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What Laptop Battery Do I Have? (Easy Ways to Find out)

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There are several reasons why you might need to find and know what type of Laptop battery your current laptop uses. The information could prove vital if you need to change your laptop battery in the event of a failure or measure your battery health. 

There are some ways of finding out what type of Laptop battery you have if you’ve never attempted it before.

Open up the Laptop/ Remove Battery from the Laptop

No other source contains as much information about your battery as the battery itself. If you used an older generation Laptop, pop open the removable battery and look at the label data. It should contain the following:

  1. Battery type
  2. Manufacturer data
  3. Battery capacity
  4. Battery grade
  5. Voltage
  6. Chemistry

For new-gen PCs, you’ll have to crack open the PC cover and read out the details from the battery screwed to the chassis.

All this information will prove invaluable when you start thinking about repairing or replacing your current Laptop battery.

Visit Your Manufacturer’s website

Another reliable way to learn everything you need to know about your computer’s battery is by looking up its information on the manufacturer’s official website. Laptop manufacturers’, without exception, provide reliable and transparent information about their products, especially the battery, as they are one of the first features to expire. They also present an avenue for them to make money from sales.

Log onto your manufacturer’s page and punch in your computer’s model name, and you should have access to all the information you need. 

Professional Battery testing/ Health tool

Battery preservation and care tools like Energizer can tell you everything you need to know about your battery. Everything from the serial number to the estimated health of your battery becomes available for your eye. That gives you the power and agency to understand and strategize maintaining, repairing, and switching to a new battery.

Most Battery Care apps are premium, but there are a handful of them that are free to download, install, and set up. BatteryCare, for example, is a great Free battery monitoring app.

How to Replace my Laptop Battery?

When your laptop battery runs out of juice, you can follow this step-by-step guide and replace it yourself— no lengthy repair trip is necessary.

8 steps to replacing your battery

  1. Buy an appropriate Laptop battery using the specifications. You can use any of the methods we’ve covered to aid you in gathering the information needed. Though, we think one of the following methods we suggested will be enough. We always recommend buying from the manufacturer. However, if you’re unable to acquire one from your current location, buy from third-party manufacturers you trust. 
  2. Create and review a battery report to know the state of your laptop. By inputting the command “powercfg/battery report” in your command prompt, you can generate a report for your laptop and review it at your convenience.
  3. Unplug your laptop,
  4. Remove the back panel of your laptop with a screwdriver. Using the appropriate screwdrivers, remove all of the screws on your computer’s back panel to give you a full view of your computer’s internals. Depending on the computer model, you might also need plastic opening tools to pry off rubber feet that might be covering the screws. 
  5. Remove the old battery. Just like every other component on your laptop, your battery is attached to your computer with a set of screws and a power connector. Undo all of them slowly with an appropriate screwdriver head.
  6. Set in the new battery, screw it in, and connect it to your laptop. Remove your new battery from the wrapping paper and double-check that it’s the right battery before you install it and connect it via the connector.
  7. Replace the back panel
  8. Test the battery. Connect your laptop to a power source and allow it to charge for a few minutes before you power up your device. Generate a battery report using the command prompt to see the capacity and health of your new battery. 

This simple eight-step process will work for most Laptop manufacturers on the market. Expect to encounter no issues whether you’re using an HP computer, a Dell, Lenovo, or something else entirely. This process will also work for laptops with removable batteries. In their case, you won’t need to remove the back panel. Instead, you’d have to use the two removable latches to unhitch the battery for removal and replacement. 

How to Improve My Laptop Battery Life? 

Whether you’re planning to replace your battery or take better care of the one you still own, there are a handful of helpful steps you can take to improve the overall battery life of your computer.

Lower Screen Brightness

Screen brightness is one of the biggest contributors to battery drain in most Laptops. Lowering your battery will promote smaller energy expenditure and help make each charge last longer. Whether you’re consuming internet content, watching films, or playing games, a brighter screen will always draw more energy and vice versa.

Turn-off keyboard backlight

While your keyboard backlight doesn’t draw as much power as your screen, it can contribute to the overall drain of your computer. Reducing brightness by half or 80% of the full capacity will make your battery last longer.

Use Power Saving Mode

When you’re unplugged and using your battery’s power, consider reducing the power setting from Best Performance to Power Saver. It will lower the performance and clock speed of your computer, allowing you to squeeze more battery life from your battery.

Switch off Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS when they’re not in use

If your Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, hotspot or any other features are not in use, switch them off to preserve power and get more out of every charge.

Deep the battery between 20-80%

Try to keep your Laptop battery well-charged but not full for most of the duration of your use. It will preserve the Lithium battery and will help it keep its charge for longer. You can also charge and discharge it intermittently when not in use to prolong its lifespan.


With everything we’ve covered, you should have a good idea of what kind of Laptop battery you have, how long it will last, and how to replace and maintain it if the need arises. Following the battery preservation, tips should get you the best mileage.

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