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How to Earn Real Money in Coin Master (5 Methods)

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Coin Master is a well-known platform to gamble and earn coins towards your Coin Master profile. These profiles can become quite valuable, and players can become highly talented in playing Coin Master.

If you love Coin Master, play it regularly, and wonder if you can make real money from this app, we will explain how you can convert your playing hours and in-app assets into real money and transfer them to your bank account or PayPal.

Can You Earn Money on Coin Master?

No, you cannot earn real money directly from Coin Master. Although there are a few ways of making real money from Coin Master through a few outstanding side hustles that many gamers have alternated towards to earn from their work.

Below are a few alternative ways to earn using Coin Master to level up faster and make your account more valuable. Let’s take a look!

5 ways to earn real money on Coin Master
5 ways to earn real money on Coin Master

Cash’em Android App

Cash'em app to earn from Coin Master
Use Cash’em app to earn real money by playing favorite games

Although you cannot use it forever, this app helps boost your income by playing free games like Coin Master. However, some people reported that after a couple of hours, it does stop accumulating points, which is something to keep in mind after taking in everything you can from this app.

This app is genuine and legitimately converts points into real money, being able to be transferred into your bank account. The payout amount is insignificant, but it is worth something to gain while playing some of your favorite games.

The Cash’em Android App is only available on the Google Play Store and cannot be obtained on the iPhone.

Sell Cards on eBay

Some cards that you receive in Coin Master are scarce and can be sold on selling marketplaces such as eBay. eBay is a large marketplace for specific rare cards on Coin Master, such as the El Diablo, which costs over $100 each!

Based on the seller’s feedback, these cards are legitimately sold through eBay.

Earn real money by selling Coin Master cards on eBay
Earn real money by selling Coin Master cards on eBay

Sell Coins and Spins

Although it can be rare, you could have many spare coins and spins to sell to other Coin Master players. The best places to advertise this service would be on eBay or through Facebook groups.

As an example of prices, we found a pack of 48,000 spins costing $140 on eBay. Or even a 100,000 collection of spins plus 20 boxes for $370! Don’t forget to claim your daily Coin Master free spins and coins on Pigtou.

If there are other great locations to post requests for spins or coins, feel free to let us know!

Alternatively, you can trade your coins and spins into cards, which can thus be sold on marketplaces like eBay.

Sell or Flip Accounts on G2G

G2G.com is a huge gaming platform for many different gamers and is only driven by gamers who buy and sell game accounts and in-game items. G2G attracts more than 5 million monthly visitors and can provide you with enough buyers who can buy your Coin Master account.

Typically, account prices can range from $100 to $300, although VIP accounts depending on the worth, can go up into the $1,000’s! Of course, the more your account contains in-game assets, the higher price you can ask.

Alternatively, you can try flipping Coin Master accounts. Buy an underpriced account and sell for a higher price. This is more difficult to do and requires a lot of your time. But if you are talented enough and work hard, this can be a steady income.

Monetize Gameplay on Youtube

Although not everyone wants to go this route, playing Coin Master and recording your gameplay on Youtube could become a massive hit for you. First, you will get new subscribers and public watch hours. Then, you will receive many subscribers as you post more recordings, eventually allowing you to monetize your videos. Usually, you need to hit around 1,000 subscribers AND 4,000 hours to start monetizing.

Additionally, you can search for sponsors who could pay you a percentage if you advertise their products through your videos.

The main benefit of running your Youtube channel for Coin Master to earn real money is building your audience. So try to stick towards gaming content so you can bring in more viewers from other games besides just Coin Master.

There are many ways you can play Coin Master and earn real money. The possibilities are endless, from selling cards on eBay to owning a Youtube channel!


Why Is Coin Master So Successful?

Coin Master, unlike other similar platforms, allows players to socialize and play casino-style gameplay, giving them a casino right to their fingertips. As casinos have always been so successful in reality, the same can also go for digital apps such as Coin Master.

Do Celebrities Play Coin Master?

Jennifer Lopez, David Schwimmer, Ben Higgins, and the Kardashians have been known to play Coin Master in their free time. However, there could be way more celebrities that also play this game.

Can You Earn Real Money in Coin Master?

The short answer is yes. We explain 5 working ways in our article.

Does it Cost Real Money to Play Coin Master?

The app is free, although it includes in-app purchases throughout the game for spins and other in-game items. In-app purchases are pretty standard in most games lately, which have an investment of real money in Coin Master.

How Does Coin Master Make So Much Money?

Coin Master, like many other gaming apps, includes small in-app purchases throughout the game, which is the game’s primary source of income, as the app is entirely free to play in the beginning.

What do you get from Coin Master?

Since Coin Master does not directly offer real money, Coin Master does offer in-game rewards such as Pet’s, Spins, and Extra Coins, which gives higher value to your Coin Master profile.

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