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What do you most expect from Apple in 2020?

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By the end of last year, it was evident that 2020 would be a busy year for Apple. There was a lot of buzz about the new hardware and software expected this year, such as five new iPhone models, an updated version of iPad Pro, and more.

What do we expect most from Apple in 2020?

iPhone SE 2 / iPhone 9

Rumor has it that the iPhone 9 will be in the market around March. It is expected to be 4.7 inches and feature a design similar to the iPhone 8. It is likely to come with an A13 processor, 3GB RAM, and a 12MP primary camera.

iPad Pro 2020

With no premium iPad Pro tablets released in 2019, we cannot wait to see what the iPad Pro 2020 has to offer. What we know is that it features a camera with three lenses. The iPad Pro might be in the market within the first half of the year.

New MacBook models

What do you most expect from Apple in 2020?

We expect some significant upgrades in the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The best thing about the new MacBooks is the upgraded keyboard. They will have the scissor-switch keyboard, which is more comfortable and has improved travel on the keys.

iPhone 12

As usual, the release of upgraded iPhones is always an anticipated event. This year, we could see the release of a 5.4, 6.7, and a 6.1-inch iPhone. They will feature a triple-lens 3D camera. iPhone 12 phones will also have OLED displays, possibly an A14 chip and 5G connectivity.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is likely to be released alongside the iPhone 12 in September. There are also rumors of an upgrade in the Apple (iMac) desktop. It would be an excellent move for Apple given that the iMac Pro and Mac mini iMac Pro could do with some added power. A complete overhaul is unnecessary at this point.

There are speculations on the release of AirTag this year. AirTag is a tracking device that is expected to make finding lost items easier through the Find My app.

Personally, I believe the shift to scissor-switch keyboard in all the new MacBook models will be the main event of the year. It will bring an end to the hassle of using the butterfly keyboard. This keyboard design is unpopular among MacBook users for having unresponsive and stuck keys, and some that register twice from one tap.

What do you most expect from Apple in 2020?

Apple has apologized on the matter and is doing something about it. But it will be better if the company also integrates the scissor-switch keyboard into the older models of MacBook. If this happens, I will finally get to update my laptop and have a reason to recommend Apple’s entire MacBook line.

There has been stagnation in the global smartphone market. The major players in the market, Samsung and Apple, have particularly been feeling the sluggishness.

Apple’s reluctance to report on the number of quarterly sales on their iPhones as has been the norm is testament to this. Since the iPhone’s launch in 2007, Apple experienced its first sales decline in 2016; a 16% decrease in the first quarter. 

Smartphone companies are not to blame for the dullness in the market. They are playing their part in innovating new devices regularly. But users no longer see the need to change phones every year, especially if the current one can handle most tasks without difficulties.

For this reason, I believe that the future of Apple lies in services and accessories such as the Apple Watch and headphones. The AirPods may be saturated in the market right now, but they are still the best devices Apple has to offer. Their response speed to any task is remarkable.  

I am most hopeful about a new iPhone this year. But the rumor about Apple improving their software development and beta testing process has my attention. The iOS 13 was buggy, no doubt about that, but Apple is taking steps to prevent a recurrence. The new features of iOS 14 remain unknown. But it promises a better balance between features and stability, and this makes it worth the wait.

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