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Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled? (3 Solutions!)

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This error screen will not be new if you regularly use your computer. Troubleshooting is one way to resolve several errors and restore your computer to an excellent working condition. So knowing how to fix this error screen any time it pops up is something every computer user should be familiar with. 

Most computers and laptops run with the Windows operating system, and one fantastic feature of this OS is the Troubleshooter tool which helps you to discover and quickly resolve errors and problems on your computer. In addition, the tool provides suggestions on the ideal fix for each problem discovered. Not all errors, however, can be resolved with this tool, and the ” windows online troubleshooting shooting is disabled” error screen of one such.

This article will shed more light on what the ” windows online troubleshooting shooting is disabled” error screen is and why it may occur. We will highlight the various steps to resolve this error screen as quickly as possible. 

What Does This Error Screen Mean? 

The error screen often displays when there is a problem with an online error fixing attempt. It means that your Troubleshooter’s online access has somehow been disabled and thus cannot perform its required tasks successfully. In addition, the error may also occur when your computer system has to download some updates from the internet.  

Once this error message pops up on your screen, some issues can be responsible for it. They include: 

  • Issues resulting on the computer due to performing an online drive update. 
  • Windows updates from the internet can also result in this error screen occurring. 
  • Finally, incompatible internet drivers can also contribute to this error message showing on your screen.

How To Resolve This Error Screen 

How To Resolve This Error Screen
Resolve the error by checking the following ways below

There are different steps to take when dealing with this error. Before carrying any out, however, know the Windows version installed on your computer. To do this, press the Windows key and R, type in winver, and then click Ok. 

Another thing you should check is the troubleshooter your computer uses, especially if you downloaded it from Microsoft, as some of them are picky regarding OS functioning. Once you have confirmed both the Windows version and the troubleshooter tool, you can then resolve the error in the following ways: 

Solution #1 – Using the scripted diagnostics policy 

Some computer users find this step quite handy when faced with this error screen as it is an easy way to enable an online troubleshooting service. Follow these steps to resolve the error with this method: 

  1. Locate the Group Policy Editor on your Windows. Do this by typing gpedit.msc in the Execute prompt and press Enter
What Do You Do When Your Computer Displays Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled - Using the scripted diagnostics policy#1
First step in diagnosing Screen Error
  1. After this, click on Computer Configuration and then choose Administrative Templates
What Do You Do When Your Computer Displays Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled - Computer Configuration#1
Click Computer Configuration, then choose Administrative Templates
  1. The System interface pops up afterward, where you should select Troubleshooting and Diagnostics and then Scripted Diagnostics in the following interface. 
What Do You Do When Your Computer Displays Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled - Scripted Diagnostic#1
Select Troubleshooting and Diagnostics and then Scripted Diagnostics 

Next, activate the “Allow users to access online troubleshooting content on Microsoft servers” policy. 

Once this policy is enabled, the error screen will disappear, allowing you to run troubleshooting freely on your computer. 

Solution #2 – Registry Editor 

Every Windows OS comes with this tool which permits authorized users to view and make changes in the Windows registry. To fix this error, using this method will require you to edit the registry and set the software publishing state value. Editing this tool, of course, is not dangerous as long as you are well informed of the steps you take. Carry out this process with the following steps: 

  1. Type Regedit in the search box found on your taskbar. Then select Registry Editor to open the tool. 
What Do You Do When Your Computer Displays Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled- Registry Editor#2
Edit the registry and set the software publishing state value
  1. Once it is opened, locate the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WinTrust\Trust Providers\Software Publishing\State folder. 
  1. Next, ensure that the value of the DWORD (State) is inputted as 23c00
  1. If there is a different value, input the above-stated one, click OK and close the registry. 
  1. Once you have done this, the error will cease to appear when you run troubleshooting. 

Solution #3 – Using DISM command

DISM stands for Deployment Image and Servicing Management, and you can fix the error using this method. Follow these steps to resolve the error: 

Search for Command Prompt on the Windows Search Bar, click on it and as the interface opens, choose Run an Administrator

What Do You Do When Your Computer Displays Windows Online Troubleshooting Service Is Disabled- Using DISM command#3
Search Command Prompt on the Windows Search Bar and choose Run an Administrator

Once this is done, type the following commands and click Enter each time: DISM/ Online/ Clean-Up Image/ CheckHealth, DISM/ Online/ Clean-Up Image/ ScanHealth, DISM/ Online/ Clean-Up Image/ RestoreHealth.  

After doing this, restart your computer, and once your computer fully boots, the error screen will disappear.

Final Thoughts

Most times, the ” windows online troubleshooting service is disabled” error message appears when attempting to troubleshoot. It is often due to internet drivers, incomplete system updates, or faulty online drive updates. In addition, it can also occur due to incompatibility of the Troubleshooter or Windows version. When such an error occurs, you should not worry much as it can be fixed. 

You can resolve this error screen using the scripted diagnostics policy, registry editor, or by running the DISM command. Any of these methods will effectively help you resolve this error and keep it from occurring every time you attempt to troubleshoot. With this knowledge, you can quickly resolve this error message whenever it appears on your computer screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Windows Troubleshooter Not Working? 

Usually, when this tool suddenly stops working on a computer, it is because of file corruption. That is, the files which it runs with are already corrupted. Your Windows Troubleshooter can also stop working when you are not using the tool correctly.

How Do I Enable Online Troubleshooting Service On My Computer? 

First, go to your computer Settings, click on Update & Security, then select Troubleshoot. After doing this, choose the troubleshooting you want to do and then click on Run the troubleshooter. Also, while the troubleshooter runs, you will be required to answer some questions to aid the fixing of your computer. 


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