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The Best Computer Spy Software: (Our Top 4 Picks!)

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Spying on someone’s computer is necessary for this era, particularly for parents and employers. When parents monitor their kids’ computer activities, they can control the type of content their kids watch and consume on the internet. For employers, monitoring employees’ computer activities means you will know whether they are productive or not. You would also be able to save them from potential hacking attempts, virus attacks, and so on.

You can use numerous spy apps to monitor someone’s computer activity, but one of the best spy apps in our top picks is ActivTrak. This spy software is loaded with advanced features that enable parents and employers to monitor their kids and employees. Read on to find out the best computer spy software available online. 

Review of The Best Computer Spy Software 

There are numerous computer spy software available online. This makes choosing the one that will work for your needs overwhelming. However, we have been able to curate some of the best computer spy software. Let’s get into it. 

1) ActivTrak 

Review of The Best Computer Spy Software - Activtrack


  • Productivity reporting 
  • Application and website usage monitoring
  • Integration 
  • Screenshots
  • Website and alarm blocking

ActivTrak is the first on our list, and the reason is simple. This spy software is one of the best spy apps for tracking and monitoring someone’s computer. ActivTrak can track and monitor multiple users concurrently without arousing any suspicion. 

Additionally, you can see your target’s computer activities from anywhere you choose using your ActivTrak account. This spyware is specifically designed to allow employers to track their employees’ computer activities. Besides tracking their computer activities, employers would also be able to view screenshots and view their screens using the screen recorder feature. This way, employers would know their organizations’ productive and unproductive employees. 


  • It uses a single, straightforward interface to offer the entire user’s computer activity.
  • It can be used to restrict certain pop-ups and websites. 
  • Graphs are outlined in pie-charts.  


  • Doesn’t record keystrokes. 


ActivTrak has a free version that can be used by users that only require basic features. However, there are two subscription plans if you want advanced features. 

  • Advanced Plan: $9.00/month 
  • Premium Plan: $15.00/month

2) FlexiSpy 

Review of The Best Computer Spy Software  - FlexiSpy


  • Phone call recording 
  • Digital communication tracking 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Social media monitoring 
  • Browser activity monitoring 

Flexispy is a multipurpose soy software. While numerous spy apps only support either computers or smartphones alone, Flexispy is one of the few spy apps that supports both. So, you can use it to monitor someone’s computer or smartphone activities without any issues. 

Flexispy has numerous exciting and premium features that make tracking and monitoring someone’s computer activities easy. You can track and intercept their communication on Messenger, Gmail, Skype, etc. You can also use its screen recording feature to record what your target is doing on their computer. This will allow you to monitor and control what they do with their computer. 


  • You can use it to create a detailed call report 
  • Uses the target’s camera to take pictures remotely 
  • Recording of live video and audio calls


  • Cannot restrict unwanted calls 


FlexiSpy comes with three subscription plans for its users. 

  • One-month plan: $79.00/month
  • Three months plan: $39.66/month 
  • Twelve months plan: $14.92/month

3) Qustodio

Review of The Best Computer Spy Software  - Qustodio


  • Content and app filtering
  • Computer activity monitoring 
  • GPS tracking 
  • Online reporting 

Qustodio is an effective spy software you can use to track your kids’ and employees’ online and offline computer activities. While this spyware is specifically designed for parents to control their kids’ computer activities, Qustodio can also be used by employers to keep an eye on their employees. All you would need before you can track or monitor your target is a “Qustodio account” and a “Qustodio client.” You can use Qustodio to track your target’s website activity on their computer, including private and Incognito modes. 

One of the significant advantages of Qustodio is that it offers the target’s usage graph that lets you know the websites your target access the most and the time they spend on each one. This spy app also tracks all the target’s computer applications, including social media apps. 


  • Easy to install and use 
  • Offers thorough computer activity monitoring. 
  • Can manage multiple computers concurrently. 


  • It doesn’t offer to uninstall protection. 


Qustodio offers a free version. However, it offers three subscription plans for users that want to upgrade their features. 

  • Small Plan: $54.95/year 
  • Medium Plan: $96.95/year
  • Large Plan: $137.95/year 

4) Spyrix Keylogger 

Review of The Best Computer Spy Software  - Spyrix


  • Computer activity monitoring 
  • Keylogging 
  • Web camera and screen recording 
  • Social media monitoring
  • Screenshot capturing 

Spyrix Keylogger is another effective spy software you can use to monitor and track someone’s computer activity. This spyware ensures you can monitor and record each keystroke your target type on their computer. It also takes screenshots of your target’s active programs at intervals to help you monitor all the activities on their computer. You can use your Spyrix account or the target computer feature in the application to view your target’s activity and record from any location. 


  • Easy to install and use 
  • Free trial available
  • Takes complete control of all target computer activities.


  • It has a limited storage capacity.


Spyrix keylogger has two different subscription categories for Windows and MacOS users. 

For Windows Users 

  • One PC: $69/year 
  • Three PCs: $79/year 
  • Five PCs: $129/year 

For MacOS users

  • One PC: $79/year 
  • Three PCs: $99/year 
  • Five PCs: $129/year 

Final Thoughts 

The numerous computer spy apps online make it incredibly difficult to choose the one that will suit your needs effectively. However, with this article, you are now aware of the best computer spy software available online. You can choose any of the highlighted spy apps according to your needs to monitor and track your target’s computer activities with no issues. We recommend the ActivTrak spy software if you want a spy app to help you comprehensively track someone’s computer activities without letting them know. It comes with a premium and useful features you would need to achieve your purpose.

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