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Where to Find Laptop Repairing Course? (Explained for Beginners)

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A laptop repairing course targets beginner and experienced individuals with an interest in the technical niche. Individuals with an electronics or physics background can benefit from the course, but it isn’t a requirement.

Courses on repairing laptops focus on the most common problems users encounter when using laptops, including their symptoms. A good course uses simple terms or vocabulary to ensure that learners understand the concepts being taught.

Whether you want to begin a career in repairing laptops or prefer to work on your own machine when a problem arises, you’ll benefit from a laptop repairing course. The right course is designed to help you understand how laptops work, fail, and what it takes to repair or troubleshoot specific problems.

Various tools come in handy when taking a laptop repair course because you’ll have to disassemble a laptop to troubleshoot most issues and reassemble it when done. You also need to learn about the motherboard and its components, and how to desolder and solder them.

A laptop repairing course equips you with the hands-on skills you need to troubleshoot a laptop problem. In this article, we explore what laptop repair courses offer and where you can find one.

Computer Repair and Maintenance Course

Laptop repair courses support both laptops and desktop computers, including other PCs. With a single course, you can embark on computer repair and maintenance to get your machine back up and running.

The courses teach how to take care of your laptop to avoid unnecessary repairs and save on costs. The right skills will help you use your computer properly and fix issues as they emerge.

Laptop Repairing Course Online

Many laptop repair courses are available online for easy access from anywhere in the world. Some popular platforms that offer laptop repair courses online include:


Aspiring computer technicians need to understand how to repair various aspects of PCs, ranging from servers to troubleshooting hardware. This is because laptop repair is a sophisticated process.

However, knowledge of computer basics and simple repairs is also essential. Udemy offers multiple computer repair courses to meet the unique needs out there.

Whether you’re a beginner technician or an expert in computer matters, there’s something for you. Some popular laptop repair courses on Udemy include:

Laptop Repairing Course Online - Udemy

Certificate in Laptop Repair at Bell Institute

If you want to be a laptop or computer technician, this is the right course for you. Increasing demand for technicians who can repair palmtops, laptops, and mobile phones makes this computer repair course relevant. It covers the following units:

  • Fundamental electronics
  • Laptop disassembly
  • Case studies
  • Troubleshooting common computer issues
  • Laptop motherboard basics
  • BGAs and how to reflow them
  • How to run a laptop repair and maintenance business, and
  • SMDs and how to remove and solder them.

Laptop Repair Training at BGA Center

The laptop repair training course targets students, beginners, and those looking for work. It can help you improve your existing skills and comes in handy if you want to open your own service center. With the skills learned, you can get a job and even pay for more advanced courses. It covers:

  • Troubleshooting laptop problems and soldering components, including oscilloscope, using multimeters, and diagnosing laptop problems.
  • Software repair and operating system installation.
  • System boards soldering using a hair dryer, a soldering iron, and IR-650.
  • Data recovery on computer hard drives.
  • Proper diagnosis of laptop issues.
  • Repairing computers from different brands or manufacturers.

PDF Drive

The laptop repairing course provides the content you need for your studies in PDF format. With your laptop repair course in Pdf, you can study anywhere, be it at home, at work, or even while commuting to work. The platform offers many pdfs on different laptop repair topics to choose from.

Laptop Repairing Course Fees

Courses for repairing laptops are offered at a fee, either online or in a classroom setup. The fees vary from as low as $9 to over $20 for online classes. Most of the courses offer value for money, explaining their popularity and positive reviews.

The courses usually offer an installment plan to help you pay for your classes. You can make a partial payment as a deposit and clear the balance later. Alternatively, you can pay the whole course fees and attend your classes in peace.

Free Laptop Repairing Course

Although most laptop repairing courses are offered at a small fee, you can easily find free courses online. With a basic search on search engines like Google, you’ll find free content on laptop repair. The free courses are handy if you’re considering self-taught learning.

Laptop Repair Course Free Download

Computer repair courses usually provide free downloads to help you study even when offline. Free downloads support self-taught learning. However, paid courses also offer laptop repair course free downloads.

Download your learning materials immediately after making payment to begin your studies. When learning on your own, the free Pdfs enable you to study at your own pace without spending a dime.


Laptops are generally complex and so is repairing them. If you want to become a computer technician or simply want to learn a new technical skill, you need to take a laptop repairing course. Available in both online and physical classrooms, choose the right course for you.

Many platforms, ranging from Udemy to the BGA center, offer comprehensive courses in laptop repair. The courses range in price from as low as $9 to anything above $20. If you’re looking for a “laptop repair course near me,” or want to start a career in the field, take a relevant course.

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