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Best Spy Apps That Take Screenshots (A Quick Review!)

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One of the best ways to view the screen of your child’s or spouse’s phone is by using a spy app to do so remotely. This capability allows you to have better rest of mind because you’re presented with live images of what’s going on. 

iKeyMonitor is the best spy app that takes screenshots. This app is reliable and comes with various innovative features that make monitoring your spouse or child easier. Other notable apps include FlexiSpy, TheOneSpy, XNSPY, and Spyera. 

Let’s review five of the best spy apps that take screenshots and highlight their key features, pricing, pros, and cons. 

Review Of the Best 5 Spy Apps That Take Screenshots

This section will examine five of the best spy apps that take screenshots. We will highlight their key features, pricing pros, and cons.

1. iKeyMonitor

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Key Features:

  • Screenshot Capability
  • Message & Email monitoring
  • Internet Activity Monitoring

IKeymonitor is a reliable spy app that helps monitor your kids, spouses, or even employees. This spy app can be installed on iOS and Android devices and is put into stealth mode after installation. Setting up this app is also straightforward, and you can complete it in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, the GPS positioning feature enables the app to detect the target’s exact location using a GPS module. To use iKeyMonitor, you must first create an account and install the app on the target device.


  • iKeyMonitor offers advanced device tracking features.
  • You have unlimited access to the basic iKeyMonitor free trial (with basic features).
  • This app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • The non-rooted/non-jailbroken version has limited features; 
  • A few of its add-on features require users to subscribe separately.


iKeyMonitor offers two paid plans across all platforms.

  • Family Plan: $16.66 per month
  • Business Plan: $9.9 monthly per device (Subscription for 20+ devices required) 

2. FlexiSpy

Key Features:

  • Ambient Recording
  • Social Media and Message Tracking
  • Intuitive User Interface

FlexiSpy makes monitoring the activity of a loved one simple. This app can take screenshots to see what is going on at a particular moment. Furthermore, users can spy on text messages and social media sites with this app.

Furthermore, FlexiSpy can crack any passwords stored on any device. Therefore, you can do more with this app than other alternatives.

Lastly, this spy app also allows users to record calls. Also, FlexiSpy is easy to set up; however, the target device needs to be rooted or jailbroken.


  • This app works on any Apple and Android device.
  • FlexiSpy comes with advanced features, including screenshot capability, GPS location tracking, etc. 
  • Stealth mode allows tracking any device without getting detected.


  • FlexiSpy costs more than other spy apps.


FlexiSpy has three paid plans for iOS and Android devices:

  • Lite Plan: $29.95 per month
  • Premium Plan: $68 per month
  • Extreme Plan: $199 per month

3. TheOneSpy

Key Features:

  • Call Logs & Recording
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Live 360 Streaming

TheOneSpy is among the best spying apps for taking screenshots. The app includes numerous features for monitoring social media activities, logs, and personal information. Furthermore, it has a centralized dashboard where you can see all of the tracked data in real-time.

TheOneSpy is available on Android, Windows, and Mac. Because of its impressive features, it is an excellent mobile spy app. Unfortunately, iOS users cannot access this app. As a result, monitoring iPhone users’ activities is impossible.

This app’s dashboard, or control panel, is intuitive and easy to navigate. Almost all of TheOneSpy’s monitoring features are activated via the web dashboard. Furthermore, the control panel can be accessed in ten different languages, including French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, English, and others.


  • The app is easy to Install.
  • It allows you to monitor your target device in real-time.
  • This spy app can work on non-rooted devices.


  • There is no remote installation possible.


The TheOneSpy app offers two premium subscription options

For Android:

  • Standard Plan: $42 per month
  • All-In-One Plan: $67 per month

For Windows and Mac devices:

  • Basic Plan: $40 per month



Key Features:

Another advanced mobile spy app for Android and iOS is XNSPY. XNSPY can discreetly monitor various activities on the target device. 

It also has fantastic features like GPS tracking, screenshot capability, internet history monitoring, etc. Moreover, XNSPY can remotely record calls, monitor Wi-Fi logs, and other exciting features. This app is one of the most reliable spy apps you can download. 


  • The quick installation process allows you to use the spy app’s features right away. 
  • XNSPY’s interface is user-friendly and simple to use. This means you don’t need any technical know-how to operate the app.
  • You can remotely take a screenshot on the target device.


  • XNSPY does not have desktop, Mac, or Windows versions.
  • Their live chat customer service is not available around the clock.


The XNSPY app offers two plans for users to subscribe to.

  • Basis Plan: $49.99 per month
  • Premium Plan: $59.99 per month

5. Spyera

Key Features:

  • Remote Screenshot Capability
  • Location Tracking.
  • Live Call Recording.

Spyera is another spy app that allows users to take pictures to monitor whatever is happening. This app can help monitor messages and phone calls. Additionally, users can remotely monitor these activities without being detected. 

Lastly, Spyera can be installed on Android and iOS smartphones and computers. To begin spying, install the SPYERA app on a target device. Then, create an account and select your preferred subscription. Afterward, you’ll receive an email with installation instructions.


  • There is 24/7 customer support available.
  • This spy app is easy to set up and takes less than ten minutes to install. 
  • Spyera provides a 10-day money-back guarantee for their subscription options.


  • Some features require you to root/ jailbreak your device.


Spyera offers users one subscription plan; the price varies depending on the device.

For Smartphones:

  • Basic Plan: $89 per month

For Tablets:

  • Basic Plan: $69 per month

For Computers:

  • Basic Plan: $49 per month


Taking screenshots is a feature a lot of spy apps don’t have. As a result, searching for an app with this feature can get challenging. Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work and reviewed the five best spy apps that take screenshots. We also highlighted their features, pros, and cons and how much their subscription costs to help you make the most informed decision. So, try out a few of these options to find the best spy app for taking screenshots!

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