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Why are iPhones so Expensive? (6 Unique Features We Have to Pay for)

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The iPhone was one of the first smartphones we knew. Its first version was revolutionary and showed us that we all “needed” to have mail, photos, music, and a phone in a small plastic and metal block that fit in the palm of our hands. And from that moment, we became addicted.

In 2022, it would be difficult to imagine the world without the iPhone, but it is also tricky to think that this could be affordable or cheap, and that is because, year after year, the price seems to go up a little. But why is the iPhone so expensive? Why does the price go up a little more with each release?

Why is the iPhone so expensive?

The first explanation to understand why an iPhone is so expensive is that Apple is the most profitable company globally. This explains why its products are sold for the price they are offered. 

Additionally, the manufacturing cost of each of the devices is high. Several specialists have revealed prices and general assembly costs by examining the smartphone’s parts. For example, according to market reports, the approximate cost of making the iPhone 13 Pro is about $570, presumably without marketing costs. 

But these aren’t a justification for its price range of $999 to $1,499. To explain why iPhones are expensive, it is necessary to review the features of its flagship products and more. 

6 unique features we have to pay for in an iPhone

Looking at its top products, the following unique features make iPhones so expensive. 

Security features 

Apple’s smartphones are designed to correct security vulnerabilities with each update. As a result, you will notice a lot of security improvements from one model to another. This is the case with their recent release.

Apple has stringent rules for security, which is part of what has made the brand so popular despite its high prices. Experts say this is one of the brands with the highest security in user data. So you can rest assured that your information will not end up on Russian servers or something like that. 

Applications are often paid for on the Apple Store, but this is to protect you from piracy. Hacking on an iPhone is harder than on an Android. Your data is secure with an iPhone. In addition, applications on Apple are more fluid and successful than on Android. After the Apple Store, discover its customer service.

Also, thanks to the iCloud software, your data is backed up and protected. 

A fast processor

iPhones are equipped with a unique processor allowing them a great speed of execution. These smartphones stand out with an integrated graphics chip and an Apple 14 Bionic like the iPhone 12. Thanks to their microprocessor, you can open applications or tabs very quickly.

Created and developed by Apple, the iOS system available on iPhones and iPads offers an attractive interface. Designed with great aesthetics, the interface allows users better mobile use. In addition, with the development of options such as Airdrop or Airplay, you will be fully immersed in the Apple universe.

The charging system 

iPhones’ batteries are not that impressive. But they come with a high-tech charging system that compensates for the poor batteries. 

Apple is removing the lightning port from its iPhones. And the first step is the new MagSafe charging standard. MagSafe is a wireless charging system that uses magnets to position the phone on the charger correctly. 

With other wireless charging systems, such as the QI standard, if the phone is not perfectly positioned, too much energy is wasted, and the process is much slower.

The MagSafe system allows iPhones to charge quickly thanks to its 15 watts of power. QI chargers usually reach 7.5W of power, so the new invention is twice as powerful.

The longevity of Apple devices

If Apple has so many loyal customers who keep buying an iPhone, it’s also because its smartphones last a long time. Also, even after so many years of use, they receive IOS updates for at least five years, including full support from Apple. 

iPhones are known for their long lifespan (about 6 to 7 years). Many phones of different brands can have similar characteristics. The difference is that most of them start to slow down after 6 to 7 months of use, which does not happen with Apple (it happens, but after).

As long as there is no physical damage, the performance of an Apple phone will be the same for a long time. And that is because they use resistant materials and the best quality and constantly making updates and improvements to their software.

Cellular network connectivity

Apple’s big bet on its latest phones is 5G. From the iPhone XE, Apple is ready for all types of 5G. Yes, there are several types – the mmWave and Sub-6GHz 5G cellular networks. 

The iPhone has been tested to its network connectivity limits, and it’s not just because of 5G. According to CNet, you can achieve a download speed of up to 114.67 mb per second

5G technology here has a big but: energy consumption. This type of connection drains the batteries of the phones. Apple has come up with a clever solution to avoid this problem. 

First, when your phone is on low power mode, it will revert to 4G. However, when your iPhone is in your pocket, it disconnects from 5G and connects via 4G. Then, when the user uses the phone, 5G is activated again. 

This option is activated by default in the Mobile data menu of the Settings app. However, users who prefer to have 5G active continuously can configure it in the same menu.


Apple always seeks to be a pioneer and present new things. Therefore, you will never see it copying something from other companies, which have “imitated” some details that the iPhone provided first. 

Perhaps there are not too radical changes between different generations of phones, but there is always something better, more powerful, and attractive. How do they do it? Doing your own research, which is something that takes time and costs money, but it’s something that pays off when they manage to introduce, say, a cinema-quality camera on their phones.

Final thought

Believe it or not, the price of the iPhone is also about status and reputation. The world has created the concept that people who have an iPhone have more possibilities and specific features. So the high price is also a strategy to respond to that and continue to attract the type of customers that have helped make it one of the world’s most successful and powerful technology companies.

With a large capacity battery, and its 1TB storage, the iPhone 13 stands out from its predecessors. And according to iPhone 14 rumors, Apple is planning to release an even better model. So get ready!

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