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OnePlus Fingertip Wearable to Track Finger’s Movements

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In recent years, technology companies have been working hard to create innovative devices that captivate their users. The era of standard-shaped smartphones has passed, giving way to a new wave of exciting developments. We now find ourselves at the rise of foldable phones, and we’re gradually witnessing the emergence of rollable screens, smart glasses, and other groundbreaking inventions.

Our collaboration with David from @xleaks7 has granted us an exclusive look into the fascinating world of wearable technology. We’ve obtained a glimpse of OnePlus’ latest creation, a revolutionary fingertip wearable that has recently been patented by the Chinese tech company.

OnePlus fingertip wearable that detects finger's movements
OnePlus fingertip wearable that detects finger’s movements / Image: Pigtou.com

The recently patented fingertip wearable device described in the patent brings a whole new level of convenience and interaction with our smart devices. Imagine wearing a flexible sleeve on your finger that is equipped with advanced technology. This positioning sleeve contains essential components like a circuit board, power supply, processor, and even a Wi-Fi module.

Connected to the positioning sleeve is a thrust member, which gently pushes against your nail. This allows an inertial measurement module to accurately capture and detect the motion of your finger. The detected motion information is then sent to the processor, which generates control signals based on your finger’s movements.

Consists of flexible positioning sleeve, thrust member and inertial measurement module
Consists of a flexible positioning sleeve, thrust member, and inertial measurement module / Image: Pigtou.com

These control signals are then transmitted by the Wi-Fi module to external smart devices such as smartphones or smart glasses. This means that you can perform various operations on your connected devices by simply moving your finger.

What’s truly remarkable is that this fingertip wearable is designed to detect a wide range of movements, from slower and more deliberate actions to rapid vibrations. It’s also compatible with different communication technologies like Bluetooth, infrared, radio frequency, and Wi-Fi, enabling seamless connectivity to a variety of devices.

The flexibility of the positioning sleeve ensures that this wearable device can comfortably fit fingers of various sizes. It’s a user-friendly and adaptable solution for everyone.

OnePlus innovation of inputting information
OnePlus innovation of inputting information / Image: Pigtou.com

This innovative wearable is set to revolutionize the way we interact with our smart devices. It introduces a new and more convenient way of inputting information, making our digital experiences even more intuitive and exciting.

OnePlus patent: in Chinese and English.

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