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What Are Edge Trusted Sites? (Explained for Beginners)

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Security of computers and websites protects users while browsing the web. Sites encrypt data using certificates that bind a key to their pages as the transfer occurs between a computer server and the browser on the client’s PC. As a result, users perceive such websites as safe and trustworthy.

The Internet browser warns users if a site they visit requests to install a plug-in or access user data and asks them for permission. However, if the site is trusted and you access it regularly, you can add it to the list of Trusted Sites to avoid receiving warnings or permission requests each time you visit.

If you host a personal or business website or visit a particular site regularly, you’ll want to add it to your browser’s list of trusted sites. You must ensure that the websites you want to add to the list are trustworthy to protect your computer and files from damage.

After adding your trusted sites to Microsoft Edge, you can assign each one a suitable security level ranging from High to Low. In addition, once you add Edge trusted sites, the browser won’t ask you for permission whenever you visit them.

What is a Microsoft Edge Trusted Site?

Edge trusted sites are websites you know, trust, and visit regularly. Microsoft Edge, like any other browser, may partially or fully block a specific site you visit. 

The browser may block website content if it suspects it’s insecure or if the site poses a security risk. Websites with insecure content lack a padlock next to the address bar on the left. 

Like Firefox and Chrome, you can select the URLs of websites you trust to add to the list of Edge trusted sites. This enables you to view the site content without receiving permission requests.

Reasons to Add Edge Trusted Sites

Edge trusted websites allow you to add URLs of secure and safe sites you visit regularly and can’t damage your computer system.

When you add the URL to a trusted site to the trusted list of websites on Microsoft Edge, you indicate to the browser that the website is safe. The browser will then give you access to the site without blocking you or asking for permission to view its content.

The Security Level of Edge Trusted Sites

The trusted sites zone within the browser features various security levels for trusted sites that you can easily change as necessary. They include:

  • Low – no download prompt, minimum security safeguards for absolutely trusted sites.
  • Medium Low – no prompts for content on most local network sites.  
  • High – maximum safeguards for sites that may contain harmful content.
  • Medium High – download prompts for sites with potentially unsafe content.
  • Medium – download prompts, and no Unsigned ActiveX controls downloads.

Types of Websites that You Can Trust

Edge trusted sites vary from one individual to another. However, some general sites you can trust to add to the list include your website or blog, your finance company or bank’s official site, and popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter.

You can also trust delivery or shopping sites you frequently visit on the intranet of your company or customer management system (CMS) tools. If you visit a site for the first time and receive a security warning, reconsider visiting again and don’t add it to your list of trusted sites.

How to Add Trusted Sites in Edge Registry on Windows 10?

Here’s how to add your websites to the Edge trusted sites list:

1) Click on the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel.”

2) Double-click on the icon for “Internet Options.”

3) Click on the “Security” tab in the “Internet Properties” window that opens.

4) Select the option for “Trusted sites” and click on the “Sites” button.

What Is Edge Trusted Sites – Explained for Beginners - How to Add Trusted Sites in Edge Registry in Edge Registry Windows 10

5) Type the URL of your trusted website in the field labeled “Add this website to the zone text.”

What Is Edge Trusted Sites – Explained for Beginners - How to Add Trusted Sites in Edge Registry in Edge Registry Windows 10-Add this website to the zone text

6) Click on the “Add” button and hit “Ok” to save changes.

How to Remove Trusted Sites

Just as you can add websites to your browser’s Trusted Sites list, you can also remove those you no longer trust or need. First, use the procedure in the steps above to navigate to the list on your Microsoft Edge browser. Then, remove Trusted Sites as follows:

1) Select the website URL you want to remove to highlight it.

2) Click on the “Remove” button – make sure you want to remove the URL before clicking on the button because you won’t be asked to confirm the action.

What Is Edge Trusted Sites – Explained for Beginners - How to Remove Trusted Sites

3) Click on the “Close” button and then “Ok” to save changes and close the window.


Insecure websites can damage your computer system, infecting it with malicious programs, such as malware, viruses, and Trojans. The insecure sites can also be hijacked even if they aren’t malicious due to outdated security.

Insecure websites also leak critical data, such as login details, to unauthorized parties. Therefore, when selecting sites to include in the list of Edge Trusted Sites, be cautious to protect your system and files.


Does Edge Have Trusted Websites?

Yes. Edge has trusted sites just like other browsers. You can add and remove website URLs to and from Microsoft Edge trusted sites.

Why Does Edge Say My Website is Not Secure?

A problem with your site’s security certificate may be why Edge says it’s insecure. However, this may not be the fault of your browser or computer. Websites use the certificates to prove their authenticity on the internet; hence, if your browser finds a certificate-related issue, it warns.

Why is My Computer Saying Every Website is Unsafe?

When your computer system’s time, date, or time zone is erroneous, validation of certification for websites fails. Computers that use internet-based time also experience the same problem.

Secondly, if your Microsoft Edge browser isn’t set up to work with your PC’s security software, it can intercept and filter secure connections. As a result, your computer would indicate that each website you visit is not safe.

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