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Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster? (Explained!)

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A brand new laptop performs and opens programs or files at fast speeds right from the box. However, the fast speeds wane over time, leaving you with a slow PC. Resetting your laptop can make it faster albeit temporarily until your device piles up files and junk again.

Deleting everything in your laptop and factory resetting it restores its initial speed at the onset. However, the process is time-intensive and involves re-installation of your data and essential programs.

In this article we explore what factory resetting your laptop is all about and how you can boost your PC’s speed without a factory reset. Read on to learn more.

Does Resetting Laptop Delete Everything?

Resetting your laptop, be it a Mac Os, Windows, or Chrome OS PC, is a powerful way to boost its speed and performance. It removes all bugs and clutter build-up in your system, rolling it back to its original condition when you bought it.

Moreover, the laptop factory reset process is easier than ever. It’s fast and straightforward, hence you don’t need special IT skills to perform it. Initially, you could easily lose your entire photo library because of a single wrong move.

Apple, Microsoft, and Google have developed operating systems with built-in tools for performing a factory reset. With more applications on the cloud, your essential data is likely already backed up online for access anytime, anywhere.

Resetting your laptop is an effective way to get it working again after encountering all kinds of problems. After all, systems files get corrupted, software becomes bloated, and the hard drive fills up with junk over time.

With a computer reset, you delete almost all unnecessary programs and malware present in your system. After wiping out everything from your laptop, you’ll be working with a blank slate. This means you get to install only the applications you need and include only important files on your PC.

Will Resetting Laptop Remove Everything – Backup All Your Essentials!

Before you begin the factory reset process, backup all your videos, photos, documents, and ensure that you’re able to reinstall all your programs. Keep all your sync data and browser passwords safe, including executable files for all your essential programs. You may want to check if the software you use can be installed from the internet.

Cloud services, such as Spotify and Netflix keep data online, meaning most data today resides on the internet. However, confirm that you’ve backed up all essentials stored on your computer because resetting your PC will delete everything.

Use an external hard drive or a cloud storage service to back up your files or data. Take enough time to prepare your laptop for the reset instead of rushing things up. When all is said and done, you’re ready to reset your laptop to enjoy all the benefits that come with having a clean computer.

How to Factory Reset Laptop in Windows 10

A factory reset allows you to remove everything or keep your files. But even in the latter case, you still have to reinstall your programs after the cleanup process. In the former case, you’ll reinstall programs and reactivate applications, such as the Microsoft Office.

The two computer reset options include:

·         Remove files and clean the hard drive – this option is recommended if you intend to resell your laptop or give it away because it removes all personal information, files, and programs. The process is longer than the other reset option.

·         Just remove my files – this option is ideal for a fresh start when you intend to keep using the PC. It’s faster than the first option and handy if you don’t have enough time to run the first reset option.

Here’s how to wipe your laptop and make it faster:

1)      Click on “Start” and select “Settings.” You can also press the combination of “Windows” and letter “i” shortcut keys and release.

2)      Click on “Update & Security.”

Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster-How to Factory Reset Laptop in Windows 10
Factory resetting your computer will wipe out everything, but you can choose to keep your files.

3)      Click on “Recovery” and select “Get Started” below the “Reset this PC” tab.

Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster-Update and Security
Be sure to back up any important documents before you begin this process.
Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster-Recovery
You’re going to need to take a few steps to get your PC back up and running again.

4)      Choose a suitable reset option – “Remove everything” or “Keep my files.”

Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster-Get Started
If you don’t like a file, delete it. If you want to keep something, choose “Keep my files.”

5)      Click on “Reset” to start the process.

6)      Windows 10 will restart and prepare to begin the process. Resetting will occur and may take time depending on the amount of data stored on your computer.

7)      Windows checks for drive errors and fixes them.

8)      Windows 10 OS reinstalls to give you a clean, out of the box user experience (OOBE).

9)      Personalize your Windows – create a user account, change privacy settings, and connect to Wi-Fi.

10)   Follow the prompts to select your country, keyboard layout, and time zone.

11)   Click “Next.”

12)   Go through the “End User License Agreement” and accept the terms.

Will Resetting My Laptop Make it Faster-Go through the “End User License Agreement” and accept the terms
Accept the terms of the “End User License Agreement” and click “I agree” to get started.

13)   Customize your privacy settings – you can skip this step and do it later (Click on “Start” then “Settings” then “Privacy”).

14)   Give Windows time to restart.

15)   Create your username, and choose a strong password and a hint to help you remember the pass in case you forget it.

16)   Click on “Next.”

17)   Windows installation completes.

If you don’t want to do a rest, you can perform a repair upgrade on your Windows operating system to achieve the same results.

How to Make My Laptop Faster Without Factory Resetting

A slow computer is annoying, wastes time, and can hamper your productive tasks. If you’re experiencing this problem and would like to boost your PC without factory resetting, consider the following effective tips:

  • Scan your machine’s health daily and use an antivirus program to remove malware.
  • Uninstall multiple antivirus programs on your PC, leaving just one to prevent software conflicts, improve the safety of your PC, and boost its performance.
  • ·Free your hard drive space if it’s low on storage and causes your laptop to run slowly, eliminating all temporary files.
  • Upgrade or replace your RAM and hard drive for fast performance. For example, you can replace HDDs with SSDs for fast speed and performance.
  • Clean your system registry to remove clutter and boost performance speeds – registry stores program and Windows files in its database. Take caution not to interfere with the registry because a single move can easily break or make your system.
  • Roll back or restore your operating system to undo changes that may be responsible for slowing down your PC. Create an image of your system every month to ease reverting back when it slows down.
  • Change how you use your system to prevent the same issues from reoccurring.
  • Disable start-up programs that usually run in the background and fancy visuals in Windows.


Computers slow down over time as junk builds up in the system. Resetting your laptop can make it faster because it removes the programs and files, including malware, slowing it down.

However, the faster speeds may not last long, explaining the need to boost your PC speed and performance in other ways. 

Anything from registry cleanups to replacing HDDs with SSDs can boost speeds. We hope that you found this article useful and it answered your question.


Will Resetting Laptop Remove Virus?

Yes. Resetting your laptop will remove viruses if you choose the option for removing everything from your system for a fresh start.

Will Resetting Windows 10 Speed Up My Computer?

Yes. Resetting Windows 10 can speed up your PC, but only temporary. Take other measures to ensure that your computer runs faster for longer.

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