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Coin Master Achievements Guide (Rewards & Tips)

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Coin Master has many events that pop up regularly as you play and gain more levels. Eventually, you will receive a pop-up for achievements, which can significantly benefit your account! Below, we have put together a guide on Coin Master Achievements and how the feature works to collect some of the most significant rewards!

What are “Achievements” in Coin Master?

Achievements are limited-time events that provide you cool rewards daily to be added to your account’s value. The achievements will assign you a task; you will simply collect your winnings once finished. This is extremely simple to play and is an easy way to receive great rewards.

The way Achievements work is straightforward to track. To check your progress, you will have an Achievements bar at the top of your screen, which will also display potential rewards for each associated achievement. On the contrary, if you would like to see how much time is left, you can also see how much time is left in the event badge on the main screen of Coin Master.

What are “Achievements” in Coin Master?
Achievements progress bars in Coin Master / Pigtou.com

Where Do I Find Coin Master Achievements?

If you struggle to find your Coin Master Achievements feature, consider tapping the event badge on the main screen. Remember that the achievements feature is not available on all the villages in Coin Master. It is, however, available for accounts with a minimum village level of 120.

There might be multiple events per village, containing different tasks and rewards.

To unlock Achievement Event, your village has to be at level 120 or higher
To unlock Achievement Event, your village has to be at level 120 or higher / Pigtou.com

Can I Get Rewards for Completed Achievements from a Locked Day?

 If you finish an achievement on a locked day, don’t worry; you’ll be able to collect your rewards once the day unlocks. You can complete any action from any day, but only the ones performed while the event is live will give you progress in the main bar. So make sure the event is active before spending time on the actions.

New actions to accomplish are unlocked every 24 hours from the event’s start. The following day will show as a locked day.

What Rewards Can You Get for Completing Achievement Pack?

Every Achievement Pack and each day of achievements have their rewards. These can be completely random rewards:

  • Spins
  • Coins
  • Gems
  • Pet XP
  • Cards
  • Food for Pets
  • Chests
  • and More
Rewards you can win by completing Achievement Pack
Rewards you can win by completing Achievement Pack / Pigtou.com

You can get small rewards like 100 spins or 500M coins by completing daily tasks, which is a massive win if you log in daily. Each achievement pack usually has functions for up to 7 days.  By completing all day duties, you get a bigger reward, but once you complete tasks from all unlocked days, you get a grand prize that will significantly improve your gaming results.

Example of Grand Prize of Achievement Event
Example of Grand Prize of Achievement Event / Pigtou.com

Tips to Get the most out of Coin Master Achievements (from an experienced player)

We talked to a few experienced players who have given some of the best tips for getting the most out of the Coin Master Achievements. Here are few pointers:

  1. Always work towards the grand prize; it will significantly improve your results and help to unlock new villages.
  2. The achievement pack consists of tasks for up to 7 days; the key is to play every day while working towards the grand prize.
  3. Try to complete all tasks of the day. These could add your name to the tournament. Some jobs require a lot of effort.

TIP: Extra daily coins and spins help complete daily tasks.

Alternatively, you can ask your friends or team members to send you spins or coins. This is another tip that is a bit different, but it works!

Tips to Get the most out of Coin Master Achievements
Tips to get the most out of Coin Master Achievement / Pigtou.com

List of Tasks in the Achievement Pack

If you want more details on what the Achievement Pack consists of, these are tasks for all days we’ve seen in Coin Master.

Day 1:

  • Collect raid with Foxy for 3k times
  • Build 20 times
  • Log in for one day
  • Rank in the Top 3 in a tournament
  • Collect 180 cards

Day 2:

  • Log in for two days
  • Open five seasonal chests
  • Collect 400 cards
  • Use 150k spins
  • Build 35 times

Day 3:

  • Login for three days
  • Collect 650 cards
  • Make any purchase
  • Rank top 3 in a tournament
  • Use 275k spins

Day 4:

  • Login for four days
  • Open 15 seasonal chests
  • Spend seven tokens
  • Attack with Tiger 20k times
  • Raid 17k times

Day 5:

  • Login for five days
  • Use 4 Joker cards
  • Use 650k spins
  • Collect 15k cards
  • Build 65 times

Day 6:

  • Login for six days
  • Spend 25 tokens
  • Raid 55k times
  • Open 30 seasonal chests
  • Build 85 times

Day 7:

  • Login for seven days
  • Spend 40 tokens
  • Attack 180k times
  • Collect 2k cards
  • Rank Top 1 in a tournament


How do you get Achievements in Coin Master?

Achievements is a random pop-up event that allows you to unlock new rewards every 24 hours. So the best advice is to play the game and keep looking for a special occasion!

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