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Jumble Answers for Today, and Useful Tips and Hints to Play Better

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Jumble is a brainteaser and online word puzzle game created by Martin Naydel in 1954; however, the game was called “Scramble.” Since then, Jumble has become popular in daily newspapers around the world. Jumble is also available on Android, Apple, and Amazon devices. 

The goal of the game is to unscramble various sets of letters to form four actual words. Jumble is an excellent way to keep your mind busy and while away time. The answer to today’s Jumble puzzle can be found below. 

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What is Jumble?

Jumble was initially known as “Scramble” when it was created in 1954 by Martin Naydel. Jumble has had many owners since then but still retains its popularity. Furthermore, Jumble is the most popular word scramble game in the United States with millions of daily players and can be found in over 500 newspapers across the globe.

How to Play Jumble?

Jumble is a puzzle game that includes a hint, a diagram of the hint, and a set of scrambled words. Players are expected to solve the scrambled words by arranging the letters to spell out the correct answer to the hint.

The clue and drawing give tips and hints about the correct answer. The answer to the daily Jumble is usually a joke, homophone, or pun. This puzzle consists of four anagrams, two letters out of six and two letters out of five, followed by a clue and blank spaces for the answer.

How to Play Jumble

When You Need Help with Jumble

Have you ever been stumped while attempting to solve Jumble? Don’t fret; we’ve all been there. When you’re stuck, you can use a Jumble solver to arrange the letters in place. You can use this tool to unscramble word puzzles or a mobile word game.

The word solver can also be used in other games such as Words with Friends or other Scrabble games. A Jumble solver will also come in handy when solving crossword puzzles, newspaper puzzles, and language games. Remember, when you use a Jumble solver, you won’t need to pay because the service is free.

What is a Jumble Solver?

A word Jumble solver helps unscramble the daily jumbled words and solves the puzzle. Select the length of the jumbled word, input the jumbled word, and tap “solve.” Afterward, the correct answer to the Jumble will be highlighted. Moreover, if you’re stuck on the daily Jumble and can’t figure out the answer, you can use a Jumble Cheat.

A jumble solver can also be used as a scrabble word finder, word unscrambler, word generator, Words With Cookies cheat, Words With Friends cheat, and other puzzle games. The options are limitless. 

Furthermore, players can unscramble words with seven letters, six letters, five letters, and so on. A jumble solver will help you complete the daily Jumble puzzle in no time. Also, players can unjumble a single word, two words, three words, four words, or an entire sentence. 

Furthermore, for wildcard characters, you can use symbols or space. Click on the search button, and a list of words will pop up, unscrambling the letters. Also, you can use advanced options to find a word with a specific length or pattern. Select the appropriate jumble answer that matches the puzzle.

Benefits of Using a Jumble Solver

Here are six benefits of using a Jumble solver.

  • Players can earn high points in online and offline word games.
  • Players can use the cheat mode to get fresh ideas on possible words.
  • This is an excellent tool for solving complex scrambled words.
  • Players can also use the Jumble solver as a word generator.
  • The Jumble solver helps players save time.

Tips to Solve Jumble Puzzles

Here are some tips to help you solve Jumble puzzles. We recommend keenly following the tips below to help improve your game.

  • Make sure to practice regularly. The more puzzles you solve, the better you will be at solving complex letters. 
  • Bear in mind the number of vowels in a Jumble puzzle. Try arranging the letters until you can figure out the possible answer.
  • Look out for word pairs like TH, WH, or BR. Spotting pairs make it easier to guess the answer. 
  • Also, pay attention to the first letter in every unscrambled set.
  • Notice how the words look when arranged forward and backward. This simple trick will help you look at the word differently. For example, WORHT looks like THROW when arranged backward. Write down the words, think about which words go together, and see what clicks. 
  • Another tip is saying possible words out loud. Reading out words out loud can get your creative juices flowing. We suggest rearranging the letters by writing the words in a different order. 
  • Look at the hint’s diagram and try figuring out how the clue relates to the unscrambled words. 
  • You can also look at the clue from Jumble. These clues will show you letters that can fit in the blank spaces. 
  • As a last resort, you can use the Jumble word solver. Simply save the link and visit the website anytime you want. Another option is searching on Google for the daily Jumble answer.


Jumble is another thrilling game to add to your favorite games list, and it’s sure to keep growing in popularity. Also, we suggest telling your family and friends about Jumble. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you play Jumble?

Anyone can play Jumble in most daily newspapers worldwide. You can also play Jumble online; simply visit the official Jumble website: https://www.jumble.com.

How do you play Jumble?

The rules of Jumble are easy to follow. Jumble is a puzzle game that includes a clue, a diagram of the clue, and a set of scrambled words. Players are expected to solve the scrambled words by arranging the letters to spell the correct answer to the clue.

The clue and drawing usually indicate the possible Jumble answer. The answer to the Jumble puzzle is usually a joke or a pun. Jumble includes four anagrams, two letters out of six and two letters out of five, followed by a clue and blank spaces for the answer.

Try unscrambling the set of words to form common words. To form a new word, one letter is placed in each square. Each letter that is circled attracts bonus points. Also, look at the clue and think about the possible answers that fit the set of words. 

Directions for Daily Jumble

Each letter in the answer is worth 10 points. If you solve the puzzle within 30 seconds, your score gets multiplied by 5. The multiplier drops to 4 for the next 30 seconds, and so on. If you get stuck, press the “HINT” button. Bear in mind that hints subtract 15 points. Solve Jumble as quickly as possible to earn a high score.

Jumble Mobile Instructions

We recommend playing Jumble in Portrait mode on your smartphone for a more enjoyable experience. 

On your smartphone, click on a letter to add it to the first available answer square. 
Select your pick from the scrambled letters and arrange the letter in the right order till you solve the puzzle. 
If you enter the wrong letter, select the incorrect letters to return them to the letter tray. 
When you solve the puzzle, the answer square will be highlighted.
If you’re stumped and need some help, Select the “HINT” icon for helpful tips. 
When playing Jumble on smaller devices, the website’s buttons will automatically re-arrange playing Jumble to save screen space.

Once you’re done solving the Jumble puzzle, click on the calendar icon to play another game from Jumble’s archive.

What are the Functions of the Button and Icons on the Jumble website? 

The printer icon will print a hard copy of Jumble to play with your friends offline.
When you lick the calendar icon, an archive of Jumble puzzles will open. Players can use this tab to track their Jumble progress.
The hint button highlights one correct letter, making guessing the right word easier. However, note that clicking the hint button deducts 15 points from your total score.
Selecting the solve button quickly solves the entire Jumble puzzle.
Tapping the reset button restarts the puzzle and resets the score to zero.

Other Versions of Jumble

Asides from being playable on multiple online platforms, like the Tribune Content Agency website. Jumble is also available for download through mobile game applications like iTunes and Amazon Kindle. In addition, Jumble books were published by Triumph Books, Tyndale House Publishers, and Andrews McMeel Publishing.

Furthermore, The United States Playing Card Company also sells Jumble as a Bicycle playing card with different game titles like “Jumble Solitaire” and “Jumble Word Meld.” In 1994, a TV game show based on Jumble aired. The show aired on The Family Channel and was hosted by game show veteran Wink Martindale.

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