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Replacing Laptop Screen with Higher Resolution (Complete Guide)

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A laptop screen with a low pixel won’t give you peace, especially if you love gaming or watching videos. Giving your laptop a screen with a higher resolution is the best choice.

So, what should you do to make the best choice? Well, you should worry less. 

We’ll help you choose the best upgrade for your screen. Also, we’ll look at why a screen with more pixels matters and what to do if you can’t upgrade your screen.

Why a Better Screen Resolution Matters?

Your laptop’s screen size is essential, but the resolution is also vital for amazing graphics. The screens with unique pixels allow your laptop to show better pictures and videos.

This great hardware suits modern-day laptop gamers. Today, most games need laptops to have a far much greater resolution.

Playing some of these games on lower resolution PCs will lag the games. Later on, it will reduce the PC’s battery life.

Also, if you have eye problems, go for a laptop with a higher resolution. Expect the images and icons will appear more refined than on screens with lower pixels.

The Higher Resolution Screens to Choose for Your PC

The upgrade you want varies with your laptop’s present resolution. As technology advances, the lowest upgrade you should go for is 1600 by 900 (HD plus). It suits the budget laptops in the market.

Also, you can go for 1920 by 1080 (Full HD or 1080p). It best suits most gaming laptops, 2-in-1s, and mainstream laptops.

You can have a high-end screen like 2560 by 1440 (WQHD or QHD) or 3200 by 1800 (WQXGA and QHD). Also, the 4k, which has 3840 by 2160 pixels, is fantastic. Choose these screens if your PC can meet the specs.

Is this Replacement Possible?

Yes, it’s actually easy. You can replace your screen. It’s possible as long as your laptop can meet the features on the new screen you want.

Replacing your PC with a new screen is great, but you shouldn’t do it yourself. Sometimes, the YouTube videos can help, but you may lose some PC parts.

Some firms can replace the screen for you. Also, you can take it to a tech guy to reduce the chances of destroying your laptop. Before that, there are some tips you should first consider.

Tips to Look at Before Replacing the Current Screen

Various factors will guide you before getting a screen with a better resolution. Please read on to find out.

Can Your Laptop Handle the Screen? 

Any tech firm will advise you to pick a screen that fits your laptop. This aspect comes clear when you look at your laptop’s firmware.

Some companies make laptops that limit you from upgrading the hardware. It happens when a firm design a list of LCD screen models on the PC’s firmware.

If the new screen you’d love to give your laptop isn’t among the models, forget about the replacement. Such screens won’t work at all.

Remember, all hope isn’t lost if this is your case. You can visit the brand’s website and update your laptop’s firmware.

After that, high chances will be that the new screen is on the safelist. Also, focus on the new screen’s display aspect ratio. Pick on a size that fits your laptop.

Laptop’s Video Cable

Laptop's Video Cable

You should understand your laptop quite well before picking a new screen. Ensure you look at the PC’s internal areas like the video cable.

These parts show the pictures and videos on your screen. Screens fit different types of video cables. It varies with the quality of wires and data lanes.

Go for the 3k or 4k screens if your laptop can use the 4-lane video cables. If it only has the 2-lane cable, the best your screen can hold is a 1080p screen.

GPU’s Ability

Your laptop’s graphics processing unit (GPU) should hold the new screen’s specs. Most laptops have pixels of about 1366 by 768 (HD) and 1920 by 1080 (Full HD or 1080p).

If you want a screen with a 3K or 4K resolution, ensure your GPU can handle it. So, if your PC can’t have a 1080p resolution, you should rethink replacing the screen.

Expect your laptop to overheat if the GPU can’t handle more pixels. Later on, it will cause more harm than good to your laptop.

Your Budget

Besides looking at the above three factors, your budget is also vital. You’ll get many higher-resolution screens at different prices.

Yes, it’s safe to choose the best brand. But ensure you pick on a screen that you afford in the market.

What to do if Your Laptop can’t hold a Higher Resolution Screen

So, what can you do if your laptop doesn’t meet the above needs for a replacement? Your dream of a screen with a better resolution shouldn’t end at this point.

You can still watch your content with far much better quality. Sometimes, you can go for an external monitor if it is within your budget. Remember, you can connect such screens to your PC.

Will the 4k monitor be a burden on your PC’s cooling system? Never worry because such a monitor won’t show your laptop’s 1080 pixels.

Expect the outer screen to show the GPU’s image quality. Remember, go for the 4K monitor if your laptop’s graphic card can handle 3K or 4K quality.


Upgrading your laptop’s screen resolution is a great way to enrich your viewing time. A higher screen resolution means more pixels for your screen, which results in amazing image quality.

Before you upgrade, ensure you consider if the laptop is compatible with the screen. Also, look at your budget, its video cable specs, and the graphics.

If your PC meets these needs, you can upgrade the resolution to HD plus, Full HD, or even 4K. But if your laptop can’t meet these factors, you can opt to go for a 4K monitor that supports these features. 

Pigtou.com is supported by its audience. When you buy through the links on our website, we may earn a small commission.
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