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How to Hack WhatsApp Online (3 Easy Methods!)

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There are different reasons for hacking someone’s WhatsApp. Parents will be assured that their kids are keeping the right friends. They will also be able to look out for and protect their kids from the numerous vices online. So monitoring their kids’ WhatsApp gives them a sense of control and peace of mind. However, hacking WhatsApp online is not an easy task. This is because WhatsApp has some strict encryptions that are not easy to bypass. This article will highlight how to hack WhatsApp online without any issues. 

Ways to Hack WhatsApp Online 

Here are some of the most effective ways to hack WhatsApp online. 

1. Use Phone Number 

Using your target’s phone number is one of the easiest ways to hack their WhatsApp. Before starting this step, you must first download WhatsApp on your phone. You also have to have access to your target’s phone to have access to the verification code. After you have done both, follow these simple steps to perform this process. 

  • Open the WhatsApp app and input the target’s mobile number.
  • You will be required to enter the pin, which is the SMS verification code.
  • After successfully logging in, you can see the content of your target’s WhatsApp, including messages and media files. 

The drawback with this method is that the target will be notified about your login. So, if they log in again, they will gain access and remove you. The only way to prevent this is to change the password. This method is perfect if you want to know what’s already on the target’s WhatsApp. 

2. Use Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is another popular way you can hack WhatsApp online. However, you must ensure you have access to the target’s phone briefly before starting this process. Use the following simple tests to hack your target’s WhatsApp using chrome. 

  • Open your Google Chrome browser and input web.whatsapp.com in the search box. 
  • Open the QR code on the target’s phone and scan it on your computer. 
  • You can now view your target’s WhatsApp activities. 

This method also has its drawback. Your target will know someone is trying to access their WhatsApp. So, this method is best if you want to check their WhatsApp quickly. You will repeat this process whenever you want to check your target’s WhatsApp.

3. Third-Party Applications 

Third-party applications are your best bet if you want to hack WhatsApp online. Unlike other methods used to hack WhatsApp, third-party applications are stealthy. So, the target will have no idea anyone has hacked WhatsApp. In addition, third-party applications are more reliable, efficient, and effective. You will get real-time updates of all the activities being executed on your target’s WhatsApp. You will see every message they send, receive, and delete. You will also be able to know the type of videos and photos they receive and view daily. With third-party spying applications, knowing what your target is doing on WhatsApp in real time is guaranteed. 

Best Third-Party Apps for Hacking Whatsapp Online

This section will highlight the best third-party applications you can use to hack WhatsApp online. These apps have been tested and proven incredibly effective and efficient. So let’s get into it. 

1) Cocospy 

Best Third-Party Apps for Hacking Whatsapp Online - Cocospy


  • Photo and video monitoring
  • GPS monitoring 
  • Call and message tracking 
  • Browser activity tracker
  • Stealth mode 

Cocospy is an application that integrates seamlessly with the device you want to hack without requiring jailbreaking or rooting. It is straightforward to install and can be used to track your target’s WhatsApp activities in real time. Cocospy also allows you to read the sent and received messages with the timestamps and date attached. You will also access the photos and videos on the target’s WhatsApp.


  • Packed with numerous features 
  • Can track both jailbroken and non-jailbroken Android devices 
  • Requires no root or jailbreak 
  • Easy to install and sign-in


  • No free trial


Cocospy comes with three subscription plans for its users. 

  • One-month plan: $49.99/month 
  • Three-month plan: 23.33/month 
  • One-year plan: $9.99/month 

2) mSpy 

Best Third-Party Apps for Hacking Whatsapp Online - Mspy


  • Keylogging 
  • GPS monitoring 
  • Photos and videos monitoring
  • Call tracking
  • Screen recording

mSpy is arguably one of the most powerful and effective spying applications. With mSpy, you can track everything in your target’s WhatsApp, from sent to received messages to media. Besides monitoring WhatsApp, mSpy also allows you to monitor other social media apps, including Facebook, Skype, etc. 


  • Easy to install and use
  • Compatible with numerous jailbreak Android devices 
  • Monitors numerous online activities 


  • Can only track a device at a time 


mSpy has three subscription plans. 

  • One-month plan: $48.99/month
  • Three months plan: $27.99/month 
  • Twelve months plan: $11.66/month

3) uMobix 


  • Social Media Apps Monitoring 
  • Photos and videos monitoring
  • GPS 
  • Keylogging 

uMobix is another popular third-party app you can use to hack your target’s WhatsApp. When you install this application and subscribe, it will begin to relay every information from your target’s WhatsApp to your dashboard. You will be able to see all received, sent, and deleted messages. You will also see media files, including videos and photos. In addition, you will keep getting updates every five minutes. This will ensure that you are not missing anything that goes in and out of your target’s WhatsApp.


  • It comes with a free trial 
  • Easy-to-navigate dashboard 
  • You will get updates every five minutes 


  • Limited feature on the basic plan 


uMobix has three different subscription plans for its users.  

  • One-month plan: $49.99/month
  • Three months plan: $29.99/month 
  • Twelve months plan: $11.66/month

Final Thoughts 

Hacking WhatsApp online is not an easy task. However, in this article, we have highlighted three ways how to hack WhatsApp online. It is notable to mention that the first two methods are not efficient. This is because the target will know you are trying to gain access to their WhatsApp anytime you attempt. Therefore, the best way to hack WhatsApp online remains using third-party apps. This way, you can see everything happening on your target’s WhatsApp without alerting them. 

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