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What Phone Do I Have? How To Identify My Model Number?

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If you are about to purchase a phone case from Pigtou or any other store and you don’t know your device’s model number, this guide will help you to work it out. You will find step-by-step guidance on how to identify model number of your Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, OnePlus or HTC device. Additionally, if you are just looking to buy a device from third parties, your search for the best iPhone, iPad or other device’s deal can land you in a ton of trouble with scammers if you do not check and verify the phone’s model before payment. There are plenty of scammers out there selling excellently faked phones. So how can you tell that your gadget is legit?

How to check your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad model number?

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The very first thing you need to keep in mind is that an iPhone look-alike might be very impressive on the outside, but its internal technology is often substandard. At most, it will be an Android system hacked onto an iOS copy. It will, for instance, bring up Playstore when you call up the App Store or Google Maps for Apple Maps.

Apple devices only load Apple iOS and ROM. Every Apple gadget also has a unique model number. This unique identifier can easily reveal a gadget’s technical details. Apple’s model number system has two numbering schemes.    • The first is often referred to as the “A” number system. It is an alphanumeric five-digit number string. It begins with an A and ends in four other numbers. The A system describes a model family.    • The second system is the SKU scheme. It also has an alphanumeric string of five-digit figures. It generally starts with the letter M, but there have been variations of it as per the device. The last three numbers of the SKU model number identifier will end with two letters, a slash number, and a letter. The SKU model is very specific and describes the technical features of your Apple gadget.

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 Your device’s A or SKU model number will be listed in the three locations below

   1. Go to the phone’s Setting, General, then About tabs. Go to Model and tap the part number to reveal your model number
   2. Newer iPhones have their model numbers branded on the SIM tray slot. Simply remove the SIM tray and use a bright overhead light to view the number, placed on the upper side of the slot.
   3. Newer Apple gadgets also have their model numbers printed on their exteriors at the lower back.

When you have located your model number, type it in on Bing or Google to learn more about its rightful technical specifications. You can also use pages such as The iPhone Wiki or Apple Support for more information.

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How to check the model number of your Samsung device?

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You can check your Samsung’s model, IMEI, or serial number in three different ways:

1. Via settings menu. Swipe down to Quick Settings, then tap your Settings cogwheel, About Phone, then check all three of the above unique model number identifiers
   2. Via Samsung’s Phone app. You can check your Samsung phone’s serial and IMEI number by dialing *#06# on keypad.
   3. Checking the back of the phone. For sealed gadgets, the model number will be placed at the device’s back. Non-sealed Samsung gadgets have their unique identifiers stuck in their interior. Remove the phone’s back cover and battery and read the sticker with the model, IMEI, and serial number.

How to check the model number of your Google phone?

Your favorite Nexus or Google phone will have its model number engraved its casing at the back. You can also check it via the phone’s Settings, About Phone then tapping on the Regulatory labels tab.

How to check the model number of your OnePlus phone?

Go to Settings, Phone then check your phone’s model number.

How to check the model number of your Huawei phone?

You can verify your Huawei device’s model number by either checking the gadget’s nameplate or reading its system model number report. A Huawei phone nameplate is located at its back’s interior section, which you can access by removing the rear cover. Alternatively, go to the device’s Settings, About Phone then tap on Model Number.

(????: Huawei.com)

How to check the model number of your LG phone?

Every LG phone has its model number sticker at its phone battery compartment. Remove the phone’s back cover and battery to access it. Alternatively go to Settings, About Phone then tap on Phone Identity.

How to check the model number of your HTC phone?

Go to Settings, System, then tap on the About Phone button to access information on your phone’s identity and model.

Alternative device model number sources:

Discover your phone’s Bluetooth name

Every device has a unique preset Bluetooth name that helps it connect to the other gadgets around it. Connect your phone, iPod, or iPad or tab to another device and read its model’s name.

The gadget’s packaging

If the phone is new, its box has its technical details printed on it. You will also find its model number printed on a white sticker inside the box.

The order receipt

If you have ordered the phone from the store or mobile network, you will receive either a physical order receipt or an online one during delivery. This receipt will have your phone’s model number.


There, you now have the low-down on how to check your favorite devices model numbers. Now, you can be sure you will order the right product.

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