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Why You Need a Tent Mode Laptop (All About 2-in-1 Laptops)

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A tent mode laptop comes in a classic clamshell design and a flexible hinge design, making it a workhorse computing mode. With flexible hinge designs, laptops become usable in various ways. This makes it easy to make the most of your computer.

Invented at the beginning of the 80s from a briefcase weighing 55 pounds – primordial waters – the clamshell design continues to redefine computers. The design enables manufacturers to develop lighter, thinner, and smaller PCs that continue to increase computing capability and power.

With the release of Windows 8 came a more touch-centric computer interface, taking the clamshell design a notch higher. As a result, clamshell laptops and convertible or hybrid computers have become popular among users.

Tent mode laptops are 2-in-1 computers built to offer more flexibility and newer working methods than a traditional laptop, ensuring you get the most out of your machine.

Types of 2-in-1 Laptops

Two-in-one laptops are available as detachable hybrid computers and convertible models.

1) Detachable 2-in-1 Laptops

Detachable hybrid laptops enable users to separate the keyboard base from the tablet or display completely.

2) Convertible 2-in-1 Laptops

On the other hand, convertible laptops come with unique hinges for switching between different work modes without detaching the display and keyboard. With a tablet stand and no chance of losing the laptop base, convertible laptops are ideal for families.

An effective convertible combines a tablet and a laptop in one machine. Unlike hybrid laptops, they’re lighter and keep the keyboard connected to the system. In addition, some convertibles are versatile and adaptable, switching between various work modes, such as a tablet to a tent.

The various work modes include laptop, tablet, stand, and tent. Each working mode suits specific needs and computing tasks. The versatility of convertible laptops enables them to transform into the particular solution you want.

The 4 Working Modes of a Convertible Laptop

1) The Tent Mode Laptop for Kitchen Use

The 4 Working Modes of a Convertible Laptop - The Tent Mode Laptop for Kitchen Use #1

What is tent mode in Windows 10? This is the best screen tent camping because the laptop takes the form of a tent set up for camping. The tent mode is when only your laptop’s edges without ports touch the surface you place it on. 

The tent mode is ideal for use in the kitchen because the PC ports don’t get in touch with the surface of the kitchen counter, protecting them from spills. As a result, you can cook in the kitchen while using your convertible laptop in tent mode. 

Use your device to look up recipes online, but ensure you don’t touch the device with messy hands to keep it clean. Find a cookbook that syncs recipes with a cookbook video to make it easy to follow a recipe without touching the tablet. A good example is the Allrecipes Video Cookbook

Although the video may slow your cooking, especially when working with kids, you’ll enjoy using the laptop mode safely. You can use the device hands-free with good voice control features and a motion-enabled webcam. Move to the next cooking stage without the need to use the touchscreen.

2) The Fun Tablet Mode

The 4 Working Modes of a Convertible Laptop - The Fun Tablet Mode #2

Laptops are designed to help with work, while tablets are more fun. Built with 360-degree hinges, convertible laptops easily switch to a tablet mode when you need to have some fun after a long work day.

Flip your device and fold the screen to use the tablet mode – after flipping your device more than 180 degrees, the keyboard is deactivated.

You can use the tablet mode to play games, browse the internet, and keep tabs on social media while relaxing. There are many great games for touch screens you can play on your tablet.

Navigate the Windows app store and select a suitable game to enjoy playing on your big screen – well, larger than that of a smartphone.

With your sizeable convertible screen, you can also work on artistic projects. Use the free Microsoft’s Fresh Paint app to experience finger painting – the app features art tools that are easy to pick and use. Switch modes as you deem fit to display your work of art as realistic portraits or stick objects.

3) The Stand Mode for Convenient Screen Usage

The 4 Working Modes of a Convertible Laptop - The Stand Mode for Convenient Screen Usage #3

The stand mode is when you turn or flip the screen of your convertible laptop to face the front while the keyboard remains on the backside. The flexible hinge allows you to partially hide the keyboard, leaving the display at the front for presentation purposes. The slate mode also gives a more attractive stand for your device.

You can display your photos in this mode. Use the built-in Windows Photo app with a beautiful interface to display a slideshow of your favorite photos either on the laptop or your SkyDrive account. The app is customizable to enable you to change the appearance of your presentation.

With PhotoWeaver, you can import photos from social media platforms, such as Google+, Flickr, Facebook, and SkyDrive, or from your device’s internal storage.

Apart from displaying your photos or making a presentation, the stand mode is also ideal for video chats, watching movies, or reading magazines and eBooks. With the display up and more accessible, you can also use this working mode in the kitchen.

However, the keyboard on the countertop risks spills and can easily get wet or dirty. This makes the tent mode a better option for the kitchen. If you must use the stand mode in the kitchen, be cautious to prevent spills.

4) The Laptop Mode for Work 

The laptop mode is the most common way to use your PC, especially for work. When working in this mode, both the display and keyboard of your convertible laptop face forward. One problem with this mode is that the display is usually low, leading to neck strain and poor posture.

A laptop stand can raise your display and eliminate this problem. The stand raises your laptop off your lap or desk to improve airflow for better ventilation.


Convertible laptops enable users to work in different ways, namely stand, laptop, tablet, and tent modes. The tent mode laptop is ideal for use in the kitchen because it keeps crucial parts of your device away from the countertop, reducing the risk of spills.

2-in-1 laptops are easier to use, clean, and service. They’re also versatile, enable comfortable and convenient viewing positions and improve posture. When not working, you can explore the various modes for fun.

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