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Coin Master Jackpot (Everything You Need to Know)

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Are you a newcomer to Coin Master and want to improve your skills to be like the veterans? There are many ways of improving in Coin Master, primarily through familiarizing yourself with the game and learning different tricks, including Coin Master Jackpot.

Below, we will cover everything you need to know about the Coin Master Jackpot and the event. Not only this, we will give you some tips on your chances of winning the Jackpot to earn some incredible prizes!

What is Jackpot Spin?

The “Jackpot Spin” is a unique feature allowing you to play for a chance to win a massive pot of coins. Each Jackpot Spin will be limited to the number of spins in your inventory. These spins can be earned through regular gameplay or by purchasing with real money.

Once players have enough spins, they can choose to play for the jackpot. Keep in mind you have to have a specific amount of spins before playing, and once you play, those spins are gone.

Keep in mind: The number of spins used by the player and the current condition of the game impact the player’s chances of winning the jackpot.

How to Build Jackpot Spins

There are three ways of building Jackpot Spins:

  • Attack
  • Raid
  • Shield

Each of these are vital to gaining spins for the Jackpot which will ultimately bring you bigger prizes.

Attack | Building Jackpot Spins

Let’s say you collected three of the same icon for a hammer, you now have the ability to attack any village of your choosing. You will also have the opportunity to have revenge on the users on the list who have attacked your community within the past few hours using attacks.

During the assault, you will concentrate on one of the most critical components and items within the enemy party’s village. This will help bring in some Jackpot Spins so participating in attacks is beneficial for your progress.

Raid | Building Jackpot Spins

As part of obtaining the three symbols required for a raid, you will be allowed to travel to other villages and conduct three separate excavations to recover the items that the residents of those towns have buried within their communities.

You will have the choice of having dissatisfaction with the raid’s outcome, choosing the location in the hamlet where you will seek, and finding an object.

Shield | Building Jackpot Spins

The shield is a particular item you can use to protect the village from attacks by other players. When your town is attacked, you can use the security to reduce the damage done to the town and the player’s progress in the game.

Once you have protection, you can use it to protect the village by activating it before an attack occurs. The shield will remain active for a certain period, covering the village from damage.

All three of these events should be continuous to build your reputation and thus build your Jackpot Spins.

What is Jackpot Event?

A “jackpot event” is a special event in the game in which participants have the chance to win a jackpot payout. These events may have varied themes or aims and may allow participants to win rare cards or many coins.

Jackpot events are typically limited-time, meaning they are only available for a set time (a few days or weeks). As a result, players may need to move to participate in these events and win the jackpot reward.

The circumstances determine the actual jackpot that the Coin Master creates. For example, if you spin the wheel you could end up winning the jackpot money if you play:

  • Jackpot Madness
  • April Fools Jackpot

The amount of the jackpot money increases with each spin, which is proportional to the benefits you obtain while spinning.

What is Jackpot Event?
Coin Master Jackpot Madness Event / Image: Pigtou.com

Chances of Winning the Jackpot Event

Although there are many statements from various players that it is possible to win the Jackpot, it is still extremely difficult, and merely impossible for most players. For many players, their attempts at playing the game had no results or progression towards winning. Despite this, many have also claimed to have seen their friends win the Jackpot right next to them.

If you win the Jackpot you are considered to be extremely fortunate to achieve this great success. Allowing players to feel accomplished for achieving something considered so unattainable.

Fool’s Day Jackpot Madness Event / Image: Pigtou.com

Spinning The Wheel of Jackpot

Spinning the wheel of Jackpot could end up having you waste a lot of money and time if you do not learn to limit yourself. It is a fix, so whether or not you land something could be 150 spins away.

Many players advise to not waste your money on spins to avoid major loss, although this is a gambling game. For this, it is important you weigh your losses before your gains.

Trying Your Luck

Despite the unlucky circumstances, you can spin the wheel and win the Jackpot money when playing Jackpot Madness and April Fools Jackpot. The money increases with each spin, which is proportional to the benefits you will obtain while spinning.


Is the Coin Master Jackpot Worth It?

It is definitely worth trying your luck, although spending a bunch of money trying to win the Jackpot is not recommended unless you have a set amount you are willing to lose.

Is Coin Master Profitable?

For the players, you can earn a lot of in game items through playing Coin Master. Although the company itself makes a major profit on players, generating over a billion dollars a year.

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