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Roku Patent: Roku Will Track Your Activities in Front of the TV

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Roku, the leading provider of streaming devices in North America with a 50% market share, is constantly working on enhancing its products and services. Recently, a patent published by Roku, discovered through our collaboration with David from @xleaks7, reveals an intriguing development in their technology.

According to the patent, future streaming devices and TVs from Roku may possess the capability to monitor activities happening in front of the TV. However, the purpose behind this technology is not to invade user privacy but rather to optimize power consumption and improve user experience.

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The proposed system will utilize Wi-Fi modules to detect the movements of the end-user. By doing so, it can dynamically adjust the device’s operating mode. When the system detects the presence of an end-user, it will switch from a low power consumption standby mode to an active mode, ensuring smooth operation. Conversely, if the system no longer detects any user movements, it will switch back to standby mode, conserving power.

Roku will be tracking end-users' movements and switching operational modes accordingly
Roku will be tracking end-users’ movements and switching operational modes accordingly / Image: Pigtou.com

To track user movements, the patent describes the use of one or more Wi-Fi modules installed in Roku devices. These modules will gather information about user presence and movement, enabling the system to perform specific actions accordingly.

Furthermore, the patent addresses scenarios where an end-user exits and reenters the monitored environment. In such cases, the system will trigger specific actions on the IoT device. For instance, if the user leaves the monitored area, the device might pause ongoing streams until the user returns.

This technology promises to enhance the user experience of Roku streaming devices, allowing for more efficient power usage and convenient interaction. However, it also raises questions about user privacy. As the technology monitors user activities, some users may have concerns about the extent of data collection and potential privacy implications.

Overall, while the new patent introduces interesting features that could improve the functionality of Roku streaming devices, it’s important to address privacy concerns and ensure transparency in how user data is handled.

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