [Explained!]

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You get through your first day of summer in Stardew Valley and learn there was an Earthquake the night before. What does this mean? Many reasons and changes are made when an earthquake in Stardew Valley happens. This article will get you through what effect earthquake has in Stardew Valley. 

Does Earthquake Affect Your Farm? Does It Kill Crops?

No, Earthquakes in Stardew Valley do not directly affect your farm. However, if you wake up to the effect of an Earthquake, notice all of your crops dead; this is due to the change of seasons, which is entirely normal when switching from spring to summer crops. The only crop that can survive from summer to fall is corn, which is self-explanatory. 

Besides corn, the death of crops is the same for all others. It happens every season, so it is best to make it a part of your plans always to be ready for the change of seasons before the crops die. Earthquakes are only due to a specific event in Stardew Valley, which we will discuss next.

What are the Consequences of the Earthquake in Stardew Valley?

Although the Earthquake is categorized as a random event in Stardew Valley, it does have significance that follows its destruction. An Earthquake is an automatic event that happens only once throughout the game. The Earthquake in Stardew Valley unlocks a new area on the map; you can not enter this before it’s open, just as you can’t avoid the Earthquake from happening.

Primarily, the Railroad and Spa are unavailable to explore until the third Summer rotation, when an earthquake destroys a nearby rock formation, opening a path for you to be able to enter finally.

An Earthquake is a significant event for new areas, as it opens the entrance to the Railroad Tracks and Spa above Robin’s shop.

Railroad in Stardew Valley

Railroad in Stardew Valley
Pick resources dropped out of the train / Image: Pigtou.com

After the Earthquake in Stardew Valley, a train will sometimes come through town around noon. Although this time is subjective, it will not warn you when it will pass or how often it will come by the city. Along with this, it does not stop. If you are lucky, you can travel as fast as the train; you can receive resources dropped from the train, such as wood, stone, geodes, and coal. The drop is random, so you can get from 3 to 7 items of each, depending on your luck!

It is also okay to ignore the trains, but it is fun to attempt common resources if you want to add a bit more to your inventory. Just be careful if you are standing near the railroad tracks. You can lose 20 damage by standing in front of the train or even go down to 0 and wake up in bed. 

Most of us are here to know what items can be dropped off during this mini-event. A list of things that can be dropped from the train could be:

  1. Leprechaun Shoes offers up to +2 Defense and +1 Immunity with a selling price of 150g.
  2. Stone typically, the train can drop up to 3 or 4 stones. However, some have reached over 18!
  3. Coal is an everyday item that is dropped regularly from the train.
  4. Iron Ore which is expected but lucky than other resources and can be helpful from the train drop.
  5. Wood commonly drops from 3 to 7 wood resources.
  6. Geodes A rare drop can be from 2 to 7 geodes at one time!
List of resources that can be dropped from the train in Stardew Valley / Image: Pigtou.com

The Spa in Stardew Valley

The Spa in Stardew Valley
Refill your energy in the Spa / Image: Pigtou.com

The Spa allows you to refill your energy in its pool. This is extremely useful in the first year of the game as you are with low energy. Without the Spa, you can find yourself waking up the next day with half energy. The best advice is to soak in the pool awhile, and your energy bar will refill.

Make sure while you are in the pool not to move around and stay in one place while waiting for your energy to refill. Your energy will not fill if you move around, which could cause some issues while trying to figure out how to use it. Additionally, the Spa is only available once per day, so use it wisely!

Hint: Keep an eye out for the train, which could crash into the Spa dropping a golden gnome. This is quickly sold for 15g. 

The Secret of the Spa

Many players may not know that you can fish in the water outside of the Spa. Although this is not possible during winter as the water is frozen, this is an excellent feature that the Spa offers and can be very useful for resources.


Now that you know more about the significance of the Earthquake Stardew Valley produces, this gives you more of an advantage to experience more from the quake and gain some great resources from this random event!


How do you Trigger a Cutscene in Stardew Valley?

A cutscene is shown once you go into places with specific characters. These characters need a particular amount of hearts to initiate a cutscene.

What is the Rarest Event in Stardew Valley?

The rarest event is the UFO Drifting, with an 0.001% chance of appearing in your game. Therefore, a UFO will drift across your screen as the rare event in Stardew Valley. 

Who has PTSD in Stardew Valley?

Kent is the character from Stardew Valley with the most PTSD in the game. Caused of his time served in the war, you will notice his reactions to the popcorn popping in the Three Heart Event. 

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