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What is a QHD laptop? (Is It Suitable for You?)

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Technology devices such as smartphones, laptops, and smart TVs have a lot to do with the user interface. We spend most of our time in front of screens; therefore, manufacturers work hard to make the experience as pleasant as possible. If a clean resolution is a big deal for laptops, you should know resolution standards and how to identify them.

Laptop screen displays are named according to their resolution, specifications, and picture size. Some laptop displays include; HD, HD+, QHD/WQHD, FHD, UHD, and Retina (for Apple). If the screen resolution is essential to you, you need to know what you are going for when choosing a laptop. 

Each resolution has its pros and cons, and some are designed to function better for specific uses than others. For example, gamers and photographers/ editors take crisp displays very seriously, so they choose laptops that will give them the best view. 

What is a QHD Laptop? 

QHD stands for Quad High Definition. It is a common resolution standard for monitors, laptops, and some smartphones. As the name “Quad” suggests, QHD is four times the standard HD 720p resolution (1280 x 720 pixels). 

The resolution of Quad-HD is 2560 x 1440 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is also known as 2K resolution, and it is excellent for display but not video standards; but for sharper image quality, you can go to more giant screens on QHD. 

You will often find QHD on high-end laptops, plus its sharp display makes it a highly considered choice by gamers- more screen room, more brilliant colors, and enabling the latest graphic chips to run games. It has a sharper quality than the standard HD but is not as crisp as 4K resolutions with 3840 x 2160 pixels. 

Pros of QHD laptop:

Allows users to enjoy multiple contents 

QHD is better suited for wide monitors, enabling you to have multiple open tabs at a time. With Quad-HD, you can work seamlessly and shuffle between different screens easily. You are able to enjoy more content on the same device without having to close the tab. 

Sharp, crisp display 

The QHD resolution is four times better than the standard 720p high resolution. QHD is clearer and gives more pixels per sq. inch, unlike the 720p. It gives an immersive effect to VR devices, making it just like the viewer is there. Image and video quality makes whatever you are doing on your device feel better, and you do not have to strain to find details with a high-resolution laptop.     

It is a good choice for gaming and work-related tasks.

QHD laptops help you play comfortably and match the high frame rate for interactive video games. Like its advanced version (the WQHD), it is designed for monitors that require concise reproducing of fine details for satellite imaging, graphics, content creation, etc. You can zoom in to check details and observe large-sized designs on a big screen. 

Pros of QHD laptop:

It is relatively expensive

QHD laptops can be quite pricey compared to FHD laptops. Although the prices are fair compared to the lower screen resolutions, you can get some of its quality in cheaper display types. 

QHD consumes more battery life

The higher the pixels, the more battery life your laptop uses. QHD laptops have more pixels with higher resolution, so it is expected your battery would not last too long. 

How can one identify a QHD laptop?

If you are getting a brand new laptop, the manufacturer’s manual will state the specification. You can also deduce the resolution from the laptop itself. On Windows, right-click any blank space on your desktop and select “Display settings”.

The display panel will show up, and then you will find the resolution under “display resolution”. You can click the drop-down to find other resolutions supported by your monitor card. You can keep or choose the resolution, but it is best to stick with the recommended one. 

To know if your laptop is QHD, observe the resolution. If it is 2560 x 1440p, then it is QHD. 

Is QHD the best display for gaming?

Gamers enjoy the QHD display because of its sharp resolution and ability to run high-end graphics cards such as the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and Nvidia RTX 3080, including some last-generation products. It is cheaper and saves more battery. 

Also, it is cheaper than the 4K resolution laptops. However, battery life is important to gamers, and QHD has higher power demand. Although there is increased consideration for QHD, most gamers still go for the FHD display. FHD, which means Full High Definition, has a 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. 

Are QHD and WQHD the same?

Manufacturers created WQHD to be used with widescreens of the 16:9 aspect ratio without stretching the sides bar. Both QHD and WQHD have the same pixels (1440p), but WQHD is the widescreen version of QHD, having a horizontal pixel of 3440 over 2560, which is that of QHD. 

They share the same pixels and height but only different in pixel width. WQHD comes with all the features, pros, and downsides of QHD but with 880 more pixels for a wider view. It is a good choice for people who enjoy a full-screen view experience, with the display almost spills to the sides. WQHD is also a good pick for gamers, except for its battery demands. 

Most people use them interchangeably without knowing the slight difference they share. Also, some sellers may advertise QHD and WQHD, which are misleading.


Depending on what you are looking for and your priorities regarding laptop choice, QHD is generally one to go for. It is best to know beforehand what exactly you want to use the laptop for and the specifications that will give you maximum productivity before making a choice. If you are strictly getting a laptop for gaming, you may consider other display options. 

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