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EXCLUSIVE: First live images of Meizu Pro 8 Plus leaked

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Smartphone maker Meizu may have withdrawn from most markets, but it continues to be talked about around many forums worldwide. The company has been known for some prolific smartphones over time, and it may be planning to launch the Meizu Pro 8 Plus soon. We obtained the first live images of the device, which seem to confirm an earlier leak showing the same device through Meizu’s patent for the device.

Meizu Pro 8 Plus back leak

The new images show three cameras on the back on a single module, along with a fourth sensor where the fingerprint sensor is often placed. It’s possible that this fourth sensor will be a camera dedicated to shooting macro photographs. This makes sense, since Meizu’s competitors like Xiaomi, Realme and others have recently been taking the macro camera route too.

Further, the device has an in-display fingerprint sensor and an edge-to-edge display. The resolution and other specs of this display aren’t quite clear yet, but the phone does look compact here. Since the Pro 7 series stuck with a compact display as well, it’s possible that Meizu isn’t looking to break the 6-inch mark with this one. The back of the device seems to be curved near the edges and the design seems to suggest a fully glass body. 

One important change is in how Meizu is fitting in the front camera. While the phone does have a notch, like many others today, it doesn’t stick out like on other phones. Instead, Meizu seems to have made the notch a part of the whole design and it flows smoothly over the top part of the phone’s display. It’s an impressive design on Meizu’s part, if this is indeed how the phone turns out to be.

Meizu had recently announced the trial version of the FlyMe 8 user interface for its smartphones, which probably means that that’s the version you’ll see on this device as well. FlyMe is Meizu’s in-house operating system and 

The launch dates for the Meizu Pro 8 Plus isn’t clear at the moment. Since the Pro 7 series used MediaTek Helio branded chipsets, it’s likely that this one will continue with the MediaTek partnership as well.

Meizu Pro 8 Plus front leak
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