Keep your laptop covered with our Macbook skins


Having a Macbook is like having a baby, at least in our opinion. First, it costs a whole lot of money, just like having kids. Secondly, you spend a lot of time making sure they’re safe and they look good. That’s where our Macbook skins come in to play: we provide beautiful and unique skins to dress up your Macbook in for both protection and style. Not only that, but we stock Mac skins for different makes and models so that you can find the right design for you and your model. So if you’re looking for Macbook Air skins 13 inch, Macbook Pro skins 13 inch or Macbook Pro skins 15 inch and beyond, we can help you find the best Macbook skins for your situation.



Why we’re so confident in our Macbook Pro skins


Apple has always been confident in their Macbook, ever since it was first introduced in 2006 at the Macworld Expo, the Macbook has been the gold standard that all other portable computers and laptops aspire to. Every generation has been an improvement on the last, be it through more storage, magnetic chargers, longer battery life or even their famous Retina display. Each and every iteration of the Macbook, be it Pro or Air, is designed to make your life easier as a consumer. At Pigtou, we want to emulate this commitment to efficiency, and so we design our Mac book skins to be the best product they possibly can be. We start with the material: tough vinyl is used to print the designs onto, so that your Macbook Air protective skins are able to hold up to scrapes and scratches that will inevitably come its way. Having a Macbook decal skin that shreds at the first sign of resistance is not a good buy, so like Apple, we engineer our product to make it work for the consumer rather than against it. Secondly, we pride ourselves on our incredible designs created by our team of artists and creatives. We want to have a design for everyone, so we use themes from the natural world, cityscapes, abstraction and even cartoon to create these beautiful Macbook Air skins. When searching around on our shop, you’re sure to find Macbook stickers that fit with your lifestyle and personality – stylish Apple Macbook Pro skins to show the rest of the world who you are and what you stand for.

Think about every time you’ve walked into an Apple Store: what happens? You’re greeted by an attendant who is informed, friendly, welcoming and will do their utmost to help you solve the problem that brought you to the store in the first place. When you’re on the lookout for Apple Macbook Air skins, you’d want the same service, right? We think that our crowning achievement is our commitment to our service and our passion for creating great Macbook Pro protective skins that people love – but people won’t love it if you’re a company that ignores your customers. So we make sure we provide you with all of the service we possibly can – support lines for questions and concerns, a privacy policy and offering free shipping on every order. Not only that, but every time we create Apple Macbook Air skins, we make sure they’re up to a meticulous standard: nothing leaves our headquarters without prior inspection from our engineers.

So stop sitting around here reading about the how, start looking at the what! Check out our gorgeous Macbook wraps and get three or four of your favorites today!

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